domenica 31 marzo 2013


FOR: Residents of Italy and Europe.

ASK FOR: Multicoloured lacquers made of flakes, averall indie, vegan, China Glaze & Tip Top, Models Own , glow in the dark, or typical local brands from exotic countries, starting from It's A Trap Eeze and similar, not too sparkly, better if purple-ish.

WILL GIVE: My selection (according to your tastes) of  local italian lacquers brands & cosmetics, plus home made goodies & surprises, some barely used make-up stuff. 


This is the last challange I will propose for now. It is perfect to be done in one week, as the 7 design subjects suits the 7 days of the week perfectly, so, even though I usually don't like challanges that ask you to make a different design each day, this will be the exception.

As you may know I am very interested in the practice of meditation and in all things holistic coming from eastern philospies. I like to experiment different styles and not being fanatic of anything, but chakras and meditations based upon them are something I've always liked.

Chakras are energetic spots, not physically visibles, all along our spinal bone, representing different spheres of life and of the human being, attending to the corresponding area of our body and related functions and feelings.
They also are related to colours and to a bunch of other things, such as stones ect. Some philosophies suggest to meditate on a specific chakra in order to heal some health and inner issues one may experience.
We start from the bottom and the most physical and related to earth one, up to the higher one and more spiritual chakra (in the following picture, see right to left). In this order I suggest that we make our designs during the week, monday to sunday, on 
You should make a nail look based upon the typical colour of that chakra and also on its characteristics and things it attends to. 

Here are some explanations on the characteristics of each chakra:

DAY 1 - Root or first chakra - Muladhara - RED - Located between our sexual organs and our anus - Linked to earth, attents to actual things in life and to everything tangible. Symbolized by a lotus flower, it also attends to survival and to passion and action. 

DAY 2 - Sacral or second chakra - Swadhisthana - ORANGE - Located below our belly button - Attends to sexuality and instincts, everything guided from our guts. Also to creativity and financial spheres. Also known as the sacral plexus or spleen chakra. 

DAY 3 - Navel or third chakra - Manipura - YELLOW - Located at our stomach level - Attends to our will, our self consciousness, our self confidence and power. It is the sun chakra, since it's located in the solar plexus. 

DAY 4 - Heart or fourth chakra  - Anahata - GREEN - Located all around our heart area and chest - Attends of course to feelings, and overall to Love and everything related to life in a positive and generous way, loving ourselves and everything else.

DAY 5 - Throat or fifth chakra - Vishuddha - LIGHT BLUE - Located where our throat is - Attends, as it is easy to understand, to communication. Our ability to explain ourselves to others and express ourselves in the world and life, but also to listen and understand and respect all kinds of communications that come to us from all around. (I will now meditate on that, since I have a throatache).

DAY 6 - Brow or sixth chakra - Anja - INDIGO - Located in  the exact centre where our third eye lays, just a little bit highier then our eyebrows - Attends to intuition. Our third eye is the one that looks on our insides, at our inner being. It is about our intelligence, and allows clear thinking and clear vision. It is the chakra of forgiveness and compassion.

DAY 7 Crown or seventh chakra - Sahasrara - PURPLE - Just right on the edge of our head, a little bit higher then us, it's exact spot on our body where the so called "well" of newborns is. It is the higher and most sacred chakra, the most related to spirituality and to the devine sphere, as it is close to the skyes. It is the chakra of pure consciousness and of eternal bliss. 

Click on next picture to see more details on each chakra. 

I am particularly excited about this one! 
Please join to win a hosted post in my blog! 


Here's another 4 manis challange that came into my mind today and that I've wanted to suggest you. 

As we already have a lot going on this month of April: 
- my Springy challange (deadline the 21st) with a Flowers themed mani
- Ecklipsed by Colour and Tuxarina's Spring Fling Challange (from 8 to 12 of April)
- my 4 Elements Challange (deadline each Sunday) 

this one is going to be MAY's challange
and it's about the
Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter
(to start with the one we are in now)

4 weeks of the month for 4 nailart, each based upon one specific year's season. 
Deadline each sunday
Email me with the picture and link to the mani and post 
Prize: A hosted post here


Who's in?
GLHF! (Good Luck, Have Fun!)


I am becoming obsessed with challanges. My brain keeps inventing new ones I really like, so I have decided to share them with you, even though we already have a couple going on and it would be maybe wiser to posticipate. I'm not good in posticipating, if I feel enthusiasm for something.'s our next challange!
As you can guess it is based upon 
Earth, Fire, Water & Air.

A new month is about to begin and what better occasion then a 4 weeks time to make this challange?!
Rules are easy to guess: 
- design a nailart each July's week (sundays will be the deadlines), inspired by one of the 4 elements:
WEEK ONE - Earth
- send it to me in one picture here: along with a link to the post
- at the end of the month I will choose the girl who made the best job and host her in my blog

Here are some inspiring images I like:

 So, who's in? 

venerdì 29 marzo 2013

Sally Hansen and Julep Swatches - MOVIES INSPIRED EVIL MERMAID MANI

The only scene of the whole "Pirates of the Carrabeans" that I find beautiful is the one of mermaids

I am a fan of mermaids, I have always considered them some of my favourite mythological and fantasy species of creatures. Who doesn't feel their charm? They were the symbol of sexual women and of devilish, looking amazingly beautiful on their outlook, but also captivating with their amazing voices and songs they sung, but being also fatal. 

I've always felt like a mermaid, since I feel happier and more able in the water then on earth, having myself a charming voice and a childish innocent look, but having my own tricks, and I've been also thinking of getting a tattoo done representing a mermaid. 

The reasons why I particularly love this scene are: 
It really respects very much the mythological figure of the mermaid, being dark creatures of the deeps of the oceans, half woman and half a monster creature of the sea, being half sweet and half evil, it really brings you the athmosphere of a magical encounter, and also because I adore this song, sung by the mermaids

There are just a few representations of these creatures that I like and respect in the movies world. 
My absolute favourite is from a splendid movie I sow for the billion time a couple of days ago: 
"PETER PAN", which I highly suggest you see.

I love this first pic, where you can see the silouhettes of the legendary creatures are about to pop out the water and they are revealing just a bit of themselves, remaining mysterious as they are.

As soon as I sow the lacquers that dearest Elena had sent to me in her so awaited nail mail, I came up with this themed look in my mind. 
I am so happy because it gave me the possibility to swatch a lot of bottles, almost all. 
It is very rare that I create a look myslef, something which is not a few classical designs put together, but just a matching of colours and lacquers to look good together and be representative of something even without designing it. 
I am pretty proud of myself..maybe I'm just gaining experience! 

Here are the lacquers I have used and their swatches:


 SALLY HANSEN - 4860-19 - Marine Scene 
the one that inspired me with the idea and my number one favourite of this nail mail so far, so I have decided to pain 2 nails with it.

SALLY HANSEN - 4860-17 - Ivy Legue - (my monster face intended to be an amazed one..)

ESSIE - 941 - Good as Gold

 I have top coated golden and ringfinger and Marine Scene pinky, with 
JULEP 2226 - Vivien American Beauty

And here's the complete look:

first coat of plain colours:

Adding golden coins to gold..the treasure hunt

Completed Mani:

And under artificial light:

 By night, with my green light (saber) on:

Finger by finger close-ups with JULEP Vivien top coat. In fact this is a very loaded laquer itself. 

I feel very charming and mysterious..but I'm undecided. Somethimes I think it's too plain and want to add some stickers to one or two fingers, but my parents say it is already a "heavy" one, 
What do you think?