sabato 25 maggio 2013

mani for travelling ep.II - classical plain FRENCH

Ciao Sistas!
packing my suitecase again already!
This time I'm going to Sicily with my parents and a couple of family friends. 
I had in mind this mani for this trip ever since I did the Cyprus one, cause I thought that a natural french would make the perfect look not to be worried for it to ruin in a long time and even if it does it is so natural that it shouldn't show to awfully.

So this time, up to the photos of the look first:

Yes, I always get dirty and messy like a kindergarden child with coloring book, and I never care enough to clean myself before taking pics ;D

To spice it up a bit..ehm, cover up some red spots remained from my last mani..
I just dotted some black tiny flowers on a couple of nails

Ok, acting silly again..
(actually I was singing this song along)
((yeah I know, I always sing or whistle while taking pics for this blog))

Ok, let's get back to business:

Actually, it hasn't been as easy as it may appear to acheive this look. 
I have first layers a good coat of COLLISTAR gel and volume effect, which is the one I always use when I want the look to last long. Then two generous coats of O'NELLY BY CALAR N.4. When I decided to do his look, I've immediately thought of this one, cause it's a pearly meaty one but it's still a see through shade that leaves the natural effect.I have then designed the tips free hand (had to re-do some like 3 times) with my matte white nail art pen. I have chosen to make them thinner than they actrually are, since I have super thick nail tips (not that I care, but I have been laughed at for this once,  from some indian or african women during a trip, can't remember). So, afterwards I went on with a couple of other good coats of the same sri lankan super stinky enamel (Nelly by Calar, it smells like petrol, I swear!) and finished off with a last super generous coat of the Collistar, and designing the flowers with the black nail art pen. 

HERE'S WHAT I'VE USED (and the mess I've done on my bed)


martedì 21 maggio 2013

MAD POST: Haul, No name Swatch and Polka dots accent + Summer UK meet-up plans

What's up sistas?
I'm a roaming girl, and I am already pulling my suitecase out again. I'm going for a week to Sicily with my parents and some family friends next week, but I can't even think about that, since I'm all busy planning another trip. My summer scottish adventure! I'm super scared and super excited at the same time, and I just can't stop thinking about it..your fault girls..oh yes, because this all started from the meet-up idea and, as a result of a UK international meet-up try, I'll probably be staying in Edinburgh for a month and a half..and meet a couple of you in different weekends.
I am basically doing it all on this great website for roaming souls: CouchSurfing and already pre-met a bunch of awsome people. Today's bubbly mani is dedicated to one of them: Lisa.
I think I'll be attending a few courses while there: creative writing, counselling, film script, stress awareness..and try to write a new novel (not sure to be able to complete current one before then). I am also trying to agree for some work I would like to do adivising some boards on different travel and cultrual metters and driving some workshops myself. We'll see. For now fingers crossed and glasses up high for my travel plans and my upcoming experiences!
Travel plans anyone? new partecipants to the meet-up?
Anywayssssss down to the mani!
So, it took me a lifetime to complete this super simple look today. First of all, last one was a nightmeare to take off, I had to use like 5 cotton discs. Then I just tried a few looks for my accent nail, but in the meanwhile other nails colour got ruined, the colours looked awful together, and some super simple shapes I tried to designed came out horribly with the dotting tool. Ok, I've tried to use some old sticky lacquers I really should get rid of, and I have been stubborn enough to try and pour my dotting tool into the too tight bottle..but then again even if I was doing it all right, the result would still look unbelivebly worse then usual, and here are the proofs:

trial n.1 - white sticky dots on a different shade same colour accent nail

trial n.2 - orange sticky hearts on fuchsia base

trial n. 3 weavy lines in pearly white, fuchsia and orange lined with dotting tool

And now to the good part!!!
My mum has surprised me with a tiny gift today: this nail enamel!

It's probably called OST (hard to tell if it has a name or a brand and which one that is, among the stuff written on it..weird enough), it's made in Italy and the colour is n.6..I guess..
As you already can see it is a very flattering dark pink in a glossy finish. 
I had spent days before, wanting to do a swatch or a very plain simple look with the summery salmon orange by Collistar from my mountain haul, but then I have decided to wait untill after I'll come back from Sicily, since I'll be more tanned, and this will enhance the colour even more..can't wait! 
I still have a few oranges more to swatch, but at the end I was curious to try this gift on, and I thought it would be a good compromise, since it's yet a summery, bubbly one, but it looks good both on tanned and snow white skin. 
I feel so glamourous and, well, adult, wearing this one. I feel like a woman, a sexy one. It is very Jessica Rabbit-ish, and it makes my fingers look longer and my nails look!! 
I have then decided that I needed the accent nail to be contrasted, so I just painted it white with the Fin'grs Original French Manicure white one you can see above (I think I bought it in one of my trips to USA, and the last time I've been there it was 1999..!! A memorabilia basically), and I have then re-tried my dotting tool with a very nice and new enamel, from Sri Lankan haul, the super redish red one: 
Sarome n. 14


PLUS another bazillion random pics of my pasta salad dinner, my silly faces, my dotting tool, and more madness :D