giovedì 29 gennaio 2015


Hey lovelies,

So, today I will have my pilates lesson but I'm also planning an aperitive with friends before heading to the gym. Usually I don't wear any make-up when going to the gym. I'm not really one of those persons who has to be perfect every single time she steps out the door, and I'd do my best convince other girls to behave the same and be simple enough to not look like fake dolls just to bring the trash out around the corner.
But this is not the first time lately that I have some plans for right before or after my lesson. When I finish my workout and I have an appointment I'm usually not patient enough to do my complete look in the gym's unconfortable changing room or bathroom, I just quickly wash myself and change, but I want to be already prepared and have to carry with me at max a couple of products to do my last minute touch ups.

Unfortunately I don't have any picture of the other time I had to put make-up on before the gym for a night out I had right afterwords, but basically it was a vintage-ish simple look with red lips, neutral or no eyeshadow and a thick nice winged eyeliner.

Here is how I look right now instead:

No face base. I am lately doing it but I basically never did and I think I will go back to just doing it for special occasions. I don't think pretty young girls really need it, who wants to be unnaturally flawless anyway? and I am convinced it makes your skin become worse. It also makes me sweat a bit, make me feel too much hotness to my skin which feels like it's not breathing, so I wouldn't suggest it for working out. 
I just have contoured my face with a bronzer, covered a few pimples and my undereyes and used a primer on my lids to make sure my make-up doesn't smudge when I sweat.

I also didn't do my eyebrows. I'm experimenting with them quite a bit lately, just because it seemed like everybody did them and it was bad looking not to do them, especially in pics, where they tend to disappear, but honestly I can't decide wether I like myself better with or without eyebrows make-up. I've always adored my eyebrows and almost never trimmed them and I don't really feel like they need much improvement. When I do them I usually feel like they are too heavy and I don't like them. 
Same thing as above: you don't need your dark eyebrow make-up to smudge all over your face when sweating. 

Red lips are a must for me when I wear make-up to the gym, cause if there's not much going on elsewhere on my face, a pigmented lipstick will give a hint of color and fun making my whole look appear complete. Also, no need  to worry for it to get ruined by physical activity. 
By the way, this is BeYou hydro star volume lipstick in n.384, it is a darker red as it appears in pics, not vampy dark though. I bought it quite recently and it wasn't super cheap to me but I love it and I keep it carefully and just use it in special or rare occasions. 

On to the eyes. I didn't want to put too much on them or make them darker cause, even though eyeliner sticked to my eyes pretty well last time, I was afraid for it to smudge awfully. So: a lot of primer on my lids to make it stick and just some simple eyeshadow. Nothing under my eye really because it is bound to smudge more easely, all you see is the remanings of a green eye pencil I wore yesterday night (silly me I experimented a new look for a dinner out and forgot to take pics!) some mascara (which I regret wearing on the bottom lashes and wouldn't suggest to for the gym) and an highlighting eyeshadow on the inner corners. 

On my lid I am trying to go back to when I knew my style and how to wear make-up without tutorials, pretty simple (1 or 2 colors) but still kind of heavy. So there's nothing on my browbone, I lately put something on it but I don't really feel that I need it. A medium dark shimmery brown on my eyelid and a medium light matte ocra beige on my crease just to blend the first one. No eyelining so I've used my edgy mascara Ananka gave to me and which enhances the length of my lashes and makes them look fuller: Scandal Eyes lycra flex mascara by Rimmel.  

And that's it. Voilà! :) 

What do you wear on your face to go to the gym? 

domenica 25 gennaio 2015


For the first time yesterday I felt like painting my nails, that are still pretty short, but I guess times have passed when I had the patience and enthusiasm of making accurate nail art, so I just picked a couple of bright fun colors and did a kind of alternate french with them.

I had painted them sometimes in the mountain too after ages but just swatches, and the only colors I felt like wearing were among my favourite and most elegant bottles, a golden and a red Ananka gave to me. 
Here you see them in a pic Ananka's hubby had taken to me last summer and in a random pic I found on Pin It. Just so you get an idea of the awesomeness. 

I will soon have my workshop with little kids so I guess you are going to find here my funny colorful make up and nails looks for the occasions as usual. I will later post you some make up looks I wore lately.

domenica 18 gennaio 2015



How are things? 
Sorry for being away for so long but I didn't feel like blogging lately. I think I'm loosing enthusiasm and passion on this nail art nail lacquer nail blogging thing. 
Don't worry, it's normal. I'm just like that. I get passions, I love them like crazy for a while, and then I just feel like it's time to move on to something new. I will keep on posting from time to time and keep in touch with you guys, which are the best gift this experience gave me, and I will keep on painting my nails and possibly also doing some nail art. I'm not sure if I'll buy more bottles though, probably not at the moment. I have more then I could ever think it would be sane to own and I want to try and use them, enjoy them all and take advantage of the money spent on them. 
I still have some oldies to post and I probably will post more make-up stuff from now on. 
Also, I've been thinking about focusing on a new blog, in italian, about my writing job and I don't think I could accurately work on both. I want to focus on my job and my life now, try and do more things, meet more people, go out more ect. 

As far as my writing some new short stories are coming out these days in a book with my dad about Perù and I've been working very hard on my novel lately and it's almost finished. I will lead three new school workshops in february with primary school kids and I'm going to start a university master in cultural heritage teaching expert, or something like that, not really sure of this translation. I also want to start collabs with papers again and make a job out of holding writing workshops especially for kids. have your holydays been? how did the new year treat you so far? 
These holyday season has not been great for me and neither the year start, and now I'm here confused and pretty stressed trying to figure out what to do. We've all been with a bad long grip and we have passed it to every single friend that has come to visit us in this month we've spent on the mountains. 
My dad had a severe throatache on new year's eve and the friends that used to come celebrate with us didn't, so it has been quite a sad night. I found out for the billion time that I have no real frineds I enjoy and that the guys who are into me, I'm totally not into them an the ones I'm into either don't want me or don't exist. 
I didn't take any pic and I didn't wear any particular look cause I was feeling and looking sick most of the time. 

BUT I DO have some new/old hauls and some new/old looks to show you guys!! 
Let's start with what I'm wearing right now. I'm about to head out for dinner with my parents and some family friends which are also involved in the book releasing and I just randomly tired some thecniques I've learned on youtube. The look came out too heavy and dark and the pics show my skin as the one of a zombie but in reality I put tons of bronzer. 
The sweather is the one my mother knitted from me, she gave it to me a few days ago and I basically never took it off since then, I adore it allthough it has a turtle neck and I use to wear a low cleavege and we planned it together, it is exactely what I wanted! I also think I'm starting to love the plum lipstick I got in Scotland (oh how I miss it already!) with lovely Ananka.