giovedì 20 novembre 2014

MOVEMBER: Soft Kitty mani

Hey dears,

sorry for being away for a while. I'm super duper late with my blogging, so be prepared for a lot of throw back posts soon!
It might be the first time for me to post manis I have rocked in the past.
I promess I'm also going to post soon about the concert in Paris I've attended last week and of my look and mani for the occasion..I also have a little haul to show you!
For now, here is what I'm wearing at the moment.
This might be my last, long nails mani for a while, and this is the reason why...

What would you suggest me to do now? cut them all as super short as that one? cut them all shorter then now but not as short? just cut that one and leave the rest as they are, ignoring the huge difference? not cut it and try to fix it someway untill it breaks off on its own, which could happen tonight?..Please suggestions are soooooooooo much needed!

Anyway..this is just a cute mani I had spotted on a random blog. Here is the original one by Pack A Punch.

And this will also be my Movember mani for this year. I know it may sound a little weird to you, because in english cats have whiskers and not mustaches, but in italian there's actually one same word for both cats and humans under-nose male hair, so I've figured it would do the job.

This is so easy and fast to do and dry. Your nails remain pretty neat but it still catches eyes and looks really cute. 
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww I will miss my long nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


domenica 2 novembre 2014

31 WEEK CHAELLENGE - Gradient Purplepink

What's up guys?!

So, workshop was disappointing, a huge failure and totally not worth the sacrifice, so I think I'm not going to continue with it and right now I'm feeling kind of crushed and confused. I think I'm going to pursue other kind of dreams. Luckely in just a few days I'm flying to Paris to finally attend the concert of one of my favourite singers and living other adventures.

This time I'm at gradient task in the 31 week challenge. I just did it randomly and quickly, I like how fast it dries and of course I've picked purple. Differently from last attempt white it came out neat thanks to the white base. I'm not happy with the fact that transitions are not as smooth as they should be but whatevs.  Top coated it with a bit of purple and pink sparkles. I find it kinda boring to be honest.

I don't seem to be able to even out my nails in the two hands..shoot!