sabato 29 marzo 2014


So here I am again today girls..did you see my last post? I didn't like that mani enough to rock it on my nails. You know that, differently from most of my fellow bloggers, I always wear the nails I show in my posts in the day I post them and for a while. Well in this case I was disappointed by the result so, for as much as I love to rock movie themed and nerdy designs, I had to immediately take that off and do something more wearable for the upcoming days. Hopefully untill next school kids workshop mani.

Of course I wanted to do a french, to compliment my long nails till they resist, as I told you, but I forgot I had scheduled something else and I just thought I'd do this one I saw long ago in this tutorial:

So I'm hoping the long length will last untill I'm able to do what I had planned, next week. 
This time I didn't use any base colour for the entire nail and just followed the tutorial, so I left the bottom of my nails natural with just the transparent base and top coats.
Unfortunately my outlining came out gross and thick, so it gives my look a messy dark finish and I don't like it as much as I had hoped, but I think I'll keep it despite the fact that from afar it looks like I have black-ish dark nail tips on natural naked nails..

As you can see sometimes even the real spots on a leopard body may look like hearts!! 

Products used: 

- COLLISTAR top coat gel & volume effect - I love the finish touch feel it gives to my nails, how thick and silky it makes them
- JEWELS 151 as a base for the tips - a beige super pale natural soft brown which I haven't used in a while
- STILLDAY 35 for the spots - a perfect bold matte brown 
- PRONAILS 56 for the hearts - just THE feminine red
- DOLOMIA S4 Black Diamonds for the outlining - I will swatch it soon cause its a marvellous silver sparkled black

As you can see, leopards are evil and ugly beasts..

Fav Edward Norton Movie Nail Art: FIGHT CLUB - Collab w/ Nikki Nail Files

Hey ladies!

I'm so happy to announce that today I've gathered with one of my latest and best fellow bloggers: Nikki from Nikki Nail FIles, who is a movie junkie like me, to honor one of the best and cutest actors out there, we both love: 

I'm talking about mister Edward Norton, isn't he just irresistable? 

Nikki and I have decided to do a post about each other's favourite movie starred by him. 
Nikki picked "The Italian Job", a very well made reamake of a 1969 crime movie with sir Michael Caine (my highest respects to him). 

Here's a sneak pic of her awesome mani. I adore it. I think it is sooo well thought cause it talks about the movie but it also makes a very wearable and classy mani itself. 

I could have picked "American History X", so my movie would have had her country name in its title and her movie has my country name in it, but I just totally didn't feel like rocking a swastika on me, so I've picked one of my top 10 movies of all times: "Fight Club" (1999), by genius David Fincher, starring also Brad Pitt and Helena Boham Carter. I just adore the philosophy and psichology within it, and the good amount of blood and violence it has, just enough to make me feel like I want to kick some asses after I watch it. 

..and remember: 

I repeat: 

Ants can be violent indeed..

Or, if you wish a more girly version:

I love to be a girly girl doing her mani, but at the same time being a kickass tomboy loving blood splattered movies and buying silly nerdy shirt!

Ready to fight? then fists up, and on to the mani: 

"To make soap, first we render fat"

Didn't this scene reminded you a bit of "Dune" Paul Atreides hand scene?

As I said, this is a blood splattered movie..

What I love about this movie is that you can notice more and more details as you watch it over and over again..I also appreciate the social critic so much!

What I don't love about this mani is that I spent Hours trying to write one word small enough to fill it in one nail, but at the and I had to split it so I look like I wrote the word "fur" on one nail..

I also find some of its quotes very true

 But most of all, I just LOVE how Edward Norton looks in it..

Now, please, run to Nikki's blog to check her mani too. And watch awesome movies! 

I feel so lucky that I have found a fellow nail art blogger who loves movies too, so get ready, 'cause there soon will be news on our movies themed collabs side..

venerdì 28 marzo 2014

The 28ths Club: LYNETTE'S BIRTHDAY MANI - Pink and Purple Dots Skittelette

or, well..

Yesterday it was the birthday of a very special person, a sweet pen-friend, a lovely blogger, a super talented nail artist, a brave mother, a creative and sensitive girl, a hardworker, a sweet daughter and sister..
in one word: LYNETTE (here's a link to her blog if you haven't already, please go show her some love)
I know I'm late, and I'm sorry, but I still wanted to celebrate her with a special mani, as she already did for me in the past, just because she deserves it.

As you know, on the 28ths we mismatch them! So what better occasion for a skittle?

If you are joining in for this month, please let me know..

Her blog's name is Pink and Purple Dots, because she just loves pink. It is her favourite color, and she does a lot of pink based manis. She also adores to do skittle manis, and I call her The Queen of Skittelettes, as she is so creative in doing them, so of course a tribute mani for her could be no else then a pink and purple colored skittelette, which also gave me the chance to use some of my bottles I am in love with but didn't use since a while, and my favourite color for polish: purple. 


(silly face failure)

On my pointer I draw an "L", which stands for Lynette, her first name. 
On my ringfinger I draw a 28, the age she just turned this birthday. 
On my other nails I designed some polka dots, some pink and purple dots, as the name of her blog. I found out I love two colors polka dots patterns, this was my first time using two colors for polka dots, but I think I'll do it again a lot. 


base: SAROME n.24 - a candy pink
top: RAINBOW HONEY The Element Of Magic - purple round flakes

base: RAINBOW HONEY Tessie - a shimmery lilac purple
top: MODELS OWN Hot Stuff - some big various shapes pink and golden hexes

for the letter and numbers I have used a purple-ish blue nail art pen

base: MAYBELLINE express finish n.76 - a pearly pale pink
top: SINFUL COLOR Frenzy (n.922) - I couldn't but use this one: some (fuchsia) pink and some (blue-ish) purple dots (sparkles) !!! Especially thought and dedicated to Lynn.
polka dots: AVON n. G1010, a maginificent dark purple with a hint of pink & ROBY Italy n.9, a purple-ish pink

So, Lynn love cupcakes, especially pink ones, so dear I wish you a year full of tasty fat free cupcakes, and full of the same amount of sweetness in your life.

Sorry this was a slow one, but I hope you enjoyed this surprise.

And here is a birthday wish e-card for you: