giovedì 30 ottobre 2014


So my intention was to go on with the challenge and to do a gradent manicure. I thought I owned the thecnique and that the look I had in mind was easy to do. I had chosen it just cause it was simple and nothing to crazy, but it turned out to be a real hot nasty mess instead. 
I didn't like the finish at all and this morning I've tried to decorate it to make it look better, but I ended up making it even worse. 

Tomorrow I'm starting a new adventure, scary and exciting at the same time and I'm going to a far away town to attend my first tv shows workshop. It'll be one weekend each month and I'm both terrified and super excited. I'll have to take some trains, be there by myself in a hotel room and roaming around town on my own to find a place to eat, which I hate. But I'll also learn from the best to do something I love and which is a goal in life for me, I'll try and write in groups for the first time and I will have the opportunity to be noteced and produced by professionals in the field. 

So I've figured I'd better leave the challenge thing for a while, save it for later, and do something themed with the occasion that would remind me of the good and fun side of it. It ended up to be the opposite of my initial intentions: it is totally crazy and naive and childish and colorful and not at all classy and neat and elegantly grown up. But I like it. It puts me in a good mood when I look at it and it reminds me so much of the '80's and of this song: 

Feeling confused on what to do, I've browsed for looks, but I'd only find manis based on specific tv series, and I couldn't really pick one, and mixing them would have made the final look messy. 
Then, like a ray of light for heaven, came my inspiration from another blogger: Eeek Nail Polish. You can watch source Here. Figure she wasn't even satisfied with it! 

Mine came out rough and gross compared to her neatness, and I'm not even sure you can tell these squares are actually tvs (so I've added knobs) but I'm not gonna do that all over again. It is festive and fun and eye catching and I know it's themed. 

Any exciting new adventure your side? 
Which are your favourite tv shows from the '80's?

sabato 25 ottobre 2014

Elegant Stripes Waterfall Natural & Simple Nail Art

I was uninspired today when I came back from my crochet class, but I knew I had to do my mani because last nail art was starting to peal off an looking horrible.
I also knew I wanted something simple, easy and quick to do because I didn't have much time or patience and the more I was thinking about that, the more I was convinced I wanted some soft colors and something almost bold, but you guys know I'm not a swatch girl so I has to add a design.
Browsing for inspiration everything looked like too much for me, but in the end I remembered once seing a Robin Moses video and not being able to reproduce that mani because I wasn't skilled enough and most importantly I didn't have any striper. Now I do.

It was impossible to find the video at first, so I had to do the mani by memory and now I finally found it but I just can see it in a playlist which isn't likable as video here, but I can't find it as a single video link, but I hope you can see it by clicking here: it isThis Video.

My lines are thicker and more gross and rigid, straight, but I am very happy with the result and I find it so classy and elegant. Very discreet, nothing too much, no subject designs but still defenetly a nail art adding to the swatch. I've used a natural pink base, a white striper, a golden striper and two different sparkly top coats only on the tip of the nail.

I think this is the most elegant, classy and grown up lady design I've ever done! It makes my hands and nails look beautiful and from afar they just appear natural and glowy.
I'd suggest it for a ball or a cocktail party, a theatre night or something like that.
Quite easy to do, fast drying. I've just added some sparkles, I think they add to the look and they hide little imperfections too.

Good night!

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

31 Week Challenge: Rainbow drooled by a cloud

So it's that time again. 31 week challenge in my weird time counting world has reached the 9th week and this time it's RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

How couldn't I get my inspiration from the amazing youtuber Professional IDQ for this one?!
I've sort of mixed these three looks together:

And this is the simple but super crazy eye-catching but most of all vibrant result: 

It was quite of a hard work and I'm pretty proud of myself because this is one of the first times I'm outlining using a striper and doing the colors on a white base an the white cloub on a black dotted base instead of outlining it later and it shows! 

It looks cartoonish, I love my nails!..Rainbow colors were choosen completely randomly. I've finally used a real top coat (Butter Ananka's gift). It looks more fake, vibrant and neat this way. My nails are growing long again but are not long enough yet, so I could dare and do a vertical stripes design and this also helped my nails look longer, bigger and better. I'm super happy of how the out lining came out considering that I've almost never used a striper. 

martedì 21 ottobre 2014

brownish pinks gradient skittle

Last mani was such a hard time. I did my nails then a mess happened and they didn't look neat at all, I didn't like how they came out and they reminded me of a bad moment, so the next day I have decided to make something new. I was at some friend's place. They just had a few old sticky lacquers and toothpick was all I had to design. I think I've tried and took off about three looks before just surrender and use those nice pink and brown shades to do a simple gradient skittle. 

As you can see a couple of them are shimmery and the others are matte. I was surprised to find myself appreciating this mani more then I thought even though it's plain, because it gives my nails some neatness and enhances the whole nail surface. Maybe I'll be doing more swatches from now on. Usually, since I do nail art, I tend to find it's not enough if I just paint my nails without any design..but I may just have changed my mind..

Tomorrow,,31 weeks cahllenge: rainbow!!! are you guys going to do it as well?

Who wants to throw a challenge with me soon? 

venerdì 17 ottobre 2014


We all know the weekend is the perfect time for a nice bubble bath and Ananka got me just what I had been wanting for all of my life:

Some Fairy Dust!

It is from Lush of course and of course it does have sparkles inside. 
This inspired me for my current mani I did yesterday night and am wearing right now. 
I just had never thought that if my challenge manis lasted to shortly I could have made some looks off-challenge..!!! 
So here is the Fairy Dusted Bubble Bath mani! 

I'm not particularly a fan of it, I just was uninspired and didn't know what to do and I came up with this in the end. I am just not creative nail-wise, I so much more prefer to get inspired by others and kind of copy them with my personal touch. I feel like this mani is meaningless. 

I could say the same about make-up lately. I do know what I'm doing here and I certainly knew how to do my make-up way before YouTube existed, I have my style, my favourites and my own ways, but I just got addicted to tutorials when I started trying new things out of my confort zone and now I just simply have more fun doing my make-up if there's a video on in front of me. 

So this time was this one: 

It's a one color very simple look and I haven't really payed attention to it, reproducing it, I've just turned it on and took inspiration. My brother, his gf and I were throwing  a games night in the house yesterday night so I didn't need to be perfect, so here's the result: 

Oh, and I'm showing off my hair too here. Yesterday I had a much needed relaxed day at the hairdresser and we've tried to dye my ends purple, but it just didn't happen. Now they are a not much distinguishable fuchsia-ish red but I like them.