sabato 5 maggio 2012

When dreams come true

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So, the big thing is: I HAVE FINNALY REALIZED A LIFE DREAM!!! Do you know one of those things you put in your ideal list of "Things to do before I die"? well at the first places of my personal list there has always, or, well, since a loooot of years, been: ☐ SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS and now I can happily say: ☑ swimming with dolphins...✔ CHECKED!!! Yes, Cuba (check out my posts about this amazing trip in italian on my travel blog) has given me this great present too, and I will always remember it and be thankful. I can not really tell the reason for this dream. I have never had a huge feeling with animals, I mean, I respect them and I am convinced that they have the right to be saved, preserved, and live freely, I hate zoos, circuses, hunters, and "I'd rather go naked than with fur", but I need them to stay away from my personal space. The only exceptions to this are horses and dolphins, which I adore, I love to be surrounded by, to interact with, and I think are amazingly clever and sensitive and with which I can build a very deep connection. The only thing I know is that I have pictures of dolphins in my room since I was a teen, or maybe earlier, and that I have been talking about this wish for forever, I have also tried to realize it a few times, in Rimini, in Florida, California, Africa ect., but for many different reasons I never happened to make it. You need to know that in the only island of Cuba are a quite big number of spots where you can do that: dolphinariums, if you say so, and I can number Cienfuegos, Cayo S.ta Maria ect.. Of course I haven't lost my chance to visit one, near Cienfuegos, as soon as I learned about the opportunity. It has been the most expensive thing in the entire trip: 10$ to enter the park and see the show (you can not avoid this part) and 50$ to bath with dolphins (20-30 minutes) + the money for the taxi to bring us there, about half an hour outside town. Still waaaaay cheaper than anywhere else I have attempted to do that. I was soooo excited that morning, and, I really don't know why, soooo nervous just before the experience, while watching the show..I was afraid to do something wrong, or to have some troubles getting in or out the water, and stuff like that. For the ones who still don't know that, I have some walking disease, but i can properly swim, and i guess my feelings concerned just the fact that I was in the process to realize that The Thing was going to actually finally happen. Anyway, there was no real reason to be nervous, for both dolphins and staff are very attentive and helpful. The show, I haven't given much attention to, was quite good but nothing special, nothing different from all the other dolphins shows in the world, but it's always amazing to see how these water mammals can do. After that, I had to go take a shower, wear my swimwear, and wait for another group to do the experience first. That was when I learned that people can bath with dolphins in groups of ten, and with the technical managing of the staff members all the time, who tell both dolphins and people what to do at each time. I was a little disappointed, but at the end I was put in a small group where only a few children, all little girls, where, and I was the only adult. That helped, because everything was more calm and quite, and none of us had to do some difficoult exercices I would have had troubles doing (such as being transported by dolphins across the water while trying to stand up on their noses for long enough to allow a guy take you a picture), and we had more one to one time with the dolphins. Staff are trained people, very kind and helpful, very attentive to everyone's needs, acostumed to work with all kind of costumers, and on which the dolphins depend completely, following their directions with no exceptions (I was told a dolphin can live about 20 year, but even 30, if in captivity, 'cause someone takes good care of them, overall of their health). Everything takes place in a small, wonderful natural gulf of sea water, surrounded by exuberant and lushy vegetation you need to see to belive, and you actually feel like in one of those adventurous movies where people find a heaven on earth exotic island where they get to live in the more natural and free of ways. Two people from the staff helped me walk on the bench (veeery slippery!) to the spot where we had to sit, feet in the water, waiting for their sign to get it. We were all ready, very uncomfortable safety jackets on, and the two dolphins we would have worked with, just remained still veeery close to us, clearly staring at us and waiting for us to jump in. You could see their head movements to get to watch us with one eye at a time (they have one eye for each face side, so they're unable to watch with both at the same time), and you could feel, just as you do with a human being, that they were looking forward to play with us. They are very playful and funny, and, as a girl working there explained me, very sensitive too. They can tell if someone has some troubles moving or balancing their body in the water, and they are always willing to help and try to be gentle. The only thing that really scares those delicate creatures, is if someone does sudden and "violent" movements or sounds, so you need to be careful not to overdo. My own experience a hundred percent met what the girl had told me. The best thing ever has been when I was told to wait in the water, far from the bench, and to open my arms . The dolphins, who run pretty fast, came to me from under the water to under my arms, I had to strongly grab their flipper, and just let them transport me to the bench. It was amazing, because they went fast but gently, and I felt like slippering on the water, really fun! All of a sudden I just lost a flipper, cause my hand back slided away 'caused by the fact that the dolphin's bodies are eely, greasy, slimmy and oily, not just because they are wet, but also as their own characteristic. Well, that dolphin slowed down, and came next tome just to let me re-hold the handgrip. I found this little thing so moving and great! We also got some kisses from them, they have some little cute furrows as lips up and down their mouths, and they give you a kiss intentionally, you can also see that they know the meaning of care within it, and they really push against your skin, but of course their kisses don't smack. Some kisses we got on the cheeks, some kisses we got on the lips, and that dolphin always wanted to kiss me! He (they were two males) was told to move to the next girl, but he always came back to me to kiss me twice! :) Another great experience has been to caress them, and we had a few opportunities to do that. Sometimes on their back or noses, sometimes on their bellies. It's so cool cause you can really see they have a bellybutton! The consistency of their skin and meat is weird. They are very strong and muscled, and the amazing thing is that you can really tell you are caressing a living being, but not just as like a pet, like when caressing your dog or cat. You can't feel the warmth and you can not so easely feel them breathing (but you do!..under the water!), it's hard to explain, but it's this sensation of something vibrant and full of life. Really something one in a lifetime!! Meat in their bellies is softer that in their back, more delicate and downy, and there is where you can really feel their life. Completely different is the flipper, which feels like touching some plastic or rubber material. Their nose is very hard and eely, so cool! Memorable and amazing experience! I'd suggest it to everyone, cause i could really tell myself why it is considered to be healing. If someone would have told me I would have had the opportunity to make just one realistic actual and practical dream come true, I would have probably asked for that, and now that it's done, I already have my next one, one step higher: get to swim with dolphins in the open sea, all by myself, spontaneously playing with them. Anyway I really have to thank all the dolphinarium staff, all good and prepared professionals and sweet people I will remember about for long!