venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

THE 28s CLUB - Leopard Print Hearts Skitelette

Hey hey dear ladies,

Today's the 28th of the month, which means: The 28s Club mani!

As you know, on the 28ths we mismatch them, and this time I have decided to mismatch colors, with a nail-art I have been wanting to do since a long time: THIS Cutepolish design. 
It didn't come out as nicely as I had hoped, I guess I've used some too dark shades for some hearts, and my outlining pen released too much color in some nails, creating too thick lines.

My finish is not opaque, since I sadly don't own a mattifier. I really like it anyway. It is fun and colorful just as I like it to be. At first I really didn't want to take last mani off, cause I really loved it and it was quite ok still, since I had done it just a couple of days ago. I wanted to keep it also because it would meet the club's critheria perfectly, since it was colors and designs mismatched, but then I thought it wouldn't have been fair to skip my own challenge this way. 
This mani is dedicated to my sister in law (I keep on calling her this way but she is just my brother's girlfriend of a few months, but she lives with us and I love her like a sis) who's celebrating her birthday in a couple of days and is an animals lover and a vegan animal biology student. Hearts are because I love her and rainbowed mani cause she's positive and smiling. 

Please go check also Chantelle's mani in her A Polished Prance blog, who I am happy to say that joined me in this thing this month! Thanks dear, you did a great job! She's super neat and talended in her nail art and her blog is worth a glance. 

giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

workshop with kids RAINBOWY LOOK

Hello dears,
So as you know today I had a very important meeting with a local class who had read my first book. 
I really wanted to look fun and colorful for the kids, but still like a professional, sane and normal person to the teachers. 

Here's my look of the day:

I wanted to keep my make-up simple and more funny then sexy
so I have decided to go for a rainbow look. 
They are usually edgy and honestly kind of gross, but I found THIS Michelle Phan's pastel colors one with which I have fallen in love.
I think it is super wearable!

 Following pics are taken a few mins ago. 
It's almost evening already and I'm super tired, lack of sleep and too much stress, so I'm laying on my bed and the make-up doesn't look perfect anymore, but I felt like you needed a few more pics to see the actual colors of this look. 
I love the blending work Mish-mish does on here.

I actually like this rainbow look better then "Purple Inferno" I have posted a few days ago. 
This one is very very soft.
What do you think?
Which one do you prefer?

For my outfit, rules were:
- nothing sexy (no v necks)
- super colorful
- cozy (no too tight trousers)
- floor sitting friendly (no mini-skirts)
- leg braces covering to avoid too many questions and glances from the kids

And you already know what I'm rockin' on my nails cause you sow last mani post.

Kind of rainbowy too, right?

Workshop experience with these kids has been amazing!
They were all heritage mixed and all so sensitive, polite and nice.
No weird questions on my body, a lot of help with moving my chair and lifting my laptop and stuff, I didn't even had to ask. 
They have complimented me, clapped at me, told me they enjoyed it, wrote amazing stories and did great drawings, and asked me to write a sequel of my book, been excited to read my new one next, wanted to hug me and kiss me at the end and thanked me a lot, one of them told me 
he wants to be a writer too and I have inspired him..
I so much want to do that again, and I think I will try and work with kids more from now on, and manily with them. I may have found friends in the teachers, so I will offer them to do a series of meetings with those kids. 
Both teachers and kids have noticed and appreciated my nail art and make-up a lot!

How do you like rainbow, playful looks on you?
Do you enjoy being around kids?

mercoledì 26 febbraio 2014


Tomorrow I'm working with kids. I'm more exausted then excited at this point, but let's hope it'll go well, be fun and pleasent.
I have decided to do my mani over again, since I didn't want to keep the one I wore in such a dreadful experience, and I wanted a new beginning in my nails too, something more suitable for kids, that would help me look like a nice and fun to be around person.

This mani is also dedicated to Alex, Lynn's child, who is about to start school for the first time ever! Good luck and have a lot of fun Alex, I'm sure you'll do well and have wounderful experiences!
So this is a collab with Pink and Purple Dots, Lynn's blog, where you'll find a mani for Alex first school day too. It is one of my favourite polish related blogs and it's worth a look, cause my friend is so talented and her corner is such a sweet place to go.

For this mani I just decided to have fun and to go completely crazy with solid colors and dotted shapes, just randomly without and project in mind.

tiny dots


big dots

four-leaved clovers

mikey mouse

pink clouds

little hearts

polka dots

animal prints

micro dots

What's the craziest and most childish you went with your nail art?


Hey lovelies!

A pretty sad me is writing this post, since today's meeting with the ladies was a total fail and disappointment. They haven't appreciated what I had prepared and they have ended up treating me like a grandchild instead of a professional and given me advises instead of asking me questions.
I also think they have feel offended for something I'm not sure what it is and that I certainly didn't mean the way the got it.
Luckely tomorrow I will have my workshop with school kids, and hopefully this will be a good experience able to make me forget this one and make me happy and satisfied.
Today I had removed the mani I had done yesterday to go with a more classy one, and tonight I want to do my mani over again, because I need a look change to make me feel like tomorrow is another day and a different experience, so maybe I'll also go with a funny rainbowy look or something like that.

Anyhow, since I had asked you advise on that, here is today's nails look, outfit and make-up:

I had already done this very fun and easy thecnique I've learnd from THIS tutorial (starting at 1:37). Classy, romantic, elegant, but still funny and playful.

After a long search I have decided not to follow a video tutorial, but to try and re-create (with my own style) the look in this informative pics instead:

Sorry for the bad outfit pics, but I was super late and in a rush. I wore a fuchsia whool jumper and a kind of laces white jacket with some grey scottish patterned trousers

What do you think? 

Ever tried this nail art?
How do you like this make-up style?