martedì 29 ottobre 2013


Hey lovelies,

since I am seriously considering participating to an halloween party, obviously I want to wear a costume, and a themed nail art.
I was sick of all those messy looks, and I defenetly wanted to wear something more elegant and clean, but nothing too cute or flat, I still wanted my nails to look creepy and the ones of a monster, not only with themed designs.
I've kind of mixed a few thecniques found on the internet here (zipper, frankenstein, blood drops), and, except for my thumbs, I'm really happy with how it came out, and I am absolutely in love with the base color, which I re-discovered in my stash after a long while (LEI n.81). The red is Jewels n.4

Now, It doesn't really metter to me if the costume matches the nail-art, but the question is: vampire? undead girl? cyborg? dia de los muertos skull face?

TIME WARP kiddy nails

So this weekend my first book was released. A sci-fi novel for middle school kids: "Time travels agency" (see the book cover above). I was really excited and I wanted to feel and look special and great for that day. I have immediately thought of doing some nail art that kids could have enjoyed, no metter if that would make me look less professional or intellectual. 
Even if it sounded too hard and over my abilities, my desire was to incorporate some of the cover's elements into my nails and, since I've been loving the cluds nail art for a while now, I ended up with this: 

As you can see from the cover, the sky is cut in two as a time vortex swaps from day to night, as in my right thumb, and the clouds are a big part of what I like in that picture. 
Later on, I have realized that a rainbow had nothing to do with my book, so I have covered it with the clock you see in the cover, but it unfortunately ruined quite immediately, so I had to go around with a Dalì style one.. :) 


1. Bloody zombie flash

layered green on read coat, then removed parts of the still wet green with a Q-tip

2. "Just out of the graveyard" bloody dirty nails

nude base, black and red quick layers immediately scratched of with a toothpick, black and red contouring.

For more badass creepy nails click here, here and here and stay tuned!

venerdì 18 ottobre 2013

All RAINBOW HONEY Birthday Cake Flop

So this weekend is going to be full of surprise celebrations for my beloved brother's 26th birthday, and for the occasion I really wanted to wear Rainbow Honey Magic Cake, probably one of my favourites of all (which I've receved as a sample and which I'm planning on buying soon).
I've then selected the two other goodies from The Summer of 199X collection I've got: Apple Kid and Tessie, and accented my index and ringfinger with them. Both's texture is awesome and the finish is so teenage girl and cool, and I've painted the rest of my nails black with one of Ananka's prezzies: the 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish, which happens to be a great black base, a little watery needing at least a couple of strong layers to cover, but has a perfect finish.

And here are the swatches:

What happened next is that I wanted to topcoat my black nails with Magic Cake but, being the same "age" of the other two bottles of its collection, I found it completely dry! I was so sad and upset, because I love it, and I didn't have the chance to use it much. 
So what did I do?
I remembered someone, maybe some of you or some other nail polish addicted I met, telling me to drop some nail polish remover into a dried out bottle, in order to bring the lacquer to life again, so I did, but the result is as follows..

what did I do wrong? 

Luckely I could fix it just by putting some topcoat on, some sticky jelly white thing remained and some I just scratch it off, and now my final look is this: 

And I kind of love it!!! :)