domenica 6 luglio 2014

Kisses Day nail art

What's up guys?
Sorry for not being in the blogging mood very much lately. I know I still need to share with you guys everything about my birthday.

I'm going over to Ananka's in a week and I'm super excited, I can't wait to do all the shopping and manicures together, girl gossip, walking around, have nights out with drinks and friends...bring it on!!

So today is actually Kisses Day, at least here in Italy, so I'm just showing you what I just did on my nails today. Last mani will come in a future post soon.
My father once told me/read me a story of a little girl gifting her daddy with a box full of little blown kisses for him to take whenever he needed one and him thinking it was just an empty box, so last birthday I gave my father an actual box which I had filled with Baci (kisses in italian) Perugina chocolates and with pieces of paper with my kiss mark done with lipstick and when he was in the hospital recently I bring it to him and put it on his side table to show him love.

I just wanted to try this thecnique that look hard to me in the past..and to be honest waay to pink-ish!!!!

I was surprised in the video that the finish looks so realistic after such harsh steps, and I was even more surpried today to see how much of a difference some random lines did with a toothpick can make on a design that right before that doesn't really look quite right. I have to say I have almost scratched with that toothpick, and here is my complete mani I'm wearing: 

I actually think it looks better on a distance..maybe not in these pics..

I kind of love the delicate look it has, still fun and designed but nothing too much. 
Ever tried this thecnique?

Kisses everyone!!