mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

HAUL: going make-up cruelty free - MY NEW MAKE-UP VEGAN COLLECTION

My dear girls,
I have been waiting for so long to bring you this post, and now, finnally, I can! 
As my readers already know, one of my new year's resolutions (probably the only one I'm sticking to) was to go gradually cruelty free in my use of non-edible stuff. I don't feel like becoming vegeterian, but  the idea of killing just for my own  pleasure to have a fancy look sounds just to unright to me. 
I decided to take it easely, step by step, and the first has been make-up. I would have had a panic attack if I'd have had to switch all my lifestyle in one day!
I struggled a lot and for long, to inform myself, since I started with no knoledge of the issue at all, and the internet is full of contraddicions. 
This subject is so delicate and complicated. Every country has its own different low and levels of tollerance of cruelty tests, ingredients ect. In Italy and Europe rules are changing right now, and this is also very personal on how and how much cruelty free you feel like going. Some people, and overall some companies, say (if you permit me the word) bullshits about being cruelty free, and I found out that some who claim to be, are in fact not really or not completely vegan. 
My biggest concern was that I had to spend a lot of money if I wanted to completely renew my beauty case, and even more if I wanted it to be all cruelty free! In fact those kind of products cost much more then usual ones, and when I say much I mean like tons of times more! 
Also, in Italy we don't have this culture very much yet, and many brands are not available here. 
I spent days comparing prices in different make-up web sites.The most difficoult thing was to find an eyeshadow palette, which I haven't still found an all colours at a reasonable price. 
Having a hard time finding out which brands to trust, I decided to cut it out by strictly sticking to the official list of the italian Anti Vivisection Legue (LAV) which make a lot of campaigns for cruelty free lifestyle and gives official recognition to the brands who stick to those rules. 
This meant restricting my area even more, by having access to less and less brands, but it has been the only way for me to feel sure. I really didn't want to spend a lot of my money to find out afterwards that the products I had bought were not cruelty free! Ok, I had to change my make-up goods anyway since they were too old and expired since a lifetime..So it looks like most cruelty free cosmetics brands in Italy only produce cremes, skin and hair care products. The few that produce make-up don't have palettes, but single eye-shadows at the price of gold! So for like just the essential I would have spent as much as for buying all the make-up in the world of non-cruelty free brands. 


THEY GIFTED ME WITH A SUPERCUTE SCARF (Lynn made me think of the ones you make!)

BRONZER (I will also use it as blush & eyeshadow, always do that)

RED LIPSTICK for special occasions!

More NUDE PINKY colour for my everyday favourite mediterranean look:

The cheaper and more coloured EYESHADOW box I found was this 3 colours mini palette. I got myself two, but I felt like I needed more, also because I'm about to get rid of a very big and variated palette, and this makes it hard and sad! (despite the fact that I only use a few, and always the same colours). 
My mother is right when she says that this experience can also educate me to be happy and grateful for having a few essential stuff, and not always wanting too many unuseful and stupid expensive stuff.

Purple-Pink Palette

Browns & naturals palette:

Disturbing thing here is that they only come in shimmery colours, which I hate! 

Just one BLACK EYELINER..kind of weird texture and use..

Black & brown EYE PENCILS (my best friends), and a dark skin tone LIP PENCIL good for all lipsticks

 Black MASCARA (little sticky):

 They added a violet parfume as a gift

LIP BALM (I usually buy it in supermarket and random places and brands, so I'd never know if it's cruelty free, that's why I wanted one now)

CONCEALER (I also use it as a primer, love it! I adore that it's a hard pencil type)

BRUSHES (just 4 :( but other sets were super expensive and not available. I don't use them much anyway)

 Other gift have been some CREMES (love tea tree)

I painted one eye with each palette, just to see the purple and the brownish looks, one with eye pencil, one with eyeliner..SCARY HUH!?

Nude lipstick:

Purple eyeshadows & black eye pencil:

Brown eyeshadows & black eyeliner + brown eye pencil below:

Crazy Look!

Red lipstick

I felt like I couldn't find a proper cruelty free palette, and sobstitute all of my old colours, and that made me feel like I had too little. So, I've been looking a lot. I so much wanted the ELF 100 colours palette (affordable too), but it seemed impossible to be sure that the brand is completely cruelty free for italian standards, so, since I didn't see it in italian LAV list, neither in the international PETA one our site gives the link to, I preferred to play safe and not to buy it. 
At the end I was soooooo super duper happy to find out that Sephora is the seller in Italy for the only cruelty free brand (certified in both official sites of LAV & PETA) with amazing and young products and eyeshadow palettes at expensive but not killer prices, and I set another order!

This is like my MUST HAVE  make-up supply. It looks like they have designed it for me! I 99% of the times use exactley THIS combo of colours or at least some of them. I ADORE IT! my make-up bag has extremely improved after I bought this! Matte black/browns/beige colours for my so beloved smokey eyes look!!! YEY! I just decided to be content with the "Essentials", which is already quite expensive.

And today I tried them on, by doing a kind of strong mediterranean look using most of the palette's colours, and I feel like I couldn't have lived without!

I think Urban Decay boxes and packagings are sooo cute!!
I decided that, if I had to get rid of my many colours that I honestly almost never use, I wanted to be prepared for special occasions (such as halloween or carnival), with at least a few matte colours. I also felt like I needed some more matte purple shades, so I also went for this DELUXE eyeshadow box.

Glad to find out that a concealer was included 

Check out the difference (and sadness..)!!

NEW make-up collection (stays all inside here):

Old make-up collection (I will throw it away today):

And I even have never been particularly a lover of animals! I respect them but I don't get along with them much. I like me and them to be apart, but that doesn't mean that I want to support them being killed and tortured ect. I've always found zoos and circuses so sad and unfun places. 
So, one of my concerns still is that I (as I wrote on the sidebar)  not only want to be cruelty free as long as animals are concerned, but I care even more of people, and being cruelty free for me it means:
1) caring for the environment and trying not to support companies which exploit nature and produce pollution
2) OVERALL caring for poorer countries's workers and people, and not to support companies which exploit, mistreat, underpay workers, or even children, and do horrible things in terms of international economy just to become reacher and more powerful, by demaging others
This seems to be even harder to find out, and I fear that I would end up not being able to buy or use anything, but I don't understand why saving a rabbit's life, when hundreds of humans lives are in danger! Especially when I've always cared more of people and foreign cultures than for animals. But I really really wouldn't know where to start from. 
Next up will be beauty products for the body. I have already found some, but I will run out of toothpaste and shampoo and hair care products in a few days and, for as much as I love LUSH, I can't always spend so much in a shop which I don't even have in my hometown! 
In the meanwhile I'm trying to educate my mother, and convince her to use cruelty free cleaning products for the house care by sending her links to sites and go with her to the supermarket and chose natural products. 
I also am trying to work with my braces technicians, in order to build my next braces and shoes with cruelty free products. This might be not possible, since other materials seem not to be as good for my skin and for the quolity of the braces. I will try to do that at least for my shoes, since I'd feel so bad if I killed someone just for the pleasure of having fashionable shoes, but I'm not sure I will for my braces. I would feel bad and guilty anyway, but I really don't want the quality of the supplies thanks to which I can walk, to be poor or demaging for myself. The braces building place's staff is already panicking because of me saying I don't want to use lether anymore!! :) 
I'd like to underline that my intent is not the one to criticize the ones who don't have a cruelty free lifestyle, for I firmly belive in freedom of choice and point of views, so I'm not trying to convince anyone here, but I don't even want to be laughed at myself as if I were odd and exaggerating (someone told me: "who the hell put those ideas in your head?"), I'm against being extreme in anything. I would anyway be very happy if that helped someone thinking about the impact that their beauty care has on people, animals and nature, without feeling guilty, cause it's a horrible and unuseful feeling. I would also appreciate very much if everyone who is cruelty free would think about the importance of being so also in human, cultural and social terms, and if womeone could help me out discovering if there's a way to inform myself and behave in a human cruelty free way.

Please help me not spending more since I earn it..but,