sabato 7 aprile 2012

somewhere over the rainbow..

I know it's quite a time since I'm not writing, and I do have things to say, but a longer time will pass again, 'cause I'm about to go on a trip. The things I want to say are long and important, maybe complicated, and now I' m always too busy, too tired (now) or in a lack of my laptop, to write them. My laptop went over a few days ago. But I promise I'll take care of all that, and care enough to go readers reasing for this blog. There are old stuff to tell, and new stuff going on in this changing moment I want to talk here about..and also recipies! I've been taking pictures while cooking, and I really felt like a newbie foodblogger! :)

The only little life pleasure I can share with you right now is this: yesterday I just happened to see one of the fewest, brightest, double rainbows of my life, right from the windows of my house! I think those moments are special, 'cause a lot of different events must gather at the same time to make them happen, and they're so simple, and beautiful, and rare. They are natural and they just exist, they don't need to put any effort to look, and be, beautiful. Even more rare, and special, is when there are two.
It suddenly started to rain sooo heavy, in the middle of a sunny nice day, and this is not so common where I live, cause we don't usually have sudden tropical quick rains. At the end of it everybody in the house was doing their own things, and my daddy just happely yelled that there was a marvellous rainbow going on, so I ran at the window, and a nice, perfumed air invaded the room, and I sow the brightest rainbow I can remember ever. I mean it had full colours, very neat and bright ones, very separated to one another, and absolutely all 7 of them where there.
I immediatly realized that it was not the only rainbow going on, but there was a lighter, but complete one under it. The colours there, where a little more confused and fading, but still maybe the best double one I've ever seen. I just couldn't help it but wanted to just sit there quietly and stare at it, I didn't want miss even one moment of it. It's impressive how still, quiet, simple events can have such a power on us and command us to admire them.
Unfortunately we didn't take pictures of it, when those things happen we are the kind of people who don't want to loose the bare eye full experience of them just to run all over looking for the camera, which is always out of battery or something like that, and always, just as you are taking care of it and looking elsewhere, the thing disappears, so we just don't even try anymore and prefere to save it within ourselves.
The sky had super-bright romantic, crepuscular, twilight shades that it all seemed to be painted with some highlighters, and people say some super coloured pictures are unrealistic..

I love this song, i often feel exactley this way..