martedì 30 aprile 2013

Swatch Comparison - Carnival mani

Good Evening Sistas!
I hope your lives are being great :) 
I'm facing a quite hectic but kind of energetic time here getting ready for my departure and with so many changes going on in my job and trying to get things done in my life schedule too. 
One of the things I'm trying to plan is our meeting, a couple actually, and I will post about this later. 
Now let's go straight to the mani I'm wearing right now. I did it a couple of days ago and I'm super excited, happy and satisfied with it! 
I think I will be doing a lot of plain swatches in the future, since I'm getting a bunch of new lacquers I am madly in love with and which are becoming my faovurites, so without any further hesitation, here come the pictures:

Matte blue and white base on alternate nails

I'm using the same top coats as last time: 
  • China Glaze It's A Trap-Eeze
  • Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler

But this time I'm willing to try them on WITH a base color, as you could tell from the first pic lol! :D
I have to confess that this changed my mind A LOT:
  1. My actually favourite is now 20% Cooler, which I like better then It's A Trap-Eeze..!!Oh yes you have read correctly my dears. I find the quantity of flakies and the way they layer, their colors and the brightness more flattering, and I regret only buying the mini version of the bottle
  2. I find that they look WAY better with a colored base, that they even look more organized and neat. I think that the base enhances the beauty of the flakies and of the overall look. 
On to the mani pics, this is very simple yet super fun and crazy I would ever recommend it to a young girl celebrating Mardi Gras. 
I adore it! Even better then a lot of nail arts, and I already know I'll never ever want to take it off!

What do you guys think of simple but not to simple manis like this one??
Which of these two lacquers do you like better and why?
Have you ever tried them together? I highly recommend that you do!

P.S. Do you usually top coat those kind of enamels? I don't usually do that but I did this time, since I felt like China Glaze remained a little rough and harsh on me, and that I needed something to save my mani from coming off quickly (which happened with last one with those same products), but I'm not sure if it enhanced my look or maybe even made it look worse..

venerdì 26 aprile 2013


Today my mother forgot me at work..I mean, I remember when both my parents used to forget me at school, but this time I got really worried. Lol, no, they are not terrible parents, they are super attentive, loving and caring, but we've all always been with our heads on the clouds, as you can tell by the blog's title picture..anyways, she felt horribly sorry when she arrived home and turned her head convinced to find me sitted next to her, but I wasn't there. I had called her twice because her: "I'll be there in 5" was starting to take 5 hours..and I was starting to worry that something wrong happened to her! At the end came my brother to rescue me, and my part-time friday working schedule became a full time on the weekend..yey!
My brother arrived with not one, but two nail mails!! They both have arrived today, one coming from France, and the other from the U.K.

I was thrilled! 
Here's what was on the british one:

Oh yes babies, dotting tools!! and on the double side: brushes. 

I'm still not convinced why I now own 5 dotting tool which appear to be of the exact same size..

And those brushes look soooo big to me as for some nail art ones..opinions anyone?

Anyway, I'm really curious (and scared) to try them soon, BUT my french mail..oh, my french mail!!

They also inclueded a nice and multicoloured mini nail file

Can you guess?

YES! it's "him"! Oh, how I've wanted mom can't belive me when I say I've ben dreaming of it for's THE one lacquer in my stash, my edge favourite from way before I owned it..

Eheh! Drums please, cause I'm about to reveal you guys what I haven't wanted to tell you in the past days..what else was in my nail mail? 
I've adored this brand on the internet too, and even though I could afford just a couple of tiny 7ml bottles with the cup sizeing bigger then the bottle itself, I needed to have them. I am making myself amazing prezzies! :)


The Element of Magic

20% Cooler

So here's my complete HAUL: 

As usual, when I get some mini hauls, I really couldn't help myself and wanted to swatch ALL of them at the same time! The difference is that this time I feel like I have just the perfect lacquers, the alfa males of enamels, the ones I can't be without, and if someone would steal me my entire stash right now, I'd be perfectly content and feel complete, just with those three. They are so perfect! All colours in one, and compared to that, every other plain colour would appear boring. We don't have such polishes here, so I feel like the luckiest little girl in the universe!
Let's take a clooser look to those pretties:

Rainbow Honey's The Element Of Magic 

Rainbow Honey's 20% Cooler

China Glaze's It's A Trap-Eeze!

This last one looks much more glittery and silver-ish then I thought, but hey, I guess I'm starting to love bling here, cause I'm absolutely crazy about it! (I think I'd love it even more if it was matte, with some rainbow little circles inside a creamy white though)

I've spent hours trying to decide which ones to buy, and I have been uncertain for long because I thought "20% Cooler" would have been too similar to "It's A Trap-Eeze", so I was really curious to try them both on, one next to the other.

And yeah, "20% Cooler" has much more of a blue shade and base to it, while "It's A Trap-Eeze" a whiter one, but they really look like sibilings and very realistic in the same mani look. 

(ONE coat of "It's A Trap-Eeze")

 I have also discovered that they need at least 3 good coats to look at their best. I thought I would have preferred just a light coat of "It's A Trap-Eeze" to give it a white base with a some coloured dots look, but it looked incomplete then, just like a bold transparent weak base..

(THREE coats od "It's A Trap-Eeze")

When I was browsing the internet to observe swatches and try to make my mind clear on what I wanted to buy, I've found it almost impossible to find some pictures that were undoubtely of the only lacquer itself, without any plain base underneath, and this confused me a lot, overall for the Rainbow Honey ones, so for that reason I have decided not to base coat my nails with a colour today and bring myself and your guys the real solo look of them. 
I think "It's A Trap-Eeze" and "20% Cooler" would look enhanced with a white and a blue base, but The "Element of Magic" is already very full. I'll try them with a base as soon as possible. 

As you can see I have accented my ring fingers nails with Rainbow Honeys (one for each hand) and wear China Glaze on the onther nails. Some pics are in motion, to show you sparkling lights!

Can you tell the difference now?

 and The Element Of Magic

Here are some pics comparing fingers with more (right) and less (left) "It's A Trap-Eeze" lacquer layered on:

Doesn't my mani looks complete even without any this time?
And now, guess what's in my next nail-mail!

I really wanted a site shipping from Europe, in order to get the mail in reasonable timings and not to risk to have to wait and fill documents for another duty control. I've been looking and looking and some don't sell to Italy, some others don't sell outside UK, some were out of stock..
At the end just two sites suited my requests, and this one was the cheapest (I still have payed more then my usual price range). Service was nice and kind and all went really well. It is a french site: 

which I feel like recommending it to everyone. They really have a good choice and lower prices then others, but these lacquers are still all very expensive. 

Merci bien Atoutescharmes!