giovedì 20 novembre 2014

MOVEMBER: Soft Kitty mani

Hey dears,

sorry for being away for a while. I'm super duper late with my blogging, so be prepared for a lot of throw back posts soon!
It might be the first time for me to post manis I have rocked in the past.
I promess I'm also going to post soon about the concert in Paris I've attended last week and of my look and mani for the occasion..I also have a little haul to show you!
For now, here is what I'm wearing at the moment.
This might be my last, long nails mani for a while, and this is the reason why...

What would you suggest me to do now? cut them all as super short as that one? cut them all shorter then now but not as short? just cut that one and leave the rest as they are, ignoring the huge difference? not cut it and try to fix it someway untill it breaks off on its own, which could happen tonight?..Please suggestions are soooooooooo much needed!

Anyway..this is just a cute mani I had spotted on a random blog. Here is the original one by Pack A Punch.

And this will also be my Movember mani for this year. I know it may sound a little weird to you, because in english cats have whiskers and not mustaches, but in italian there's actually one same word for both cats and humans under-nose male hair, so I've figured it would do the job.

This is so easy and fast to do and dry. Your nails remain pretty neat but it still catches eyes and looks really cute. 
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww I will miss my long nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


domenica 2 novembre 2014

31 WEEK CHAELLENGE - Gradient Purplepink

What's up guys?!

So, workshop was disappointing, a huge failure and totally not worth the sacrifice, so I think I'm not going to continue with it and right now I'm feeling kind of crushed and confused. I think I'm going to pursue other kind of dreams. Luckely in just a few days I'm flying to Paris to finally attend the concert of one of my favourite singers and living other adventures.

This time I'm at gradient task in the 31 week challenge. I just did it randomly and quickly, I like how fast it dries and of course I've picked purple. Differently from last attempt white it came out neat thanks to the white base. I'm not happy with the fact that transitions are not as smooth as they should be but whatevs.  Top coated it with a bit of purple and pink sparkles. I find it kinda boring to be honest.

I don't seem to be able to even out my nails in the two hands..shoot! 

giovedì 30 ottobre 2014


So my intention was to go on with the challenge and to do a gradent manicure. I thought I owned the thecnique and that the look I had in mind was easy to do. I had chosen it just cause it was simple and nothing to crazy, but it turned out to be a real hot nasty mess instead. 
I didn't like the finish at all and this morning I've tried to decorate it to make it look better, but I ended up making it even worse. 

Tomorrow I'm starting a new adventure, scary and exciting at the same time and I'm going to a far away town to attend my first tv shows workshop. It'll be one weekend each month and I'm both terrified and super excited. I'll have to take some trains, be there by myself in a hotel room and roaming around town on my own to find a place to eat, which I hate. But I'll also learn from the best to do something I love and which is a goal in life for me, I'll try and write in groups for the first time and I will have the opportunity to be noteced and produced by professionals in the field. 

So I've figured I'd better leave the challenge thing for a while, save it for later, and do something themed with the occasion that would remind me of the good and fun side of it. It ended up to be the opposite of my initial intentions: it is totally crazy and naive and childish and colorful and not at all classy and neat and elegantly grown up. But I like it. It puts me in a good mood when I look at it and it reminds me so much of the '80's and of this song: 

Feeling confused on what to do, I've browsed for looks, but I'd only find manis based on specific tv series, and I couldn't really pick one, and mixing them would have made the final look messy. 
Then, like a ray of light for heaven, came my inspiration from another blogger: Eeek Nail Polish. You can watch source Here. Figure she wasn't even satisfied with it! 

Mine came out rough and gross compared to her neatness, and I'm not even sure you can tell these squares are actually tvs (so I've added knobs) but I'm not gonna do that all over again. It is festive and fun and eye catching and I know it's themed. 

Any exciting new adventure your side? 
Which are your favourite tv shows from the '80's?

sabato 25 ottobre 2014

Elegant Stripes Waterfall Natural & Simple Nail Art

I was uninspired today when I came back from my crochet class, but I knew I had to do my mani because last nail art was starting to peal off an looking horrible.
I also knew I wanted something simple, easy and quick to do because I didn't have much time or patience and the more I was thinking about that, the more I was convinced I wanted some soft colors and something almost bold, but you guys know I'm not a swatch girl so I has to add a design.
Browsing for inspiration everything looked like too much for me, but in the end I remembered once seing a Robin Moses video and not being able to reproduce that mani because I wasn't skilled enough and most importantly I didn't have any striper. Now I do.

It was impossible to find the video at first, so I had to do the mani by memory and now I finally found it but I just can see it in a playlist which isn't likable as video here, but I can't find it as a single video link, but I hope you can see it by clicking here: it isThis Video.

My lines are thicker and more gross and rigid, straight, but I am very happy with the result and I find it so classy and elegant. Very discreet, nothing too much, no subject designs but still defenetly a nail art adding to the swatch. I've used a natural pink base, a white striper, a golden striper and two different sparkly top coats only on the tip of the nail.

I think this is the most elegant, classy and grown up lady design I've ever done! It makes my hands and nails look beautiful and from afar they just appear natural and glowy.
I'd suggest it for a ball or a cocktail party, a theatre night or something like that.
Quite easy to do, fast drying. I've just added some sparkles, I think they add to the look and they hide little imperfections too.

Good night!

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

31 Week Challenge: Rainbow drooled by a cloud

So it's that time again. 31 week challenge in my weird time counting world has reached the 9th week and this time it's RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

How couldn't I get my inspiration from the amazing youtuber Professional IDQ for this one?!
I've sort of mixed these three looks together:

And this is the simple but super crazy eye-catching but most of all vibrant result: 

It was quite of a hard work and I'm pretty proud of myself because this is one of the first times I'm outlining using a striper and doing the colors on a white base an the white cloub on a black dotted base instead of outlining it later and it shows! 

It looks cartoonish, I love my nails!..Rainbow colors were choosen completely randomly. I've finally used a real top coat (Butter Ananka's gift). It looks more fake, vibrant and neat this way. My nails are growing long again but are not long enough yet, so I could dare and do a vertical stripes design and this also helped my nails look longer, bigger and better. I'm super happy of how the out lining came out considering that I've almost never used a striper.