venerdì 21 ottobre 2016

MADRID HUGE HAUL (+first impressions) part 3 - LUSH + pamper sesh

Good day my lovelies!

I hope everyone's doing great. As you know, I'm experiencing a lot of stress lately. As my mother said: I'm drained.
I'm not sleeping very much these days because of my kitten and I spend basically all day taking care of her and making sure her cousin doesn't bother her, which he obviously does all the time. I had to cancel my whole week's appointments and can't leave the house. I couldn't even focus on simple things such as blogging or e-mails or anything.
The other night, I've decided to take her to my room earlier and, as she was sleeping, I gave myself a little pamper session (interrupted to medicate her, with the cream all over my face).
You need to excuse the weird pictures, but that was the relaxing lightening in my room in that moment and I've decided to leave it this way, to let you get the overall atmosphere. Also, since I haven't used most of my Lush products yet, and I don't want to unpack them all at once, please accept some sample pics from their official site.
I did my shopping with in mind not only that I needed a haul that would last long untill my next Lush hunt somewhere, but also that I couldn't put too much weight in my in-flight suitecase.
This time I've got my recipt.

Here we go!

what did I buy?...

products I haven't tried yet:


A weird kind of bubble bar that actually floats on your hot tub's water and containing: sandalwood oil, shea butter and lemon oil. I wanted a bubble bar and this was the smallest more similar thing, but it's with oil so I guess I'm not gonna get my beloved foam..we'll see. 

BUTTERBALL - Euros 4,25

The smallest bath bomb in the shop. Contains: cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil. Let's hope I like it, it sure sounds and smells good!


 Very fun looking bubble bar I picked for the good smell. I'm missing Karma so much! Lemon oil, black pepper oil, ginger oil. I wanted a regular traditional bubble bar too with loads of foam ect.

FAIRLY TRADED HONEY - idk the price, I got samples

I was given a ton of these little boxes of shampoo so I surely can widely use it and get an idea of it...and I totally can't wait to try it out!!! It's heaven. If I'd known I would have purchased it in the first place. It smells so deliciously I can't even. It litterally looks and feels like pure honey, and my brother produces honey professionally, so I know what I'm talking about! It's even sticky to the touch as honey is..beware cause you'll want to taste it! I am already dreaming about the softness and scent it'll give to my hair...


tested products:


Any proper pamper session starts with a good bath. 
This shower gel is a nostalgic buy as well, cause I adored Flying Fox. I like that Lush always is coming out with new products, but I totally Hate that they keep discontinueing others! 
It's not the same, not as good and not a shampoo as well, but I've strewed my hot tub, my body and my hair with it and it smelled deliciously, smoothened and washed perfectly. 
Contains: olive oil, bergamot oil, orange flowers absolute. 

The foam it makes!!!!

BUBBLEGUM - Euros 7,50

As soon as I saw this lip scrub on the counter next to the paycheck, I quickly grabbed it, remembering it was something I had always wanted to try out from Lush. I have enjoyed doing a DIY lip scrub at home for years simply mixing honey and sugar and rubbing my lips with it, but it was sticky and, even if my brother produces it, to be honest I don't like honey, lol. While I do like bubblegum! I should have asked for other flavours though, cause, for as much as I love its colour and scent, I weirdly enough Hate its taste, and it's quite important for something I put on my lips! It smells like bubblegum but it tastes idk, like petrol? I'm excited for the product itself, cause it worked magics on my lips, but next time I'll make sure I'll pick another flavour, cause I have heard that they have many. Weird that I didn't like the taste, cause it's made off of: caster sugar, jojoba oil, a non-specified "flavour"...


check how delicious it looks!


it blends and spread easely on the lips just using your finger

And this is it for my Lush haul. I also noticed this little booklet with all of the new Lush Spas around the world's "menu". I've never been in any yet, but it's surely in my bucket list! Must be sooo expensive and sooo amazing! Pamper sessions are a treat at home, figure in one of these spas!!! In Madrid I guess they have three! 

Has anyone been? Would you like to?

And now my pamper sesh went on with non-Lush new and not so new products...


Once out of the bathroom and dry, what you want to do to feel all clean, is to make sure you take off all of the tiniest residues of your make-up from your face, and this time I did that with the Dolomia make-up remover wipes. I'm continously changing brand, on a hunt for some favourites. These ones are gentle and, unlike many others, don't make my face super red and irritated .


I've trimmed my poor eyebrows and facial hair that so deperately needed it. It's never something I enjoy doing..

You need to know that I've always had these super old tweezers I got from my mom's youth stash (right). They are super heavy and they look like they are made of gold and age it's starting to show on their appearance and material, but they have always served honourably. I have then recently bought a new pair at the drugstore from the brand Elison (left, in box). They are tedious! I hate them deeply and can't wait to trash them! They basically cut my hair in half instead of pulling them off! So then I have an even harder to get rid of, shorter hair still on my face! Surprisingly enough I went back to my super old ones, which work ten times better!


And now, a super hydrating face mask! Natury's Nuy Matte Effect Hydra Face Mask by Bema Cosmetics. I bought this at my aesthetician's little spa place. I've only used it twice but I quite like it. It's super refreshing on the skin and, right after removing it, it leaves my skin super silky. It's very easy to put and remove, for it dries a bit on your face and it's quickly polished away with a humid cotton pad. Thing is: the morning after my dry face areas were super dry and cakey once again. I suspect it's the matte effect I ignored when I saw the word "hydra" and decided to buy it...
Ingredients: Bisabolol, Hybiscus & Gardenia. 

It has a little thingy inside the dispenser to close it up hygenically and hermetically.


I've used this one for years to bleach my "mustaches" and sometimes also in the centre of my eyebrows in addittion to trimming them. It's ok, can't complain, does the job and does it right. I just feel like next time I will want to look for something more handy to use. 

It has two separate envelopes: one with the bleaching cream and the other with a quickening effect. 

You need to open them with some scissors, mix them together in their little plastic container and then use a spatula to blend it on yourself. I wish there was a pre-ready mix in a handy dispenser so that all I had to do was using it. 

Here I am all creamed up! That's exactley what you'd expect from a pamper sesh! 


My good ole trusty Eucerin Hydro Balance Cream Gel for the under eyes need to explain, I have already talked to you about this one. Aaaand this completes the look, everyone! Hahaha!

I enjoy the feeling when I layer it and pat it in my under eye area with my ring fingers. It feels refreshing.

Then I took off my nail polish to let my nails to breathe overnight with my Dolomia sponge nail polish remover. Very handy for non too glittery lacquers, I find, or you'll have to use a traditional wipe after it too. The feeling of taking off your "make-up" is always relaxing.

Then, when you are all relaxed, fresh and clean, it's best to go to bed, to keep the relaxation going, which is what I did with my new sleeping mask bought on Amazon. The dimention of the eyes image on it is pretty creepy...


What do you like doing and which products do YOU use during your at home pamper sessions?

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016


Hey there my lovelies,

how was your day?
Mine was pretty heavy, and foggy, and cold, and stressful. My kitten Yuki went on surgery for sterilization and micro-chip and I was a bit anxious and she came back home of course completely exausted, in pain and a little crazy.
She slept a lot, managed to eat and drink a little, and now she's napping in her kennel beside my bed.
She needs to wear a weird thingy surgery cat dress to deny her from messing with the scar and this annoyes her so much and she actually today unexplainably walked only backwards..

As you know, this already is a down time for me, so now I'm even more stressed, also because of other little/big things that bother me.
Good part is she's ok, I went clothing shopping and out for breakfast with my mom to de-stress a little, and I glammed up cause Yuki's doctors are super nice, young and handsome.
Let me know if you want a clothing haul / try on post soon?
So, I did my makeup in a rush this morning and, is it only me or do you guys also sometimes totally hate what you see in the mirror if you are outside among people, and love it on your own at home?
That's what happened to me today and I was ready to completely change, when I passed by home for lunch, where I took some pics for the blog and found out I liked it!

I've played with make-up completely randomly and in a rush, but I got somewhat inspired by these tutorials:

I've used my Nude 'Tude eyeshadow palette by The Balm, just like in the first tutorial, and smudged a khol without eyelining as in the second, but I've decided to spice it all up using a darker blackened berry red lipstick I barely remembered I had in my stash and certainly never liked as much as I do now! It's the Pupa I'M pure-colour lipstick absolute shine in nr. 309. Look at how gorgeous it is!!!...

Goodnight & meow!