lunedì 12 maggio 2014

Simple Look of the Day

Hey girls,

so, big mess. My father entered the hospital early this morning, couldn't have a bed untill afternoon, they have checked him ect and then all of a sudden this evening they told him to go home cause there's a priority so he won't be on surgery tomorrow but the day after. My mother's birthday could have been celebrated on the right day, my father could have slept longer this morning and spent the day in a better way..but ok, I think us guys will go out tonight so we leave my parents for a relaxed night the two of them, and tomorrow we will do a little more celebration to my mother and then be on track again. Nobody would answer the phone when we've been sent out the hospital and my daddy wanted to  exit right away, so we came back home with the bus and it was quite a nice moment to share with all the landscape and doing something we usually won't do.

Here is what I was wearing on my face all day:

This look comes from a From Head To Toe's tutorial which I have had on my favourites and watched over again for ages but never tried on. I must say I have adored it. It is the quickiest and easiest to do ever, and it looks quite flattering to me. Here's her video on how to do it:

My smokey dark style, but a little different, with this burgundy shade. It is a very wearable day look in my opinion and perfect for my eye shape. 
As I wasn't going anywhere fun and I was in a rush (this is The perfect look if you are running late) I didn't do any foundation and any lips. Just concealer and lip balm, plus a little bit of bronzer on my cheeks. 
Now I'm back home and added some touch ups for a simple night out at the pub: a little rosie lipstick and some black eyeliner on the bottom lashline, and of course an over layer of colors. 

Please check my last posts! I would love to hear what you think!

Happy Birthday Nikki Post - GOOD LUCK DADDY MANI

Hey hey!
Did you see my last post or two?

First off, let's celebrate!! Nikki, an amazing new nail blogging friend of mine who seems to be on my same page for basically everything and who is a very creative and joyful nail artist as well as a super cute person is today celebrating her birthday, so let's celebrate her!

You would have certainly understood that by now, but I am totally like her when it comes to birthdays celebrations. I do think that birthdays are something big and I want mine to be a world wide event, I wanna feel like a spoiled princess on that day, and I want others to get something special for theirs so...

You would be utterly surprised by how many "happy birthday nikki" images are there in google, including this one: moving on, today my daddy entered the hospital and the surgery is tomorrow, so yesterday night I have decided to paint my nails with the same four leaf clover I had painted on my sister in law's nails the night he ran to the urgencies with an ambulance. I don't know about where you live, but here it is a symbol that brings good luck.

Despute my super tiny weeny right middlefinger injoured nail I am surprised by how nice and neat this look came out, I certainly wasn't hoping for something that good!
I've used a nail-art pen to design the clovers and Quando è Solo Per Te fabulous undescribable green nail lacquer for the base. There's no number to it, just an 8 on the bottom of th bottle, and it is a mint green with some shimmery golden duochrome to it. The reason I've picked this, other then it looks great, is that I had bought it with my father and I can perfectly remember that moment when I had thought how surprised I was that he accepted to bring me shopping for lacquers and helped me choosing showing some fun, interest and also some opinions on the metter.

Bracelet courtesy of my lovely blogging friend Lynette. I thought it would look just perfect with this mani, and I will wear it today when I'll go visiting my daddy at the hospital. 

Happy birthday (or unbirthday) and Good Luck. 

domenica 11 maggio 2014

Bronzed Goddess Make-up Look

So my dad's going to the hospital tomorrow and today it's a weird athmosphere here in the house. I'm trying hard not to get flu or throat ache that are menacing me and would prevent me to see him in that situation. I got up earlier this morning to go and have breakfast at the cafè with him, and I've booked at a restaurant pizzeria for lunch for myself and my parents. It's getting hot so we are hoping to eat outdoors and have nice time together. We are making plans with my father on stuff to read and write together when he will be back home.

Talking about our metters: make-up, the look I've chosen for today is something that I should have mabe done yesterday, which suites me best but is still brighter and lighter then my usual (which I'm planning on doing more), hence a bronzed look with shimmery earthy shades such as light browns.
I had spotted a Michelle Phan's tutorial on this one yesterday and it really cought my eye:

I also have a MakeUpByEman look on this same theme I want to try soon, which may be more of my style, which is not as simple as Mish's. Anyway I really liked this look, it's much more on my page and I feel like it makes me look good and natural. 
My personal touch here was to line my upper lashline on the outside and not on the inside water lashline (it would make my eyes look super small) with a brown pencil. I also did not do my foundation cause I want my skin to breath in the heat and I don't need to look flawless today, and just contoured with bronzer on bare skin and used some concealer here and there. Of course no brows filling. 

I have prepared one braid because I want my brother's gf to make me a rasta look with colored threads but I don't want to ruin my hair too much and in an irreversible way with a dreadlock.

These are some pics I took just because I liked how my hair looked with the lightning against the sun.

I've used the colors: Shag, Scratch and Underground from my Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Box and Kiko eyeshadow nr.129 then just a bronzy sparkly nude lipgloss. 
I've just waved my hair with an iron after having end up straight yesterday night, as my friend tried to teach me how to get weavy hair with a strnghtener...

(thanks to google and to some random blogs for these sample pics)

I'll keep in touch when I can, get ready for many more make-up looks!

Can someone tell me how to cover up a red spot I have on the edge of my nose caused by chicken pox when I was 6 and that stands out agains every single concealer I use?