lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

SWEATHER WEATHER LOOK & HAIR - Glowy makeup for when you are SICK - before & after step by step


Hey there my lovelies!

How are you doing? I obviously took a bad flu during my long weekend trip to my brother's. Bummer.
So I spent most of the time at home feeling down but here it snowed heavely and we had some good time anyway (would you like to know about my weekend in a future post?). Defenetly a sweather weather situation, where I wore a turtle neck woolen thing all the time.

A little view from my balcony

Can you spot the snowflakes?
but I really wanted to go to my local favourite restaurant today for my sis in law's bday, so I put myself together and decided to give you a step by step of what I did, in case it could be useful for someone.

There are many good tutorials out there on how to make yourself presentable when you are sick, but this is one of my favourites and I've been re-watching it these days and took many inspirational basic tips from it.

Here is how I looked when I woke up this morning, before I took my medicines and did my routine:

and this is me yesterday, when I started to feel sick.

 Yep, not very pretty.


1) FOUNDATION - So, to start with: foundation. I've brought here just my spf medium coverage bio foundation, which I find to be a little too thick for my taste and that used to cake with my dry skin, so this time I've decided to try and mix it with a drop of my moisturizing cream, which I had also put on my face as a base, and this helped a lot.

I will keep on doing it as a habit now, since the foundation became much softer, allowed my skin to breathe and application gave me such a fresh and pleasent feeling. I've applied it with my bare hands. No tools here and I think I've quickly put my blender to rest and went back to my primitive hands and fingers method. Not full coverage but it gave my face a nice wake up call evening it all out as you can see. I don't feel like it's making my face too glowy, but even if it did I wouldn't mind it. I once complained that I'd come too glowy in pics, but I don't think I would or bother now that I have dryer skin.

2) CONCEALER & CONTOURING - I then just did a regular contouring with a lighter concealer also used as highlighter as usual and pink shades this time: a darker one to contour and a pale one as a blush.

Of course I've used loads of lip balm on my dry and red lips too and this one has spf and vitamine E to come to the rescue of lips demaged by a heavy nose blowing routine

Now for the eyes. My all time favourite part that makes all of my looks come to life. I will in a next post show you what's in my travel make-up bag (would you like me to?) but I don't have everything with me, so I realized I didn't have any light or bright eyeliner for my waterline. The type of make-up I had planned to do was really different this weekend (more on the brown and red side) but now plans had changed due to my flu and the main thing when you are sick is to brighten it up and make yourself more glowy.
Well I'm not sure why, but all of the tuturials for sick days make-up out there are super basic and neutral looks, while I wanted something a little bit more me and more not dramatic but to stand out.
Here are the couple of mid-way tutorials I've decided to get freely inspired by (not that I really followed them):

Still not too dark, not too heavy and on the bright glowy side, but not too seamless. Still something I personally call very neutral.
I was convinced I was going to use some little hint of brown on my outer corners at least, to feel a little more dressed up, but in the end I felt like I could skip it and leave my eyes wide open and bright, cause I like me some pink look to make me appear sweet and romantic. 

I've used my Deborah perfect smokey eye 07 palette as well as my blushes too. Just felt little palette brushes and fingertips. I've done a very shimmery white teardot and layered a super bright pearly pink on my lids and then worked just some darker almost matte blush on my outer half on top of which I put the brick shade of the palette on my outer corners, skipping the brown. I've just used some basic and thin black eye pencil only on the outer part of my upper and lower lashline to keep it soft, nothing on my waterline for the reason stated before: I don't have my meaty or white eye pencil here. It didn't stand out and pencil dripped on my face after a while but I've really liked this look despite its semplicity. Pinks are a bunch of cute peachy shades. 

And here is the final look. I'm loving the blush work as well, doesn't seem too heavy and it almost looks like I am wearing bronzer on my contouring areas. I'll try that again, may be for the smaller brushes, may be for my increased expertese but blush doesn't make me look as clowny as usual. 

On my lips just a little neutral lip gloss for I was going out to eat. 


My hair would need to be washed now but I am really not feeling it with my flu, cold and caugh. I think it's best if I wait for the worst to heal in a few days. On this I totally disagree with Shaanxo on leaving her hair dump for a long while as she's doing her make-up on a day where she has such a cold. It will always and surely make me feel worse. Anyway,I wanted to feel pretty and my hair was quite voluminous thanks to some braids I slept with, so I was totally up for a half updo and finally decided to go with this one: 

Totally themed and also super fast and easy to do, thanks to the great, simple to follow,instructions she gives. I've reached it in no time, litterally and barely had to use a mirror. One hair elastic, one bobby pin. Period. 

I was impressed. Even though my hair is much worse then hers, unwasked and fuzzy, dry, messy. I have LOVED this look beyond words. I can't even. It's like I finally found THE hairstyle I've been looking for all of my life. It suits me so well, it's so romantic and sweet and princessy I litterally felt like I came out of a Disney movie. My hair are left down, the hairstyle is loose and gives me that casual, country look I love but makes me appear put together and more organized. I adore it, I wanna make it every single day cause it also keeps my hair away but still allowes them to frame my face. I can't wait to try it when my hair is nice and soft in their ringlets. The hair parts folding final touch is GENIOUS and belive me it really makes the look. 

here's a little song I adore, to keep you warm.

I also think I could try similar glowy, warm looks as edgy everyday not too dark makeup...

That is all, folks!

How do you do your sick days make-up? any different step or additional tip?

sabato 27 febbraio 2016

MADAME MEDUSA: 2 random colorful work looks - office appropriate purple & teal (+hair)

Hi again my lovelies,

Just a quick post today to update you on a couple of looks I wore this week, before I talk to you about my weekend trip.

LOOK 1 - Madame Medusa  (The Rescuers)

The other day I had my italian lesson to the refugees. For the occasion, I wanted to wear something on the dark and more me side, to avoid usual colorful makeup looks, cause I'm using colors so much lately that I wanted to go back to my confort zone, but also I am at this stage addicted or too used to some pop of color in my makeup, so I felt like inserting it in a way. 
I then ended up doing this purple makeup, which is a dark color that looks good on me: colorful yet bold and dark. 

Actually, I would have liked it better with some liner on myself, cause I often think if I don't do eyeliner, the eyeshadow would look too off and timid on me and also all over the place and that my face and eye shapes wouldn't stand out, but I really liked the colors and the overall eye look: how the different shades looked with one another. I love the depth and contouring this shadows give me. 

I just did my old school regular basic bronzing light contouring and a little brighter, heavier concealing and I think I'm really liking it. I still have on my to-do list a post on my makeup habits changes and among them a heavier contouring on the cheeks I was so excited about, but I'm not so sure anymore right now. This one tends to fade during the day, but it looks so natural on me and in these pics right here at least 3-4 hours had passed since I had done my makeup. 

Aaand just to distract you from my horrible double chin I'll tell you that, as you can see in the tutorial, I've just used a pale lavander color on the crease as a transition shade, a nice shimmery medium purple on the lid and a darker but bright purple on the outer corner which I have built up halfway in the crease as well as in the first part of my lower lashline blending it with the brighter ones and with a very shimmery beige on the teardot. I've used my Beauty Collection palette. 
You can't see any lipstick here cause my perlescent lipgloss had already faded away by the time I took these pics, sorry. 

LOOK 2 - Ursula the medusa (The Little Mermaid)

I have LOVED this look! Now, yesterday morning I had my workshop with kids and I was feeling green, so I've decided to go for this really easy and quite quick but still really eyecatching teal look, cause I wanted to use the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. I've mixed Graffiti and Peace to reach it, staying more on the light blue side which is a teal-ish shade on the lid and putting that green on my teardot as in the tutorial. These are both shimmery shades. 

What I'm absolutely loving about this look is that it's teaching me to use black again, Zero from the same palette, without making it look too bold or anything too much, just on the outer corner and lashline of a colorful eyeshadow and I am loving the finish result of the mix so I'm thinking to adopt this as a thecnique and try it out with other colors in future looks. I also am diggin' this unconventional green teardot of which I wasn't sure at all at first. 

I did the same as in the first look with the light contouring, and I'm pretty sure I haven't used foundation in these looks, but I'll tell you on a dedicated post that I have changed brush and this makes the difference you can see on giving a more defined line on my cheek.

I have some eyeliner going on too and I love the shape this makeup gives to my eyes (or well, it enhances my natural one amazingly) and the waterline khol here is crucial. 

Not that I'm litterally sticking to the rule here, but I've once heard that the secret with wearing color at work is only using one color and pairing it with a very neutral shade. Here is a great tutorial on that. I'm thinking about Nikki and all of my blogger friends that like to do their makeup for work.


This is the most basic, quickiest and easieast hair tip/tutorial I have ever seen and at first it could appear stupidly unuseful, but just the tiniest tip for the look at minute 6 makes a huge difference and this is one of those tips I'll remember among my basic rules forever. You just use a headband your hair down, buy if you make a littple ponytail half updo with your sides hair it will all look so much neater, especially if you have curly messy hair like me. Plus, a headband is the quickiest way to turn a random hair fix into something fun and children appropriate. I have decided to use a regular one because I look totally funny in a not good way with bows. This little girl is really good with simple, fresh and youg hair fixes. I've used this same hairstyle for both work days.

New updates soon on the special weekend I'm at right now and on the looks I'm wearing!
What are your thoughts on black+color eyeshadow combo?
Hope you are having a great weekend!