giovedì 28 novembre 2013

RAINBOW AUTUMN LEAVES super easy nail art

Going on with the idea of simple to do and fast to dry nail arts, today I choose something very colorful and I did the rainbow version of the third tutorial of this video, and here's the result.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Milan to promote my book in a book shop there so I thought this would be fun and childish enough but also neat and elegant.
I'm pretty happy with it even though in the tutorial the stripes are bigger and some of my color combinations are too dark.

This is me watching "Fmily Guy" with my beloved brother while doing the final touches to my nails and letting them dry. Yesterday we've watched "Django" and I've loved it. 
What are your bonding time activities with your sibilings? 

venerdì 22 novembre 2013

Two faced puzzle dotted crocodile nails (issues and questions)

Loooovely ladies,
what's up in your lives? what are you into lately and how are you?
I feel a bit confused and quite busy trying to figure out what I have to do in order to follow my dreams and take my life to the bright side. I am all focused on the writing thing, but not that inspired and sometimes doubts assault me..

Today I just couldn't take it and took my last mani off, even if with a bit of sorrow because I really liked the idea and the stripes, but with all those too dark colors and the roses having lost their shape during the night, it looked like a complete mess, and just a few nails looked neat, and only if you looked close.

Does it happen to you that if you make a complicated design, layer on layer, the amount of polish becomes thick on your nail and it doesn't really dry inside and it chips and melts easely even the day after or so while you are doing something with your hands, and a tiny rose becomes a huuuuge spot on your nail?

I've had this kind of problem way too many times lately, so, despite having a bunch of great designs on my wishlist, this time the rules were:

- Something super simple.
First because I cut my nails quite short and rounded, so there's not much space to fill in, and secondly because I wanted it to dry fast and to look like one smooth surface, instead of amounts of colors that would fastly melt.

- Light and bright colors to pop and shine.

I thought the best idea, also to do a mid way between plain swatches and crazy naive nail art, would have been to go for a pattern design, which is something I love and plan to do more and more..

So, inspired by this video, I have decided to make a different version of the puzzle nail art, but more simple then the one in the tutorial:

Now I am going to use my computer and stay right here and write without doing anything else with my fingers for a long time, and I'm going to wait for long before I top coat my nails, then, I'll try to wait some other time before I work with my hands and go to bed.

I don't love this design, I don't find it fun enough, but it follows all of my rules and it looks cute, bright and neat.

For the base I've used a very light mint color and a very natural skin pink color, 
both mini bottles from Smaltino Beauty Line Vallari Fashion

And for the dotting work a shiny bright green from my Pokari haul bought in Bali, and a meaty shiny dark pink from the same line as the base colors. 

Since I've started to seriously using my dotting tools I've realized I had to help myself with a working plate, or palette, or dish, however we should call it. 

Some of the designs I would have preferred to do had some black in them, and I really didn't want anything dark this time, some others had white in them and as you know I'm out of it, and some more had stripes, which I'm not able to do without a nail art pen, I don't own stripers and it usually comes out thiker then the rest of polish i wear and ziggy. 

Does it happen to you too that you have to give up on some designs you wanted because of some of these reasons?

What are your favourite kind of nail designs? your fave patterns? and your top colors to use?


Hey lovelies,

excited for the weekend? what plans do you have?

Being still a newbie, today I'm going to ask you some tips, since lately I have discovered some of my lacks in the mani field..

1) How do we clean our dotting tools?

2) How long do you wait for your nail arts to dry? 
and how to be sure they are in fact completely dry and they don't smudge out even after hours have passed and you go to sleep and maybe move your hands below the pillow while you sleep? 
I always find myself chipping and ruining it even if it appears to be dry and I have waited and waited..

3) Which is the easiest and best way to reach a neat gradient? 
Mine always appears to be done with too liquid laquers, no metter which ones I use..

4) How to get rid of dry and hard skin around the nails? I use cuticles oil and sometimes I cut the dry skin out, but I keep having dry and hard skin at the sides of my nails..

5) Routine to make your nails healthier if they are weak, easy broken, yellow or with a lot of white "veins" in the top part?

Thank you so much for your help! If I'll notice some other issues, I'll post some more quesions here. 

GRRRR!!!! You see??? just because I crossed my arms after a few hours, and some nails got in contact with my clothes fabric!

mercoledì 20 novembre 2013


What's up lovlies?

I couldn't wait to get rid of my last nail art, even though it reflected my nerdy side quite well, because I was sick of dark nails, but I was very undecided on what to get because I didn't want anything to rainbowy either.
It is really hard for me to come up with something original, so after browsing a lot of tutorials (I have So much fun doing it), I have decided for this one, because it had a lot of colors, I didn't need a white base (I'm out of white and never go buy it), but due to my gigantic laziness and my lack of care for neatness and perfection, I have decided to skip the scotch tape part and use some different colors just because I had them in nail art pens for details, now I'm not so happy with the result because that dark purple I made some stripes with is too dark and the pen color I detailed the roses with confuses with the base and the overlook is not as colorful and as bright as what I was looking for, but the effort and the amount of time I put in my mani is so much that the only idea of doing it all over again, maybe even just tomorrow or so, puts me in dispair.
The kind of design and look is cute, and I love flower nail arts, and the base color is adorable. Maybe tomorrow in the day light I will learn to love it..

I've used:

- Sally Hansen n.280 Marine Scene
- Avon nailwear pro G1010
- Kiko n.7
and a green and a redish nail art pen and some dotting tools, base and top coat.

Yes, I cut my nails short and round and yes this is a vintage-ish kind of look. 
How do you choose or come up with your next look to wear on your nails? do you prefer to follow some given looks you find browsing or to invent your own? have you checked them and studied them in the past?

domenica 17 novembre 2013


I've always been a science fiction fan, and I am now trying to be, in my little own way, also a science fiction writer, here's a mani to celebrate this passion of mine, inspired by THIS tutorial. I don't own a glow in the dark polish, so I've skipped that step.

I found that this black polish filled with tiny silver sparkles was perfect to be used as a base to represent the space

I've used a kit I got with diffrent shaped stones, and on one hand's nails I put golden stars rhinestones and on the other hand I have put silver stars. 

I've added some green stars and planets with my amazing Models Own polish

Then I've used my dotting tool to paint some alien faces with this hectoplasm green Sarome polish which I've found just perfect for the purpose

Remember when I went crazy in Scotland combing my hair by using some tights overnight to get some nice curls, cause I didn't have a hair foam?
Well now I have some hair foam,but my hair came out horribly, so I remembered about THIS video (in italian, but you'll just need to watch) where you just need one legwarmer, and here's how I look now, I'll let you know about the result tomorrow.. :)

Can you see what my mistake in this mani was?