lunedì 30 giugno 2014

Peacock Dotticure

I've been seing peakock inspired design for years and I'm not sure why today I went for something like that instead of previously thught all time love multi colored flower design. 
Nontheless I have twisted the classic design a little bit and simplified it by doing it dotted style, or puntiniste or impressionist as you may call it. 
I'm not that impressed with it, I find it too plain and not crazy, bright or colorful enough, but it's ok, it's nice and very wearable in all seasons and weather you are in a casual or elegant outfit, but I think I'm going to do more summery, playful works complimenting the lenghth of my nails better next times. 
This design reminds me a little bit of the Fatma eye one. 

I know and I apologize for not having posted anything about my birthday look, haul and everything yet, but I have it all ready and I'll do that very very soon! :)

mercoledì 25 giugno 2014

Ultimate Make-Up Try Out for my B-Day

Ok, so today I have decided that I was sick of trying on and on tons of different make-ups from tutorials, and just tried and do something myself without the help of any video, which is something I basically never do since years. I've just followed my tastes and used the Naked Basics palette from UD and the eyeliner. As usual no base no mascara no lips since it's just a try-out.

I have then watched pics and it was good, my style but not flattering. I have then re-watched previous looks pics to pick up what I liked better and softened colors a bit and winged my eyeliner a bit more. Again, I think I'll go for something like that but I'm not totally convinced and excited. I still like some tutorial's looks in the videos but not sure how they'd look on me but I don't think I want to try them, I just feel like I don't want to do anything lately.

This will be my dress, with same ol'boots. My hair..I'll try and make big loose curls but not sure I'll be able to. Nails will be a surprise..and today one of my thumbs nails chipped and now I have a longer and a shorter one and I hate it but I don't want to shorten up all of them either, what to do?

martedì 24 giugno 2014

Bday Prepping Try-Out Look Nr. 2

Back from my spa moment I really enjoyed, talking tattoos with the aesthetician, she did my eyebrows, my taches and my skin care.
I'm now trying on a new look, and these days nothing is how it seems. Looking at the video I thought it was more of my style and colors, but now that I have it on, maybe because of the taupe shades, I'm not feeling as confortable as I thought I would. I have put a darker shadow underneath my eyes, but still...
It's really pretty and it theoretically has it all: dark browns, winged eyeliner, more natural shades on the lid..but I feel like it's not warm and me enough..

No base as usual, being it just a try-out and staying home, just did the eyes.

What I like about this one is that it enhances my eyes without exaggerating (I didn't go as far as the girl in the vid), there are more eyeshadow and browns then the last one and the fact that it focuses attention on the outer corner of my eyes. But I think I was more into last one overall.

Before heading out I added to that one some more darker browns, and here is how it resulted to look:

(and oops, just realized i need spf!!!)

I'm thinking I'm also going to try and do a random look without any tutorial, just trying to follow my taste, in the next days, and see what happens..

What are your thoughts so far?

Bday prepping Try-Out look nr.1 (opinions plz!)

Ok so, as some of you may remember: on Friday will be my birthday, and prepping time has officially started!
I'm heading to the spa in a few mins to have a facial cleansing and epilation, so I have decided to start and try out some looks to share with you guys and finally pick the one for my day.
I also am basically eating very few, as less as possible, no carbs, just fruit mostly and veggies, and trying to drink much more then usual and working out every day. This crazyness will continue only untill friday, after that I'll go for a more balanced thing.
There are a couple of little problems here:
1) I like the idea of following a tutorial, cause it will guide me in a more precize, thecnique knoledge based work so I'll be sure  not to go wrong and also just because I apparently have more fun when I put my make-up on to a tutorial, BUT I just can't find anything quite similar to what I usually like to do and there are some majour things I'd do differently in every single tutorial I see, cause deeply within me I want to have my usual style, I want to be sure it's me and I like what I see and recognize myslef and my personal beauty in it.
2) I'd like to use an all matte UD Naked Basics pallette and I need to focus on the fact that it will be super hot and humid and I don't want to sweat or find myself with my make-up all over the place. What I'd like is a darker brown crease and still kind of dark but less then the first one on the lid smokey eye kim kardashian style but with a good definition too.

So, this first look was inspired by a mix between two old loves of mine:

This one for the hint of black eyeshadow wings

And this one for the overall look

And here is the result, without any base, just eyes work (getting super hot here and I just wanted to try this out, not to be perfect for anything today since they will remove my make-up right away for the cleansing). 

At first I wasn't convinced, for the lack of eyeshadow and in praticular brown ones, and that would make me feel like it wasn't really me, but what I really like about this is that it is a perfect mix among my usual dark smokey eyes that I find myself not being a fan of lately because of the roughness they give to the contouring of my eyes, and the perfection of lines (liquid eyeliner sticking all around the eye), that I've lately loved so much in the natural looks I've tried on during the weekend.

Oh, and no mascara here, same "just trying it out" reasons. 

What do you think? 
You have already seen me in all of my different looks and you know my style (not very natural yet simple), so which one of my looks you've seen me with since the beginning would you suggest me for an evening/night with a few friends in my yard, taking into account that I want to kill them all with my irresistable beauty and I want to feel like a hot mama???

More looks try-outs coming soon!