mercoledì 30 dicembre 2015

Little Red Riding Hood Christmas Look & Update

So, this is how I look like right now!! :) 
I'll be updating you on my new hair style and color (lighter-blondish shatoush!!!) soon but this was the look I've rocked for Christmas day a few days ago here in the mountains. Pretty obviously the theme was Red. 

I'll tell you about the lipstick later on, along with the recent haul it came with but on my eyes I was wearing some very shimmery very pigmented but not great quality shadows from a cheap colorful palette I bought in Scotland I've been telling you about, let me know if you want me to show it to you in a next post. 
I was wearing all greys on the eyes, just a little gradient from white-ish grey on the inner corners to black-ish dark grey on the outer v. No eyelining, pretty rare for me. Lipstick is bold and super dark on the burgandy side. On my face I had Lush pigments along with my usual mosturizing but I've been talked into the wrong color by the shop-girl, so this is way too fair for me, it's in pale pink. Nothing too much, nothing on my brows (I think I came to this conclusion recently after some try-outs), only some concealer and light basic contouring with my bronzer. 

Little life update: now my brother and his gf live here permanently since a few months, so my parents and I are basically visitng them, nothing like the past holidays in here, but it's good to get and stay with them for a while. It's been and still is pretty hard for me and my parents to adapt to distance. 

Have loads of fun on New Year's Eve, be happy and may you have the best of years in 2016!!!!

p.s. I have decided that I'll try and insert a little life update in each post for a while, so I'll refrain from boring you alltogether and update you in pills.

lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

Checking In

Coo-coo!!! :) Guess who's checking in...
Well hello there my lovelies! How have you been?
I know, long time no sorry, I don't even know where to start to apologize and explain...but I promess I've missed you loads and thought of you a lot. There have been tons of times where I have really wanted to come back to blogging and almost did.
Keeping it short, main reasons why I didn't are:
1) I wanted to focus on my writing carreer
2) I knew I needed to work on a writer's professional blog
3) There have been things to take care about and ups and downs
4) Knowing there was so much to write on a professional side, I basically would feel guilty if I beauty blogged
5) My obsession for nail art and nail lacquers cooled down to the norm again aka I haven't felt like doing nail art almost at all and just very recently restarted even painting my nails
..............Some random eg. of the stuff that happened: started suffering from chronical cystitis, my brother and his gf moved away and that devastated me, i've dealt with some depression and anxiety moments, been struggling with a masters degree and an internship which are eating my soul, published another book in the summer, been working on some new ones to be out soon, been trying to finish my current novel, met a few wrong men and some amazing new friends, family trying to re-adapt to the new situation, my weight behaving like an air baloon switching from bigger to smaller according to the situation, I haven't felt the desire of shopping for nail polishes in almost a year ect..................................
But I wanted to thank so much and with all of my heart the ones among you that have kept in touch with me off blog and who checked on me throught all this time.

I also need to shout out to my dear friend Ananka from Posh and Economy Nails blogs, that has recently basically talked me into this again.
Now, I am not sure what I am going to do in the future, cause I don't want to focus on this blog so much anymore and take care of the other things instead, but as an evidence of the fact that I never rreally stopped thinking about it, I have been taking pics every single time I would do a nice make-up or nail look and now I have tons of stuff to tell you and update you on.
I think I might try and post just one post each night or whenever I feel like, at the end of the day after I'm done with other tasks, as a prize to myself, at least try to do that now while I'm on holiday.
I have SO much to tell you and show you and update you on! I have also been thinking on some new types of posts I'd like to do.
So, when and if this blog will go on (and I don't want to feel like I have to or am obliged to keep this up), it'll certainly be much more on the make-up side then nails as compared to what it used to be.
And now, you tell me all about your news and updates! :)
Love you all so much. Big hugs and...I'll leave the pics to the next posts where I'll show you the news..
Have yourself some delightful holidays and an exciting new year's eve and a very happy new year!