sabato 29 giugno 2013

First Business Nail Mail!!!

I had written to many nail lacquer producers, a few time ago, and asked them if they wanted me to review their products on my blog but, as I had expected since I'm not a big popular professional and neat blogger, I had only received negative responses.
Not long ago I realized one of them had given me a link in their mail, saying that they couldn't send me anything for the moment, but suggesting me to fill in a form in order to be officially put into a bloggers mailing list. I did so, just to realize that I had already entered that months before, with no success. I re-filled the form, this time with no attention at all, caused by discouragement, and about one hour later, late at night my time, I got a mail from them telling me that they wanted to send me something to review!!!
I have struggled not to tell you anything since now, because I wanted it to be a surprise for you as it has been for me. Of course I accepted, but I thought the process would have been long and difficoult, because they sent from the United States, and my experience with poor Elena has been so hard. As you might remember products arrived to me 2 months after they did arrive at italian duty and I had to fill in an official declaration about the possibility that they'd been dangerous and illegal products, so I was kind of scared to repeat the experience. 
Well, this time all went well, and yesterday, as if it was a last birthday gift, I got the mail!!!

We are talking about my favourite brand so far: RAINBOW HONEY, they make such cute, colorful and  in my childish naive style nail lacquers, not too glamourous, so I loooove them! And they have been nice enough to belive in my blog and send me their products, treating me with such kindness I can't even describe. Carolyn, you are the best!

They have a brand new summer collection that came out just a few days ago (21st of June), whose name I'm crazy about: 
THE SUMMER OF 199X, and I feel so honoured to be shipped some samples of it before anybody else can find the in shops!!! 

So a HUGE thank you to Rainbow Honey!!! 

Here's the nail mail: 

the package was soooo pretty!

and here's the collection just on the box side

my super cute three bottles

a super perlescent lilac color full of multicolored micro pearls

renown Jessica Rabbit by me..yesterday's mani secret revealed!! :)
A dark pink or fuchsia glittery one full of sparkles like JR's dress
(you can see it on my thumbs on last nail art, looks amazing!)

This is of course my favourite, I'm soooo excited that they've sent me this, I was really hoping for it.
As you know I'm a flakies lacquers maniac and this immediately became a masterpiece of my stash.
I litterally can't wait to try it on, I just have to figure out a nice look.
So, I would have called it something carnival, since it looks exactley like a bunch of corianders,
it's pastel, bright yet funny colors are perfect and it has flakes of all shapes and sizes.

Stay tuned for my reviews/swatches of these babies coming up very soon!! 

Have you bought/tried some of this collection yet?
Which are your Rainbow Honey favourites? 
20% Cooler is actually my favourite polish of my whole collection, 
and The Element of Magic is the only other one I had so far and love it!

I would gladly give away all my stash just to become their official testimonial and review only Rainbow Honey on my blog!!! I really hope we will find new ways to collaborate soon in the future!!!

venerdì 28 giugno 2013

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way" mani - Cartoon nail art

"You don't know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do"

I have always related to Jessica Rabbit, mainly for her voice and her boobs, since I think these are both nice features of mine, and also for her flirting way, and she is still one of my beauty icons (no, I don't care if she doesn't exist), and also because she fancies white 
But to be honest I've always had a back to reality feeling in this scene a few seconds later: 

Ok, I have turned 33 yesterday, but the reason here is not that I feel old. I like Betty Boop too, never been a huge fan, but years ago this used to be my nickname online, since she's small, too curvy in her hips, butt and thig area, and she has a hard time having to compare herself with Jessica Rabbit girls every day, and all she does to men is a quick chat, and closing their mouth when they are all cought by the queen of the stage. Sad.. 

So no, I don't mean the above quote the same Jessica does, but in a negative way. 

Anyhow, as I have told you a few days ago my therapist asked me to describe her my wonderland, my perfect world, and the first thing that came into my mind was that it would have to be like a cartoon or comics world, all colorful, sunny, safe and calm. 

So here's a mani to all of that, a mani that I have wanted to do since a while. 
It has not been as easy and as quick as I had thought to make it, but I am madly in love with it now! 
It is unbelivable how cartoonish and amazingly fake it looks! I wish I could wear this look every single day, I never want to take it away, love it! 

In the pics you will see that the details on one of my thumbs are designed on the wrong side, but I have fixed this now. 

 I have used a cartoonish special effect on some pics, just to match my hand to the nails, but this is how they really look, with just a couple of simple steps! Unfortunately I don't own a mattifier, so I have decided just not to top coat my nails in order not to give them too much of a glowy effect. 

To make this look I have used: 

KIKO n.7  - from one of my birthday gifts haul of yesterday

because it is very neon-like and I thought that this could give an even more fake look to my nails.
It's a sort of middle way between red and pink 

after trying to do my accent nails in different ways I have really felt eager to try something from a nail mail arrived today, of which I'll talk in the next post, so I'll keep it a secret for now, but this is exactley what I call a Jessica Rabbit color: a perlescent dark pink (or fuchsia).
And this time, don't ask me why, I have accented my thumb nails instead of ring fingers. 

I really recommend to try this to all of you, it is super fun and unique, but also not too much to wear since it doesn't imply any specific design. 

Cheers from a cartoonized myself! :) Which version do you prefer?

giovedì 27 giugno 2013


It is awesome when you are well known among your friends to be a lacquerista, cause you get to receive a lot of nail lacquers as presents for any occasion!
That's what I hoped this time too, and it's exactley what happened, and I had some other awesome prezzies too, from my friends tonight. 



Ok, I'm kind of concerned on my ability and patience in this..




KIKO Mirror nail lacquer n.14 - A silvery grey

KIKO Sun Pearl n.23 - A unique redish red full of golden sparkles

KIKO Mirror nail lacquer n.14 - A perlescent light marine blue/green

KIKO n.7 - An unbelivable almost neon blue with a slight pinky purple shade in it

KIKO n.7 - An orangy red

You also get asked a lot to make your friend's manis, and I made two tonight, but I don't have the pics..which is a good thing, cause with my contact lenses on I couldn't see anything from close up, I was suuuper tired, and distracted since I was trying to let them guess a movie for the game we were playing in the meantime, and I have no idea of the mess I did on their!