lunedì 26 dicembre 2016

Xmas Room Decor (happy belated xmas!)

Happy belated xmas everyone!

This is going to be short and sweet. I hope you are all having the most blessed of holidays and I wish all the very best!

As you know in my family we don't celebrate xmas and...uhm...basically we don't celebrate Anything. At all. Ever during the year other then a couple of festivities which are not fun, birthdays and new year's eve, but we don't feel or put an effort in the festive spirit and all and most of all we never ever decorate.
So, sick of this situation, I've decided I'd decorate for xmas this year at least in my room all by myself, I headed to a home decor shop and I got myself some goodies.

Theme is a minimal winter-ish silver and white. It is all non-religious, since we are not, but I think you can join the festive spirit either way.

Here's how it turned out:

 on my bedhead I put a tube of led white little lights which change mode if I press a button, it's plugged to the electricity. 

You can't really see it quite well from this pic, but underneath it I also put a fake branch with some fake snow, gems and pearls. 

 this is my teeny tiny xmas tree from afar. It lightens up with a button and some batteries.

 it's a little white rope tree, a regular one, not a pine, without any leave or anything but some little white lights at the edge of each brench, i love it! I've decorated it with some silver and white  rounded and candy shaped balls, also a pair of silver pine cones, hearts ect and a tiny wooden rocking horse on the edge which unfortunately you can't spot in here.

It actually is more decorated now, but I forgot to take pics. I left home for the mountains leaving all decorated and I'm loving them so much that I'm not sure I'm gonna take them off when I'm back after the I may show it to you in the future, lol!

 i fell in love with this boho wiker heart with a bow and i had to buy it and put it on my bedhead as well.

 I also went silly, unlike my usual, and got myself this santa hair band

 (post on this makeup coming asap)

but unfortunately my brother's naughty dog was litterally obsessed by it (she would stare at me nonstop while i was wearing it) stole it from my room when i wasn't looking and tear it apart. I'm still very mad at her. RIP little silly santa hairband!

How did you decorate for these holidays?

Now I'm on the mountain house and apparently tomorrow we are gonna slightly decorate the living/dining room for new year's eve. I'll keep you updated. 

Sorry if my haul hasn't come up yet, but I am still waiting for one item, which I was hoping to get soon..anyway it's on the works, just like many look posts!


sabato 17 dicembre 2016

NEW STORAGE! - My Beauty Corner

Hey hey my lovelies!

How is this winter season going for you so far? 

Today's post is a very awaited one, cause in the last months I've been working a lot on the project I had of building a little makeup storage corner in my bathroom. Now it's done and I'm so excited! I'm very happy to share it with you guys, cause I almost feel like a beauty guru haha! I've also been decluttering my old stash and buying a lot of new goodies...Expect a huge haul post soon, and when we are all done with this I'll finally be able to show all of the great new looks I've been doing and that I can't wait to share! 

So, let's start from the beginning...

I used to have it all messily put into bags and beauty cases inside a little closet, but I never knew where was what and how many and what type of things I really had. It was all messy and dusty and I had devided it into a kind of everyday case, a rarely used stuff one ect, and it was quick and easy to grab it and wear it, which I miss, but I tended to always reach for the same things, cause it was also not handy to see or grab in there. 

After decluttering my stash, I've devided all of my products in little bags with liners, lipsticks, mascaras ect. 

Then, my huge storage items finally arrived in the mail!!!

I got all from Amazon. I basically only shop there lately. I love the service and the confort of it. 

A small/medium palettes holder

A powders and smaller packagings holder

A multi use cosmetics organizer

I also got an empty spray bottle to put my mixing solution in, cause I didn't like the regular can it came in when I bought it, and I've transferred the label on the new bottle.

A liners holder with different sized holes where I keep both my eyeliners/pencils and my lips ones.

And this little, cheap plastic but cute drawers set furniture my brother kindly helped me build.

 This is not the final storage result, because I've changed it as things arrived, but as you can see I've decided to use one of my favourite breakfast cups as a brushes (new ones! stay tuned..) holder.

Now, This is the final (for now) storage setting! It was important for it to be the same hight of my tub and to have some free space next to it, so that I can put my phone, my laptop, my book or my notepad when I'm bathing and spend relaxing hours doing my things while the bubbles massage my body haha!

The bad part about buying online is I hadn't noticed the whole thing was made in non-rigid plastic and that the various little holders are extremely heavy, so now I'm not sure how long it will resist and I had to put a lot of stuff inside the lower drawer, as you can see. Can you spot the various storing dividers inside the drawers? well, they are fabric made socks and other types of wardrobe holders, lol! Let's get into detail!

So, on top I have my brushes: one cup for the face ones and another one for the smaller more precise eye ect ones. A full lipsticks holder for my nudes/pinks lippies and lip glosses. Another mixed similar one where I keep my darker red, brown and purple lipsticks, my mascaras and also my bases (foundations, tinted moisturizers & bb creams). As you can see on the side there also is the pencils holder I've showed you earlier.

There also is this little adorable drawers mini furniture. In one I keep my primers, in another one all of my brows makeup, in another one my concealers and in the last one my sharpeners.

And now, let's spy what's inside my furniture's drawers!

In the top one I have this wide fabric hoder with horizontal spaces, where I've stored my bigger eyeshadow palettes and on its side I have a similar smaller one where I keep my eyeshadow duos and trios.

In the middle drawer I have my smaller/medium palettes holder and the Colourpop cute package where I keep all of my single eyeshadows collection.

In the bottom one I've decided to put the stuff I reach for the least. In the left fabric little squares holder I keep random stuff that don't fit anywhere else and that I don't use much such as brushes cleaner, setting spray, lip scrub, gel liner pot ect. In the righthandside transparent plastic suuuper heavy one I keep all of my face powders, from blushers to bronzers to contouring to setting powders.

And this is all, folks! Let me know if you would want some posts about specific genre's stashes, other then the many new products I'll show you in the upcoming haul post. 

I'm very happy, but to me now it's much more unconfortable to grab everything I need for a full look, especially when I'm in a hurry, cause different stuff are held in different places and I need my hands or another bag to take them to where I do my makeup and put them aside when I'm done with one product and then having to put everything back in place in the end...I think I'll keep a little sort of kart, a little beauty case to put the stuff I use day to day, cause now I'm wasting so much time in the morning!...any suggestions?

And where/how do you store your things? 


lunedì 12 dicembre 2016

First Colourpop Try-Outs (fail) - 3 Looks

Hello ladies,

sorry for not posting earlier. Over the weekend I've been playing around a bit with my new Colourpop goodies, so today I'm going to show you three different looks in this same post.
I have to say I am not as impressed by shadows as I thought I would be, but this is probably because, as you'll see, I still need to learn how to properly match them and blend them. But I also need to admit both shadows and lippies are more wearable then I thought. Despite being matte, lippies feel smooth on my lips, velvety and soft, just after long hours they become dry but the good part is that they last very long.

So, unto the looks!


LIPS – Leather

EYES – Bae (crease) + Coconut (lid)

This is very wintery and dark. I have decided that, since I was just going to my friend's house and it'll be only her and me, I'd dare trying out the darkest shades of all. I felt too dark for my tastes and my mother said lids were too dark and lips didn't match with the eyes, while my friend was really a fan of how I look in a dark makeup, she always likes bolder lippies on me. I'm still not sure about that lipstick, but I think I'll try those eyeshadows matched with some other brighter colors and use them only as little pops of color. I would suggest this look for a metal music concert or a night queen statement. I have really loved the stand out and shimmering potential of the eyeshadows anyway. Bae seemed not as dark as I thought and a very nice crease shade, I am eager to try it on its own now.


LIPS – I heart this

EYES – Dare (lid) + other brands random matte pinks (crease)

I have been wearing this one for a lunch with a new friend's parents I had never met. I have really loved Dare, which I find fairy-like and actually not something you need to be brave to dare wearing but very sweet instead. Here it basically is the star of the show and you can tell it shimmers quite its bit. I want to try it out with a romantic more intricate look, but I've liked it with the pink lips and the purple sweater. I think the eyeshadow makes my eyes shine and pop. I still find the lipstick to be too similar to another one I have, I will have to compare them and find a different use for each. It a good option for a wearable daytime lip if you want something more out there then a nude or a regular pink, but I have to say I'm still disappointed and not wowed. I want to learn a better way to use it, though.


LIPS – Back Up

EYES – Mooning (crease) + Gameface (lid)

I am in love and in awe with this lipstick! It's so much more wearable then what it seemed at first! It makes my lips look fuller and sexy and I litterally can't wait to wear it again. As for the eyeshadow, I hate this combo. I totally failed with it and I should have blended the brown more cause it's so freakin' dark! The colors themselves are easely put on and very pigmented and capture the light amazingly, so I have nothing negative to say about them specifically. Here's to me being able to come up with better combos and looks next times..

Which colors did you like? Which ones do you want to see next? What combos would you suggest me to try?