martedì 29 gennaio 2013

LAYLA SWATCH: Metal Chrome 01 & Ceramic Effect 41 + Greek Vase Swirls Accents

So, I haven't planned on doing my nails today, but my former mani ruined extremely easy and faster than usual, so I took the occasion gladly to try on my newest Laylas! 
I was all thrilled about swatching my LAYLA METAL CHROME 01, and I was right! It really turned out to be as amazing as I had figured it to be! At first I went like: "Ok, that's just a silver", but it's not. It's really magical, and shines like crazy! Its brightness makes me blind even now that it's dark outside and I have my artificial light on. It smells a little weird, so let's say I don't want to know what's inside it, but it feels like having some chrome mercury on your nails and, as you will see from one picture, I can really almost reflect my image in it and use my nails as portable mirrors now!!
The only issue or, well, something that I found weird while applying it, is that when you give the second hand of varnish, in order to fill the second half of your nail with colour, the part that gets in contact with the former applyed product, makes it come away and leaves your nail spotted out, as if youwere trying to paint over some oil. But then again, it really is sufficient to wait for the first coat to dry a little, and with second coat all issues disappear and your nail is as smooth as a mirror. It really gives a great result, and dries Super Quickly!! 
Same thing with the CERAMIC EFFECT n.41 (yellow), which looks astonishing and dries in no time. I've only done my little ring fingers with that, but after the design they look like some antiques ceramic vases or dishes haha! True, I can't wait to try it more properly. This is nothing like a regular polish or a regular yellow. Looks like a lemon cake very bright yellow, and is super neat and easy to apply. Just one coat, and you are done. Amazing. 
Not the cheapest, but totally worth it. Now I want more Laylas!!! Never seen anything drying so fast!!
But I have discovered some cruelty-free lacquers and beauty products in my pharmacy today, so I think my next shopping will be in that direction. Can't wait to have a thoughtful talk with our pharmacy doc and attendant friend, one of these days!
..Oh! And I DIDN'T top coated it!! I tried on one of my pinkies (bet you can't guess which one it is from the pics), but I really felt like it was useless, so I just top coated accent nails, which became even better that way. 
The look I went for, is suuuuuuper duper easy, and was inspired to me by Teacher Robyn Moses in this video. It didn't came out as I hoped it to, but I really like the almost-french upper line, and all the swirls thing, I've always liked to drow swirls. I just went on with my sparkly dark blue nail-art pen. 

And here are the Oh So Many pics:

domenica 27 gennaio 2013

Very Personal Post: FIRST (& unique) PEDI EVER!

Well, at this point we are all among friends here, so I feel like i can do this.
I have never missed doing my pedi much, but now that I have this habit of pampering my hands, I thought that there was no reason for not giving some love and happiness to my feet too.
If you have seen my youtube videos you know that I never complained about my disability, never felt unlucky or a poor thing. So the fact of having all ruined toes nails, severely breaked, and having my feet closed in my braces and shoes all the time, and for those reason the fact of not being able to do my pedi, never made me feel bad, not even a bit, but I may be more sensitive to your comments here.
A couple of days ago, while doing my nail art, I thought that I could have done something just to play with my feet too, make them look a bit crazy and funny, and if I had covered and not to so goodlooking toe nails, that was not a reason not for doing my pedi, perhaps it was, at the contrary, a good reason to try and make them look a little bit better thanks to polish.
I don't know if I'll do that again, maybe in the summer if I'll go to the beach, but I'm really so much interested in that. From the pics, that I wouldn't normally show, you'll notice that I barely have some nails in some toes, so I just putted a coat of diamond transparent base, 2 coats of white, and designe two tiny blue dots in each nail, cause there wouldn't have been enough room for an image.
It really makes me happy looking at them and I feel like I did a funny, and overall important for myself, thing. One of the reasons is starting to take care of a part of my body I've never considered like something to embellish.
I know my feet may look a bit weird, but I kind of like them cause they are small and silky skinned like a child's one, so here are the pictures.

sabato 26 gennaio 2013

SUMMER MEET-UP UPDATE!!!! Read, Comment, Join in!

My dearest ladies,
I am trying to find the words to tell you what this blogging thing is meaning to me, and I will try to write them down sometime soon.
One of the most exciting things is that I am getting to know and share with all of you amazing ladies from all over the planet, already feeling like we are some sort of friends. Also, another wonderful thing is going to be our meet-up..I already can't wait! At first it was just an idea, but now I really am counting down the days for it and I am already working to it's planning, like this weekend. We will have a lot of fun and the idea of a women's adventure, getting to finally personally know the ones who have been something really close to my friends these days, makes me so happy!
Here I will try to give you the first information, and ask you a few things I will need in order to go on working on that.

- WHEN: So, the only thing we have decided is that it's going to be in the summer. Some of you have already asked me for the exact days, since we all have to plan our working schedule. I am still not sure at all of what I'll be doing in that period, but I thought it could be:
1) Do you guys strictly need this to be done during the weekend?
2) Can you tell me some dates you would prefere? (Also Spring could be fine)
3) How many days would you like it to last?
Since my birthday is on the 27th of June, and I really want to be at home that day, but also would love to celebrate with you girls, I was thinking that some possible dates might be:
FROM THE 28TH TILL THE 30 OF JUNE (fri-sat-sun), but to be honest I am not sure I'll be able to fly right the day after my b-day, and I really would love our meeting to last a bit more :)
FROM THE 5Th TILL THE 7TH OF JULY (fri-sat-sun) and in this case we could even attach some days more and make it last longer. SO THIS IS THE MOST LIKELY!! I would try to say..THE ENTIRE FIRST WEEK OF JULY?? :D

- WHERE: I am totally going for EDINBURGH (SCOTLAND), because it's in Europe, so near to me and to our brits, and it is also a town I have been to, so I know it a little bit, and I know there are awesome shopping places for us there. I also LOVE it, and I've always wanted to go back there, so I am seriously considering to live there for a while right after or before our meet-up. But I am ready to consider the idea to eventually place it in GLASGOW, near where our lovely Ananka lives..but I think that it will totally be Edinburgh at the end! ha! ;)
1) Would it be possible for you to get there?
2) Is there another place you would rather prefere for the meet-up to be at?
I perfectly know and understand that some of you come from over seas and, being a traveller, I know how long and not so easy their trip would be, but I really hope you can make it girls, maybe adding a european holyday to that. I could also help you planning that trip id you need me to. Just please please TRY, because it's really important to me that you join this and that we are the biggest number possible!!!
Or, you can always try to convince us to come over there to meet :) But I'm totally going to plan it near you next time, or at least I will personally come and visit you as soon as possible!

- HOW: I am already searching for an accomodation. I am browsing the internet and contacting some people for infos. My idea is to rent a furnished self catering apartment super near to the streets I want to bring you to shop, in the modern centre of the city. I was thinking of dividing the whole price per night, depending on how many we are. This way we will be free and able to stay all together, enjoying a group life, but not being bothered by others around us and feel free. We will have all we need in order to eat and live indoors if and when we want to (but I already warn you that at least one meal at the japanese restaurant is a MUST:)!) This way I think we could even cut costs by cooking our own stuff and deviding the flat price among all of us. I also want it to be a walking distance from our points of interest, so we will not have to pay transport (I may need to take some taxis sometimes, but I will pay for them). Another solution, maybe cheaper, seems to be a very near and neat youth hostel where it is possible to have a room just for ourselves, but I will update you with details as soon as I get the infos, and I confess I would TOTALLY prefere first option.

Here I have to talk to you a little bit about myself. I am sorry if I am keeping this too long, but there are some things that I really feel I need to let you know before we do that.
As you know I have a minor walking disability, meaning that I can do it all by myself and be dynamic (sometimes I might need a hand, but I will ask for it..btw I adore walking hand by hand with my girlfriends:), but I wear some legs braces and I have some troubles walking, meaning that I get tired quite easely, and can't walk long distances or for a long amount of time. I can't run and have some issues with uphills and lots of stairs ect. For this reason I am looking for an accomodation at ground floor and really closest to the places I think we will visit the most (in order not to get tired before we start shopping), which are in Newtown Edinburgh, because other town's areas (such as Old Town) are full of streets severely climbing up.
I am also a bit slow when walking, so I might ask you to slow down, wait for me or stop for a quick break from time to time. I know this might bother some, but I never had troubles travelling with other people or shopping or roaming with my friends. You just need to be a little patient, not need to worry, no dangers or troubles involved.
A distance you may cover with no problem or in a very short time might be too much for me, so sometimes it may happen that I stop my roaming earlier to get somewhere with a taxi or to wait for you in a coffee shop, or having to chose among roaming from morning to evening, or go out at night to party (I hate discos and clubs btw).
I know this might appear scarier or more difficoult that it actually is, because you are only reading me now, but I promise we will have a great time!! :)
Please, feel free to talk to me and ask me anything related to your doubts about this meet-up experience, just consider that sometimes stranger's curiosity might hurt me more that it should.

1)How about you? are there some issues or boundries?
I am ok with sleeping in the same room (a bit embarassed but I think it would be more fun!), but I defenetly don't want to share a bedroom or, worse, a bathroom with anyone else other than our group. I would even prefere to have more than one bathroom cause sometimes it takes a bit longer than usual for me to get ready, due to my disability. I am fine with an upper floor IF with an elevator, but in the nearbys and inside the building I like not to find any architectural barrier.

2) Is there a price range you feel comfortable with? for accomodation and for overall experience?
I am of course trying to find the cheapest but nicer in town.
We will discuss the activities later some other time, just refere to the first post about that, to get a general idea of what we'll be doing, and suggest more!!! :D My style is usually very laid back, simple and casual, maybe a bit alternative, not at all elegant, fashionable, cool, in ect. I love to stay in, making pijama parties, preparing and having dinners together, making some home-made spa treats, roaming the town for touristic visits, go to the restaurant, to a pub to have a pint, listen to calm music, and overall talk talk talk!!

HOW MANY OF US: I think we could find apartments for 4 up to even 8 people, and I don't really want to give you a max. of people welcome in this, of course whoever (of this blog) wants to join, will be more than welcome!! :D But I am considering a MINIMUM of at least 4 of us participating. I know you haven't promised me anything yet, and I don't want to force you at all but
No pressure at all on you my dears, just be aware that I won't accept a "no" from any of you.. :)

DECISION'S DEADLINE: I think that it would be better if we would start discussing and taking some decisions as soon as possible, but that we take a final, sure decision by the BEGINNING of MAY, in order to have time to book and plan our lives.

That's all for now, off to cook again. Love you!! <3

venerdì 25 gennaio 2013


To be honest I have other plans for you girls, but I've been asked this a lot lately, by some of you, so I think that it would be usefull for all of us if each one of us would write her birthday here......

Mine is on the 27TH of JUNE :)

And yours?


Hey guys!
I just did my mommy's mani. She asked me for a pink, and I chose a pearly very bright one, almost white: Miss Broadway n.8
Then, as I know she wants to keep it very very plain and simple, I just dotted a line of dots on her ring fingers, alternating a pearly dark pink and a pearly very dark purple. On one hand I started with one color, and on the other hand, with the opposite one, but I forgot to count the dots and paint the same amount of them on both hands.
Here are the pictures. Just one coat of polish, no top coat.
Today I decided to show you a pic of the stuff I've used. I'm usually too lazy to do that, but Let me know if you like me to continue doing it.
News coming up..

giovedì 24 gennaio 2013


Thanks to my dear blog friend Elena from Ecklipsed By Color I had the chance to take a closer look to a very special italian lacquer brand, which unfortunately is Not cruelty free or, well, will soon be according to the new laws: LAYLA. It's also a cosmetics brand, and I have some goodies of this brand to swap if you take a look to the videos I posted yesterday.
So, today unexpectedly the postman rang at my bell, and gave me my first self-ordered Nail Mail!! :) Yey!! I never thought it would take such a short time to arrive.
So I had ordered a couple of lacquers for my friend, and a couple for myself, but the box was filled with tons of great gifts from Layla, and this made me so happy!! So I could discover all those fun fun!!!
I can't wait to swatch my new lacquers, overall mirror one. Please, if you're not cruelty free, take a look to Layla's amazing site, they have such unique lacquers lines..I am already so jealous of one of Elena's polishes (you will have to check her swatches when she'll recive my package, if you want to discover her goodies), and my mom loved the line too, so we are already considering a new order soon with some shades we found today.
Elena, don't worry, you'll have some surprises too, but I wanted to make you, personalized ones eheh ;) I hope this gives you back your gourgeus smile, my dear!! :)


I had choosen this yellow cause this is a color missing in my collection (I have one yellow nail art pen), but I am not a yellow fan, and now I wish I had taken a 05, 30, 63 or a holo, while my mom was amazed by magnetic effects. Anyway, if the final effect is like in the pics, where it really looks like you have ceramic nails, I'll be more than happy with my lemon polish.


I am thrilled about it! I admire it just like if it was an amazing guy I am recently starting dating (dreaming) and now I litterally can't wait to swatch it!!




ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!