mercoledì 25 dicembre 2013

Iron Man Christmas Mani


Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating and happy holydays to you all!
As you know my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, but this year I have decided to make a wear a festive look on my nails for the occasion anyway.
I am already in the mountains, as last year, and this time I have decided to bring with me a nice polish stash with a good amount of bottles of colors I don't usually use that much but I like, no nail art pens, and only my new sponges and one dotting tool.
I want to keep it simple, make mostly swatches with a little personal touch and try a more classy grown up look on my nails. I think I'm going to mostly try out some simple designs for which no tools at all are needed.

I adore this first try, because the colors are stunning and they look great and very christmasy together. It wasn't as easy as I'd thought to acheive this crescent moon reverse french, but I find that it elongates my nails and that it compliments my current nail shape amazingly.

Colors used:

- Essie - Oh my gold!
- Quando è solo per te - this unnamed stunning shimmery dark red

(Sorry for the lack of cleaning in some photos)

Super simple, but still christamsy..and now, time to start thinking of new year's eve's you guys have any ideas already? I'm thinking no designs this and where will you celebrate it? any suggestions for holydays collabs? I'm also open to challanges these days! I'll come up with something..

venerdì 20 dicembre 2013

COWPRINT full mani & Paris trip tales

Heya lovely ladies!

I'm just back from a hectic week in Paris and heading to the mountains soon to spend my holydays in peace with my family and my writing that need my focusing. I think I will from time to time post something on here as I did last year, as I'll bring a small stash and tool combo with me.

The most inspiring thing I came across with in Paris, as long as my writing job, was the truely amazing and worth a trip world famous book shop called Shakespeare and company, selling books in english and being like a little anglophone world apart in the french city.

While in Paris I've visited a few amazing and huge make-up and nail lacquers stores on the Champs Elisées, but it all was SO freaking expensive I had to control myself and didn't buy anything. There were some amazing Ciatè enamels at 10 Euros each bottle, and they were the cheapest ones!! Crazy!

Also, my friend and I had quite an experience there, cause while shopping we start hearing some disco music played inside the store really loud, so loud that we couldn't even hear our own thoughts, as we use to say, and we've decided to head out, just to discover that on the main exit/entrance it was full of staff memebers in lines on both sides clapping their hands at us and trying to make us dance in front of a bunch of fool people arrived there to be the audience and take pics of us..this bothered us so much that we ran away as fast and as hidden as we could from a side door!


This mani isn't about Paris or books at all. It is about cows.

As you know lately I am on this cow and animal print spirit, and I thought that it would perfectly compliment my super short nails, since I had to cut them short and round after they broke and ruined in the trip. For some I've used a dotting tool, for some just the lacquer's brush, last time I had used my new micro painting brush.

It was super easy and fast to do, top coated with a seche vite, and accented my thumbs and ring fingers by doing the prints in different colors.

As you can see I afterwards re-did the spots on my left thumb, since the yellow wasn't so flattering on a white base. The covering didn't came out perfectly but who cares.

Any trip or exciting plans for the holydays? and traditions?

sabato 7 dicembre 2013

ZEBRA & COW - Black & White Animal Print French

I am really loving french lately, with my current nail shape and lenght.
I had in mind something more covering: a cow print full manicure, because I wanted to only use black and white: I was so happy to have refilled my stash with them recently,and I had already taken out all of my polishes and tools..*
( In fact I have only used my stripers here for the very first time, and I have to admit it has been freakin' hard!!!! (my cow print looks like a leopard one and my zebra like a tiger :( poor me), also I've found that polish becomes stitchy in no time on the brush. )
*..but then I was cleaning my nails, and looking at them, I thought they looked nice just bare and natural, so I've decided to go for something less covering, but I still wanted a french with a twist, so I went for an animal print one, and the only two animals I could come up with that have a black and white print, were the cow and the zebra, so I've just alternated those two.

Yesterday night I couldn't finish my mani properly before heading out, and now I really have to say that a top coat makes a big difference here. My design looked rough, and it ruined quickly while I was using my hands to get ready, so afterwards I have decided to give the whole look a final touch by top coating it with a sparkly polish, and, despite the fact that this mani is SO Jersey Girl-ish, 

which is basically the total opposite of my style and what I appreciate (I find it SO bitchy and gross), I'm super happy with it and with the way it gives room for natural, but it is not at all at the same time. 

What are your thoughts on animal print?
Which is, in your opinion a gross look for a mani and how to transform it into an elegant one?

mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

NEW AND FIRST NAILMAIL!!!!!!!!! :D yeeyy!!!

Hey Guys!

So excited: I've just received my first nailmail since a looong time, and knowing this is just the first of some I'm waiting for, these days before the holydays. Most of things I've ordered are presents and not for me, but I've taken the occasion to put a few goodies here and there for myself too..just what I "really needed" :D

Finally "some" proper sponges, now I'll have to go only gradient or sponged for decades!!! :D 

..and there were also some Christmas stickers I'll save for a swap with you guys!
Long time since we last did, right? what about putting up one in the next future?

I was "starving" for a regular white color, it is so basic, it seems like you can't do any nail art without it

A bunch of nail art pens to make a little girl happy! These great random colored pen/brush polishes will go to a loving mom's hands (my friend) tomorrow and to a lovely lady soon for her birthday and help her grow up properly with her already big nail art love!!! :)

I fianlly had the guts to order myself some nail art micro paint brushes..I may look smiley but I'm freakin' scared!

Could you guys please help me find each tool the right use? and how to use it? stripers make better lines if you know how to do bad I have no chances with visual arts and crafts..

I'm SO happy with this service: Enailstore is just really close to where I live and it delivered quickly and efficently with an excellent tracking. 
It has tons of goodies and quite nice prices, but I had to order different things from different shops, since I couldn't find a cheap close one to buy everything I needed from. 

lunedì 2 dicembre 2013

Easy Tarzan Liane French

I have been wanting to reproduce this look for forever, but I kept it on my wishlist untill today.
I had to cut my nails short because they were of different lengths and it showed on the nail arts and it didn't look pretty, so I've decided to shape them in a square shape because there were a lot of looks that I couldn't do with an almond shape. Now I'll wait untill they grow longer to try and shape them as some gurus have, which is nice for a french but not too squared.
Wanting something half serious, with more natural and neutral colors, I thought it was quite the right time to go for this look, but I'm not really happy with the result: being so simple I'd expected a better finish, while the difference with the original one is least it dried really fast.

I really adore my base color, though it is too dark to be natural

And now for the finished look..

What are your favourite colors at the moment? Di you have any "wild" nail art look?