lunedì 28 aprile 2014

The 28th Club - DESERT QUEEN Gold & Brown Skitellette

So, as you know I am willing to take the chance to do some more classy, adult lady, elegant manis lately, and today's task is, as every 28th of the month, to mismatch whatever we do on our nails, so I thought I'd use one of my favourite basically untried polishes of my last hauls: a sparkly brown, and match it with gold, taking my inspiration generally from my friend Lynette at Pink and Purple Dots. 
Of course dotticure is a thecnique I've used a lot and in many ways in this mani, since I love it so much, and have mismatched the designs, at a point where not even the two hands match one another!

Because of the warm, summery colors, I have then decided to dedicate this mani to the archetypical character of the destert queen, be her egyptian, arabian, or deep central african...

What I've used: 
- ESSIE n. 941 - Good As Gold
- DOLOMIA S3 Desert Night 
- Base and Top Coats
- Nailart brush and dotter

So here are the pictures of the mani:

I totally love this Dolomia brown, it is so warm and it has tiny red and green sparkles to it, which make it look like a golden sand full brown, and really reminds african earths and desterts. I like that finally my nails look elengat and classy even being short and I think the two colors go well together.

I've been inspired by mani abstract minimal in fashion designs I've seen around, but this mani is my own, I didn't copy any other girl's specific nail art.

As you can see in some of the pics I also have some make-up and other goodies to my face, but I am planning to do an all make-up of the last days post soon, so keep updated cause I'm filing pics for ya!
Don't you find it crazy? I basically watch only english spoken nailart and makeup tutorials, and I do the same for almost every activity that I do on the internet, especially beauty related, and this really helped me improving my english skills, but now there are amny thecnical words of these fealds that I don't even know in italian, and I could explain a look in english better then in my own lenguage!!!

I know, my nails shape looks weird..and that is because I had shaped them round when I first had to shorten them, but then I didn't like it, so I have tried to even them straight but now the sides and corners still look kind of diagonal and it's pretty awful..

Wo else is in for this month's (today's) 28ths Club?

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS nail art - Collab with Nikki's Nail Files

Here is the american saying that my friend Nikki thought me asking me if I wanted to join her in a mani about it. I was so captivated by it, by the idea of learning a popular saying of another lenguage and culture, and by the opportunity to make a visual manicure work on a saying, so I gladly accepted. 

Is this saying also known in britain or other anglosaxon countries? I don't know, but of course Nikki and I had to do it right between these two months, and we have many more collaborations coming soon! Her and I not only found someone who shared our nail art style and our personal interests, but I'm happy to say we are becoming good pen friends, so I'm very happy when we get to do something together, cause I feel like we are close even living on a distance. She's posting a twin mani about this same theme tonight, so please head over her blog to check it out! we go with mani's pics!

What I like about it is that it just has two colors and that makes it really even, simple and clear. 
It was so easy and fast to do!
What I don't like about it, is that in my opinion the sparkly top coats ruined it, but what can I do? 
I really wanted to put them top coats, but they confused the design, but now it's too late to remove them, right?

For this mani I was inspired by some cup we have at home and I can remember having ever since I was a little kid and which were actually super tasty Nutella's packagings in the '80's:

And also by some of my favourite flowers: Forget-Me-Nots. I love their meaning and I love Raymond's Queneau's novel "The Blue Flowers" where their rebirth meaning is beautiful:

I think this is a very spring calling manicure and I'm quite happy with it on my super short nails. 
Here in Italy we say "Marzo pazzo, Aprile dolce dormire", which means: "Crazy March, April sweet sleeping", because in march we get a crazy ever changing unpredictable weather, but I'm not sure about the april!
Which are your favourite local sayings about these months? I'd love to learn!

lunedì 21 aprile 2014

Shout Out Mani (Nikki Nail's Files): Betty The Riveter nail art

So, this is a shout out mani again for one of my subbies, and it is for Nikki from Nikki Nails Files again. This is a very unusual shout out mani, because she was inspired by me to make it, and now I got inspired by her to re-make it..weird huh? well, just head on to her post to find out how it is. 
When I saw what she had come up with for my Women's Day collab, I have fallen for this look and I immediately knew (and commented) I would reproduce it on my nails one day or another. 
As I have told you, just expect me to do a lot of Nikki's inspired manis in the future, because she has the most amazing collection of fun nail arts for shorter nails, just browse her The Real Files section to check it out with your own eyes. 

This look was originally inspired by american feminist icon Betty The Riveter as you can guess, and this helped me remember and learn more on american women's rights history, which is very interesting and ince again reminds me that we are all just one people dealing with the same things, and that real differences are made by other then ethnicity or nationality, and that the rights and treat should all be the same. 
The mani was just so perfect, so the only ways I've modified it are that I have turned all of the curved black lines on the same side, and that I loved white polka dots on a red background too much so I had to do them on two of my nails instead of just on one as Nikki did (she's a sucker for polka dots as me though, so we may do a dotticure collab soon too, someone wants to join us?..Lynn?) 

P.S. - I forgot to mention that this was my first time ever using a striper brush instead of a pen or a toothpick to do the curved black lines, and I'm proud I at the end was able to do something, but belive me, it's a total mess and it was so much hard!!

To me this mani is just sooo cartoonish, and that's another good reason for me to love it, with all of it's bright colors! It also reminds me a lot of my first tattoo artist who made me my white rabbit tattoo that's now my avatar here. She's a modern pin up girl with the strongest lady arms I have ever seen. She's a tough and very outgoing girl, and she looks just like Betty!


Doesn't she look just like Betty The Riveter? I think so, and that's why I dedicate this mani to her. 

While I was browsing for the the images in this post, I just randomly sow this one, and I'm sorry but it made me laugh so hard that I HAD to put it on! It also makes a great tip for me on what to answer if my former middle school mates I was bullied by happen to invite me to one of their reunion dinners as they just did a few days ago..