martedì 6 dicembre 2016

beauty mail - my first COLOURPOP haul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys, I'm so freakin' excited I don't even know where to start...
I know I had it all nice and planned here, but atm regular posting schedule is suspended because...

Today my Colourpop package has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COSTUMER SERVICE - They have been just great. Super nice. I got several mails to confirm my order and to update me on the shipping. I had a tracking link where I could see where my package was at all times. They gave me codes and news about their new offers ect. Excellent. 

CUSTOMS POLICY - Aweful. It almost ruined it for me. They kept my package for about a month. 
I got a letter from them requesting some data, which I emailed them the same day: Nov. 28 and today I finally got my stuff. Colourpop has sent it on Nov. 4. 
But what's worse is that I had to pay for all that shit and waiting. As you can see from the box, I had to give the postman about 20 euros, TWENTY you guys!!! That basically means I could have purchased 4 (FOUR!!!) more items from the brand!!!!!........This is the only reason why I am not sure if I'll ever place a new order here, and poor Colourpop has nothing to do with it. 

PACKAGING - I couldn't wait to see it. I had seen other videos and posts and loved what I saw...and it totally meet my expectations! The effort they put into it, the design and the fact that they make it so friendly and personal, makes the experience so much more adorable! I really hope they never change, no metter how big they'll become, in terms of quality, price and costumer service. The flowery box is so cute my mother told me to keep it to use it for storage and atm I haven't taken the products off to put them in place, but I've stored them in the box all together. 

First thing you see when you open it, other then it's very well protected, is this tiny booklet, with some pics from their website and very well explained instructions on how to use and recognize their products, divided by lines and finishes. Very handy. 

You also see a very cute card thanking you for your shopping in the most friendly, sweet and fun of ways! It really makes you feel special and like there's personal attention there. My shout out goes to their costumer service!

AND NOW, UNTO THE PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PRODUCTS - So, I only focused on eyeshadows and lipsticks. I got 8 Super Shock Shadows and 4 Lippie Stix. The packaging of the single product is bomb and I don't even wanna take them out. As for the shadows, I got the majority of bronzes and a couple of more out there colors, just cause it's Colourpop, you know! As for the lippies, after deciding to get them insted of the liquid ones for dry lips reasons, I totally forgot to check the finish and I stupidly ended up getting 3 Mattes and 1 Matte X. Yes, I know. And the Oscar for the dumbest costumer goes! And I swear I spent litterally days doing my research before placing the order..Thank goodness these lippies are Amazing, let me tell you. They all feel soooo smooth on the lips and even the more matte ones don't dry on you, they let your lips feel soft and free. 
The eyeshadows are as dreamy as legends tell about them. As soon as you put your finger on them, it's the mussiest feeling ever. Not even other similar formula eyeshadows I own feel like or are comparable to these. You will want to rub your finger on them all day long! On the eye, they don't feel sticky at all, they blend super nicely (I put them with my fingertips) and if you close and open your eye they will not cake or let any stain to your crease whatsoever. 
Thing is, and I'm saying it as a positive one, both lippies and shadows are so intensely pigmented that they'll dry on you quickly in a way that doesn't feel or look dry at all, but when you pass your fingers upon them moments later, not even a veil of color will they pass and the makeup doesn't go anywhere. It's safe to say I haven't used any primer for my swatches. So I highly recommend always doing your base before you wear them. 

Here's a quick, overall look to all the swatches, before we go into detail of each and every single one of them. I normally did a couple of layers.

LIPPIE STIX - All lip swatches were made with chopstick underneath and No liner. The rest of my face is completely bare. Lights were not the best (dark and foggy outside, low cost lightbulbs in) and I'm not sure they captured the actual colors, but I have sure plans to try out and show you all the products in action in my makeup starting tomorrow!

I HEART THIS (matte)

Very nice and the most neutral and wearable of the bunch, but I'm not sure why I bought this, since it really looks like some other hot almost fuchsia pinks I own. I guess I was on a hunt for a meaty color, and I failed. However I really enjoy it.

BACK UP (matte x) - Not as scary and much more wearable then I thought, on my lips it swatches way less dark as it seems on the stick! Following ones are all purple undertoned.

LBB (matte) - Looks dangerous but swatches a berry red.

LEATHER (matte) - I thought of a fetish blackened red-ish purple, but it swatched a sweet and purple, very purple...

SUPER SHOCK EYESHADOWS - Sorry for the pics, they don't make them justice. As for now I've only swatched them on my hands and without any primer or any base at all. Light is artificial and it just doesn't catch all of the shades in them. 

WEENIE - This is my little way to support KathleenLights. Amazing rosey coppery shade, and look on the fingertip print on the pan after just a couple of swatches! I got this for the rose-gold looks and I can't wait!

BLAZE - Just my cup of tea. I wanted to replace some old brown with gold sparkles and there you go!

GAME FACE - I just Had to buy this one. It seemed so amazing in the pics and vids and it is! So freakin' pigmented I can't even. I'd like to say it's a coppery shade as well, but bolder then Weenie and much more on the orangy side.

MOONING - Sorry for the horrible first box pic. They've used the word "blackened" on the website and Oh. My. Gawd. 

MUSE - This is the rosey one of the bunch and I couldn't resist it. It has such a romantic feel to it. I'm sure it'll look both bold and soft enough on the eye. 

BAE - Ok, I've debated so hard on this. I cut it off my cart saying to myself I didn't need such an out there, unwearable color, then I just couldn't help it and I had to go back and put it in before check-out! It's the most breath taking, surprising multicolor that as you move its shade changes! It's very dark. It's a brown but it's an aubergine purple...and it has not only trillions of blue sparkles in it, but also many other colors of shimmer it'll drive you insane!!!

COCONUT - And now for the colored colors that I don't even know where to start wearing them...This is much darker then I thought and I have no idea how I'll make it look pretty on the eye and not a as someone has punched me in the face, but it's an amazing blue-green with silver and light blue dust in it.

DARE - I wanted this pink-ish purple so bad, but the name says it all: now I litterally have no idea how on earth I'll dare go out in it! It's a statement for sure. As you can see from my poor pictures, it really depends on how you move it: sometimes it looks a dark purple, sometimes it looks a hot fuchsia pink with some violet in it...

Ok, this is all for tonight. Which one was your favourite? What looks do you want to see with these goodies? Which is your favourite Colourpop shadow and lippie in your collection?

Goodnight X