venerdì 29 gennaio 2016

Work Look + Nails - Get Unready With Me & Pamper Sesh

Hey there lovely ladies,

So, to start off: my computer is dying, litterally, like: I am pretty sure this is my last time using it ever. Thing is: my new one doesn't have a webcam, so I will have to figure out how to blog in the future. I did a backup of course, but I still don't have my pics and stuff into the new pc so..we'll see. If I'm not replying to your messages, mails, comments, posts ect lately, you know the reason. I want to get back to you and I'll do my best to do it asap. 
As for tonight, I'll try to quickly post this before it freezes for like the fifth time in a day and go read the ending of my Agatha Christie under covers. 

So, the other day I had a long work day, starting with my italian lesson to the refugees in the morning and going on with a meeting with the teachers I'm going to hold workshops for in their classes. This would have taken place at lunch time at my favourite coffee bar, where I know everyone. As an addition, my mother involved me in her volunteering association meeting (women who have been through breast cancer) and that was even more tiring and stressfull then work itself. 

I wanted to look put together and polished and cute, but not overdone or too edgy or attractive, so I went for an everyday but not too neutral (cause I wanted to feel pretty and myself) look with my Catrice chocolate nudes palette (second shade on the lid, first one on the crease, fourth as a transition colour, and last to the browbone, looking at the pic's position of shades). 

After watching a bunch of tutorials that have an everyday look that's too soft for my tastes, here is one I like:

There are very few tutorials with this palette, mostly in german. I wash more italian or english speaking youtubers used it. This is probably my favourite:

On my nails I decided to go with a fun and childish look, since I was so "blank" on my face and to show the teachers I can be fun and creative and understand children. As you know I'm not in the mood for long complicated nail art works anymore, so I'ved decided to make it quick and easy but still looking like I put and effort with a matte sky blue as a base and a salmon pink crackle on top, and I was pretty pleased with the result. It almost looks as if I did a distressed nail art. 

So, coming home much later then prevented I had this huuuge headacke and all I wanted was to relax in silence. Also, I suffer from chronical tinnitus so when it happens, like in these days, I really need not to hear too much noise or even my own voice speaking. So, I decided to give myself a little improvised pamper sesh. 
 To start with, I took my makeup off. The feeling of micellar water on my face took me to heavens, same for the rose water I put right after. I was shocked to see how much stuff my makeup remover took off, even though I was wearing just a neutral soft look, much less then usual. These are the two sides of my cotton pad (forgive me if you find it gross, but I see these kind of things go strong on youtube too lately).

My lips are always so dry and cracked, no metter how much lip balm I put on (also, if I use it at night, before going to bed, I always wake up with a weird, unpleasent feeling on my lips, so I never do). I am not good with doing my full routine regularly, so I had not done a lip scrub in ages. I don't have any at hand, so I decided to make one myself: I've mixed a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of sugar (salt tastes bleah!) and voilà, my diy lip scrub was on my lips!

Then, after changing to a more comfy sheeps pajamas (showing it off proudly here) I have used my green clay, hamamelis oil and propolis face mask from Antos cosmesi. It's so fresh on the face when I put it on and it smells like a spa, it really helps me relaxing, then after a few minutes it dries up, becomes hard and turns a lighter green and I take it off (which results in being quite of a pissing off operation to accomplish).

Sometimes lack of sleep or tireness cause my eyes, which are very dry, to turn an horrific halloween red, so I've started using my lubricant drops and it feels good. 

So, I'm mixing things up here, but since I had an unuseful day and I still have tinnitus going on and now cystitis too, I'm having a little pamper sesh part two tonight (just took my polish off and letting my nails breathe with a bit of handcream for my cuticles and filing my nails in bed) and since my hair is super dry and I'm planning on washing them tomorrow morning, I'm trying this. I strewed them with not one, not two but three different oils: 
I Provenzali (vegan italian brand i loooove) linen seeds oil
My maroccan wild roses hair oil
Again maroccan argan oil 
We'll see if it helps. Hoping not to grease all my pillow tonight but I think I'm going to use this method when I want my hair to smell good, look curly and "organized" and they are dirty but I don't have time to wash them right away.

And this is me after pampering! :) 

Oh, and just to copycat my friend Nikki, here's a little treat I spoiled myself with today: quick microwave chocolate brownie. Read till the end for the recipe. I had downloaded it a while back from a website/blog I forgot about, sorry. (What if I add some cooking to the blog?)

2 tbsp of melted butter
1-2 tbsp of water
2-4 tbsp of sugar (depends on how sweet you want it)
3-4 tbsp of cocoa powder
3-4 tbsp of flour

First, you want to melt your butter. I just put it in a mug and melt it in a microwave. Then you add water and all the dry ingredients and mix it well. 

After that you can add some Nutella, peanut butter, cinnamon, almond flakes, nuts,...
(this time I've added banana bits and whole kellog cornflakes)

Put it in a microwave for 1-2 minutes depends on your microwave settings.

And voila the brownie is ready!

You can add some cream on top, but I like to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on right away so it melts.

Hopefully talk to you soon...

domenica 24 gennaio 2016

Let's make a SWAP!!!

Hey there lovely ladies!

what have you been doing this weekend? So, today I'm here with a long awaited post/proposal.


I already had swaps with some of you and it was so much fun, but now it's been a while since we last did and I'm kind of missing a more personal connection with you, and of course I'd be super happy to do that with whoever of my followers likes the idea so if you do, just comment below and/or email me, but specifically, this is a call-to-action for the following ladies:

- Anna from Beauty by Shortylegs
- Ananka from Economy Nails
- Nikki from Nikki Nail Files
- Lynette from Pink and Purple Dots
- Chantelle from A Polished Prance

(of course if you are in the list and don't want to do that, it's completely fine, just ignore it)

Please guys get back to me someway letting me know how you like the idea and what are your thoughts on the method we should use. I also would love if you all also did a wishlist on your blogs or just listed me some random things or cathegories you'd really like/need from Italy, no metter if beauty related. 

So, here are the "rules" I'm thinking for this. If you don't agree with them or would rather do it differently, feel free to let me know. 


- I don't like the budget setting thing cause I don't like to make it all about money and I don't think how much we spend on it makes it better but I want everyone to be free to decide their own budget without having to declare it, but I do like to make sure to send something that's really appreciated by the person, so I made my WISHLIST here and I'd really appreciate if you did one too, so that I could get an idea of what your tastes or interests are. Mine so far is only makeup related, but I may be adding some more cathegories soon. I also have tried to be as general as possible as in: "palettes", "matte lippies" ect., in order to let you choose the specific product/brand. Of course surprises are always a nice thing, so I nor you are forced to stick or only stick to the person's wishlist. 

- We'll plan a similar period or day to ship the package, so that we are setted and hopefully get it close enough to one another. 

- We can insert as many random things as we like in there that are not beauty or nails related (eg. I love when food is included) cause I like to come out with original ideas on what I want this specific person to get from me giving my present a personal meaning. 

- We will include at least one tiny letter/card, writing some words for the person or, if we prefer, we could write a little note on each and every package//product, giving hints on what's in there. I saw it on yt once and found it very fun.

- We'll let the person know when the package is shipped.

- We'll upload an unwrapping swap mail post on our blogs to thank the person and let them know our thoughts on their gift.

Anything else????

Can't wait!!!
Lemme know...


This wishlist includes anything I'd ever dream to have in my life as far as these products cathegories and not only or necessarely what I'd like from a swap with you, I perfectly know some of these are unrealistic but I thought it would be fun to include them so no worries, it's not a request.
What I did was trying to list all of the things that, for some reasons, are not easy to reach by me (eg. we don't have Mac shops in Italy and no one is selling it in my hometown, I don't have a Lush shop in my hometown, Colourpop doesn't ship abroad, Soap & Glory is not sold here ect.)



- MAC Brown Script eyeshadow X done
- MAC Rule eyeshadow
- any chocolate brown eyeshadow
- any brick red undertone brown eyeshadow X i guess brown script does it for this one too
- any transition color brownish soft matte eyeshadow
- any really bold matte red eyeshadow
- any very soft/neutral orange eyeshadow
- BH Cosmetics Wild & Free baked eyeshadow palette
- any banana shaded face powder  i'm not sure i want this anymore. i'm good w/ it in a contour cream
- BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic eyeshadow palette
- SOAP & GLORY Supercat eyeliner (loads of it!) and any product from this brand X got 2 long ago
- any eyeshadow palette X i guess i got a couple in the meanwhile, if not i'll take care of this soon
- any make-up, beauty,  random, nail product by local brands from your local country
- any THE BALM  product X didn't i already have my Nude Tude palette?
- any COLOURPOP eyeshadow, lippie or product X got my lippies...and i might widen it up soon too
- COLOURPOP Where the Light Is &/or Where the Night is eyeshadow quads
- any colorful matte lipstick you think would look good on me X got my colourpop grunge
- white jumbo eye pencil X recently hauled it at Nyx!!!
- Blank Canvas Cosmetics MASTER SERIES Palette
- any matte, nude, neutral, soft orange, transition colors shadows or palettes
- any good soft blush does re-finding a palette you didn't know u had in ur stash count?
- any matte nude, bold glossy purple, monica bellucci style meaty, berry lipstick
- any light brown browgel and brow pencil X again, thanks Nyx!!!!
- a kabuki/foundation brush/sponge/beauty blender
- ESSENCE Pure Nudes foundation and concealer
- anything from THE BODY SHOP
- KLEANCOLOR Warm Neutrals eyeshadow palette
- TOO FACED Sweet Peach palette or an eyeshadow palette with many transition shades
- Peanut Butter palette from TOO FACED
- MAYBELLINE Age Rewind concealer


- any indie nail polish
- any glow in the dark nail polish
- any models own it nail polish X i mean, i have a couple since ages and thwy already dried out...
- some shimmery sparkling holos


- anything from LUSH X recent haul! but this wish always regenerates itself!!!
- a brushes cleanser X as you know, recently got it at Nyx!
- a spray to wet eyeshadows with X not really a spray but it'll turn into one soon. Yass!
- flower/food/natural/spices scented body creams X same as with lush statement. 


- movies from your homecountry (if visible in mine)
- table games / card games / narration games
- nerdy gadgets
- shirts with movie quotes
- a "i love nerds" shirt
- a hoodie with animal ears on the hood
- a star wars keyring


- pancakes
- cupcakes
- books
- earrings
- shirts
- postcards
- candles, REALLY scented candles X oh got one this summer, wanna see?
- spices
- dolphins
- horses
- dwarf looking nerdy boyfriends

sabato 23 gennaio 2016

THEY MADE A TUTORIAL FOR ME! - Deborah Perfect Smokey Eye Palette 07

Hello lovely ladies!

How's your weekend going? any exciting/regular plan?
I just had my night cancelled by my friends so I've decided to go out for dinner with da folks. Just a pizzeria in the neighbourhood, so I wanted to do my makeup but I needed something quick and easy to do and very confortable to wear also with my glasses on, nothing too much, for a simple occasion.

I've been wanting to try this one out for a while. When I bought the Perfect Smokey Eye Palette 07 from Deborah, you know from my Pefect Palette Tag post, I was a bit disappointed. That brick red I really wanted to figure out a way to use it without it looking like a punch in the eye. Even if I put it in the "least used" cathegory I still like the shadows in there, they are my style and I wanted to try and use them more. You also know how much I'm lately trying to get back to my old makeup style (do you want a makeup style update post?).

This is my first failure look. Not sure which tutorial I took inspiration from (maybe this)
but belive me: this was WAY too much to meet an old times neighbour in my kitchen!!!
(light is off here, imagine it ten times bolder!)

So, right after buying and trying it, I've searched for tutorials with it and I basically just found one video from an unknown italian youtuber who has way too little followers and views. I've seen her review on the palette and I've commented on it asking her for a tutorial with it. She was kind enough to answer me, promessing me her help. I love how still down to earth and not too busy on the star system side youtubers, really connect with their viewers.

Then, due to my holidays stay in the mountains away from my usual activities, I took a long while to realize that she had actually done the tutorial I'd requested!!! I said to her I was interested in learning how to use that color without it looking like too much. So, here's the tutorial she did for me!
(Allthough she vlogs in italian, you'll still be able to follow this cause it's an all visual tutorial with no words and some background music)

She's so cute! She named it a fall look and due to the color selection there I totally agree, but of course we can do any makeup in any season. 

So, I've finally tried it out tonight, adding a little bit of eye pencil on my lower waterline and along the lashline. I wasn't convinced that it would look good on me at first, but it all comes together once you are done and I had to change my mind! She really did a great job in showing me the right tips (grabbing a little amount of shadow and patting color away from the brush, all my life from today on!) to make it look softer and wearable.
Belive me, this is a much more subtle look then it may seem due to that brick red that may scare you out. For me, I'd even call this an everyday look and I have also loved how it matched with my flesh pink lippie from the same brand. 

Have you ever requested a specific look or anything to some youtuber?