lunedì 29 settembre 2014

Dotticure Rainbow Party

Hey there lovelies,

how is it going? thanks for the warm welcome back! I am really appreciating all of your sweet messages, I love you and I hope and will do my best to get in touch with each of you soon.
Life updates will come soon.

So today I wanted to do a dotticure, because dots are my favourites for nail art, they are so me and it's been a long time since I last did something completely dotted and naturally my style. I was undecided between a tutorial mani I'll be reproducing soon and a picture I had by chance seen on Pinterest.
I've gone with the pic, which is this one.
Allthough I am obsessed with french lately I have this time decided to give the look all the free canvas possible and paint the full nails. I like the effect of colorful dots on a white base on my now squared again nails, but I am not completely satisfied with this one, maybe because of the colors I had to use, which give a poorer effect compared to the source pic I've used as reference and because I did a little bit of a mess and some dots just splattered all over the place, some didn't find their place and came out upon others ect. Still a very fun and nice mani in which I can see my personality and that puts a smile on mt face.

venerdì 26 settembre 2014

Nautical French

Hey Lovelies,

today I felt in the mood of a mani again, and since last time I've been sooo happy with a french I have decided to try my stripers again and do another french.
This time excitement isn't there, as well as goodlooking design.
Since tomorrow night I'll go to a seaside restaurant with one or two friends to eat fish (and meet the cute waiter she's into, who off-season works as a clams guardian) I have decided to go with this nautical design, which also allowed me to use my stripers. I have changed the colors from the video.

Next time I'll follow my heart and make a dotticure.

Let's just say it doesn't pop out...I have then decided to go over the little anchors with a red nail art pen, much easier for me to use in a precize and wanted way and a much more visible and happy color. Now it looks exactley reverse from the tutorial and much better. The whole mani is cuter and more fun. 

All drawings are by a tattoo designer I've just discovered: Steve La Mura. 

domenica 21 settembre 2014


Hey there lovelies!

I didn't forget about you..I hope you are all doing great.


Sorry for this weird season. Spring/summer time hasn't been the best for blogging. As you know I've been busy a lot with family issues and travelling and haven't been able or in the mood to update blog much.

This will be a lot of talking post but please bare with me.


I still love the idea of this blog, what it brought into my life and keeping in touch with all of you guys, but I knew the day was going to come where I'd not feel attached and super excited about the same thing again. I'm just like that. I change my mind, my hobbies ect. Not saying I'm over with this, not at all. It's just now I'm trying to focus on other things, trying to find myself and new active things to do. Also, when I'm writing I feel like I should write something else, something more professionally focused. I know I should finish my novel (trying to find a place and time for it), send resumèes to papers, write my column, finish a short story on Perù for a book, invent comics and tv series to submit to places, and I just feel guilty if I'm writing about nails. I also feel like I should try and be at my computer much less and read, workout, hang out much more.


I've not been doing my nails lately. Almost never, till I met my nail thecnician friend and realized my nails were more ruined then when I painted them all day. The idea of doing my mani just hasn't appealed to me since a good while. I am sometimes lately painting my nails, but they are not in a great shape let's say.

Today I did, basically just because I had nothing better to do, and I finally enjoyed it (not as much as I used to) and loved the result. First time I'm doing nail art in ages.
I just thought I'd try stripers for the first time, thinking I'd make a mess, and tried some stripers I had purchased during my scottish trip to lovely Ananka:

Thanks to the well known thecnique of rotating your finger under the brish it went much better then I feared, stripes just came out a bit too thick, but I guess it just needs practice. 

Here's the whole bunch of things I've used:

I had forgotten I had bought that rescuing base coat in Scotland, but thank goodness I did! Trying to wear my nails in a rounded or almond shape just didn't work, they chipped much easier. 
I wasn't even in the mood of picking colors or tutorials, so I just randomly tried a french, and I love how much neatness this has added to my look! So here's the result:

Yeah, horrible cherries! Lol.


I had promised to show you my birthday nails and I never did. There was no birthday post this year, how sad, but at big request, here they are now. I still adore them when I see the pics! This many was so fun, so summery and oh so me!

It was a personal recreation from this tutorial: 

The more I watch and read and write about nails, the more I feel like I still love it and want to get back into it, but I just thought my nails weren't ready untill now. I think I may still do my nails but not as often and even not blog that much, maybe randomly sometimes. I don't know. I bought all of these bottles I need to use them now, right? I just think I won't do it as much, at least now. 


Ooh..where to start? First off I want to reassure all of you who have contacted me lately that I will get back to you asap and with a lot of pleasure! I am basically just back from the holydays, which have not been quite as I imagined they would have been, partially for the wintery weather we had. 
I was in Glasgow at Ananka and in Genua and Pavia at another web friend, and at the mountain and sea side with my folks here and there. Was all so unique and unusual and nice and lively but tiring. 
I feel kind of depressed as usual when I come back to my hometown, stuck and unable to decide what to do with myself. I may go away again, I may stay and find new satisfactory things to do and people to be with? ..Not sure. I have started hanging out with two girls and I've just gone to my first pilates class with one of them and it has been amazing, but the gym is very far from home and I'm not sure I'll be able to attend it. I may have some perspective on working on some new narration workshop with school kids again and that's nice. I haven't met the man of my life yet, just couple frogs. I have sent my application for a super cool workshop to write a tv series for an italian region which may be selected to be produced on national tv, this should start in Oct. in a far away up north town called Trento and I should take a 4 hrs train about once a month, but I haven't received any response yet. 
I am also wanting to apply for an awesome and super expensive screen writing school in Bologna, about half an hour train from here, but this will start only in January and applications are accepted starting mid Oct. but not sure to be picked here too. Got some health issues I'm checking and not having fun with, my sis in law is living a nightmeare with her univeristy essey and my brother is a woodman. My parents are doing good but I feel like I want to move forward in my life of a not-their-little-child-anymore but I'm not sure how to do that, feeling stuck and scared. Basically it's a "should I stay or should I go" but part of me wants to go back to Scotland till Christmas and find myself a course or a job there and the right spot to finish off my novel, part of me wants to be realistic and try and live the life I have here, with those new friends and job/studying/gym plans but I feel like I already know since years this place sucks my energies and has nothing good for me. 
My friend has done my brows uneven and differently and I feel like a monster. I have cut my hair a little bit and now I love them, love this new hairdresser and the way they are all big and weavy now. Considering the idea of dying my ends purple. 
Here are some recent looks: 

a crazy buy: i call it the brazilian swimsuit, I found it fun even though I don't have the body to wear it

just out of the hairdresser's salon with a new dark red lipstick i'm treating like a baby. i felt so beautiful and still loving my hair. i had chosen a kind of straight style.

maybe the only time i've painted my nails this summer. this is the best yellow i've ever had, purchased at Ananka's. 

my summer camp kids have written me sweet messages.

my seaside unique friend and i 

yestrday i did my iron in no time with big results


Big amazing haul (I now know how to pronounce it!) I will someday talk to you about 
(lots of it was Ananka's gift)

Yes..I'm a geek. 

Hopefully I'll talk to you soon with some more tales/pics on my geeky scots journey and other amenities. 

Love you