giovedì 29 agosto 2013


I'm super excited for this mani and post!
First off, I have the possibility to express my "manly" geeky side, who loves splatter movies,
and this way I can also write a post about cinema, one of my passions, and more prcisely a compared movies post about one of my favourite directors: Quentin Trantino!

So it has been sooooo fun to do this nail art, I really needed one of my funny nail painting moments, and it has been as messy as I like it to be! :)
This is the tutorial I've been inspired by, and this is how my work place looked after application..

As you can see the funniest part is that to acheive this look you litterally have to blow your nail polish out of a straw!..and aboviously it will be all over the place when you're done.. 

As a base I've used my KIKO 215 which is a whitey pearly shade with hints of pink 

I was super happy because for the bloody part I had the perfect bottle: SAROME n.5, from Sri Lanka, as you can see it really looks like a blood color, being it a super pigmented, dark, intense red. 

Now, as I've said this manicure is dedicated to one of Trantino's favourite and best characters: 

The Blood Splattered Bride

This is also the title of a '70's B movie he was inspired by to build his Beatrix Kiddo's background in the movie "Kill Bill", and here are some pictures from both movies, just to settle the right setting and climate.

 Two classic blood splattered images from the movies:

 Tarantino's and original blood splattered brides compared:

   And finally..The Mani!!!

Before cleaning it was even more scary..

After cleaning:

This is one of the fewest cases in which I really belive that the top coat makes a huge difference!!
I am in love and happy with this mani, not your usual nail art, but next time I'll try to place the blood better on my nails, since I feel like some have too much and some too little. 
Cleaning part is a hell of a dirty work, but someone has to do it..and this reminds me of one of my favourite Tarantino's characters: 

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Wilston Wolf!

martedì 27 agosto 2013


I really wanted something simple to swatch some polishes, and I was keen to use my new adorable BARRY M snp 3 pink 323 Sequin nail effect, so I have decided that this was the perfect occasion to try a nail art that I have in my wishlist, but a different version of it.

This is the tutorial that inspired me, but my dessert is a cream one (or lemon, or banana), wich I did by layering 2 good coats of my LAYLA  ceramic effect n. CE 41 in yellow, and my dripping sauce is a strawberry or raspberry one with candies in it. 

It is super easy to do. I just had a bit of a hard time because I have given another chance to the horrible COLLISTAR nail art pen, which did a big mess, but the pink is almost all from the Barry M. 
It says to push the  pen itself to unleash color, too bad that it comes out from the upper sides of the pen, instead that from where it would be supposed to dot..

Anyway I just had to put some strokes of nail polish, directly with the bottle's brush, and Barry M. did all the magic. Being it a sequin effect, I didn't even have to work on the illusion of a liquid sauce in contrast with the base, as it naturally shows. It also dried in no time. 

Sorry for the poor light of those ones, it was night

Daylight pics:

To me my nails now look like a Homer Simpson favourite donut! 

Don't they look delicious? I almost feel like I've got mini cupcakes on my fingers and I want to taste them! Too bad I'm on a slim down journey..

Thanks to Kelly Tuxarina that with her last post gave me the right inspiration to go for this look. 

Goodnight world

lunedì 26 agosto 2013


I've almost never used eyeliner. I did a few times like 15 years ago, and I just couldn't, it also looked too dark and to precize to me, so I've always preferred eye pencil.

Now I was thinking about give it a try again, but my old, aweful brush one won't work. I've missed the opportunity to buy a good but cheap one in Scotland, so now that, as you know from my previous post, my friend gave one to me as a gift: Rimmel Glam Eyes, I've watched some tutorial and tried. I don't have fun doing it, while I usually have fun putting my make-up on, and I can't figure out how to do the same exact thing on the second eye..

I'm always trying to find a make-up look to compliment my hooded eyes, but I don't want to overdo in elongating them, since they already are elongated and they don't need to be, they just need to be noticed because of that natural feature..What to do?

Anyway, here's the result after a big effort, still not sure it's even on both parts but I kind of like the elongating effect without having to overdo your bottom lash line. I've just put a bit of bronze color blush on my crease and a pale setting powder color on my lids to create a bit of a vintage effect. No mascara here since I'm just staying home and wearing my unsexy glasses tonight.

What about your first experiences with eye-liner? Any tip?

domenica 25 agosto 2013


Today I was at my seaside special friend, I was so happy, I didn't think I would have had the chance to see her before October!! I showed her my Scottish  stash and here's the result on my nails (her sister tried my scottish polishes too and we had a great manicure moment!):

This is my friend's sister hand. She already had on the blue Kiko I also got for my bday, and she accented her ringfingers with one of my scottish stash ones..can you guess which one? :)

My friend doing my mani

And here's the result: her Rimmel 411 Navy Seal as a base + my Kleancolor (thanks Ananka!) as a sparkly top coat. I think that together they look a lot like my Collistar gel one I showed you from the mountains haul..remember?

She did my make-up too, and I fell in love with the eye-liner she afterwords gave me as a present..