domenica 27 marzo 2016

My Favourite Blogger Friends: LYNETTE (happy birthday!)

Hey there my lovelies,

So, it's been a while since I've wanted to start a posts series introducing you to one another and celebrating amazing bloggers and girls that ment the world for my blogging life. My subscribers mean a lot to me and they are part of my real daily life and thoughts and they have demonstrated their true friendship to me when life made me feel lonely right where I am.
Since today's Lynette's birthday, we will start from her.

It's not the first time we are doing something for each other on our birthdays. I still remember a manicure she did specifically dedicated to me for one of my birthdays

and the video I sent her with a distant gift surprise on her bday a few years back.
She's the lady behind PINK & PURPLE DOTS, a great blog mainly about girly, elegant and wearable nail arts and beauty products reviews.
One reason to follow her? she's a full qualified nail thecnician so she knows what she's doing there and her mixed and matched manicures are the proof of that.

She often does manis for good causes and sometimes we've teamed up in this purpose and she has had many sponsors, including the biggest national nail polishes brand in her country.

She also is very open about her life, telling her readers about her weeks, weekends, about her job adventures and most of all about her lovely son she's devoted to and that now we all feel like we know and love. We've seen him grow, litterally.
We quickly became great friends, despite the distance and the fact that we haven't met in person. Not yet. When I was in South Africa, where she's from, I still didn't know her but I'd love love love to go back and visit her. We are pen pals though, and we give each other tips on boys talk and we love to stay up to date on each other's lives. My family knows about her and wants to know how she's doing and I know about her family and ask her about them. We even have skyped, once or twice, making it much more real and close.
She's the sweetest, but also someone that faces life with strenghth and fierce.

Once, a family friend was going to South Africa for a holiday and I've asked her to bring a gift box to lovely Lynette from me, they met at the airport I think and the lady came back with a package for me from Lynn. It was so fun and sweet!
So I already have memories with her...
Please go check her blog and show her some love. She totally deserves your time and attention.
Let's all together wish her the best for her birthday and life and I hope she's had an amazing birthday family trip for Easter.

venerdì 25 marzo 2016

Simple but sultry go-to soft smokey eye

My dear lovelies,

I wish you all a great weekend and a happy easter.
Spring is here and I am craving nice news. As for today, I've baked a cake and a focaccia and headed to my friends, where I stayed from evening till late night chatting, videogaming, eating, role playing ect.
For the occasion, I've gone for a simple, quick and easy look with my go-to colors and I have adored it beyond expectations. This girl is really teaching me to wear and love eye looks without eyeliner (but in my lower waterline) and my current lashes routine including two mascaras is working miracles. It sticked very well all night, also thanks to the fact that it didn't have too much lining going on, which tends to melt and primer. All differently to the face makeup and contouring, which was barely visible by the end of the night.

I've used my Nude Tude palette by The Balm in the shades Sultry (crease+bottom), Silly (lid+bottom), Sassy (browbone), Stand-offish (teardot). I've really liked how this look actually added a lot to my eyes without having to need eyelining. 
I'd say this look undoubtedly is included in my "go-to" ones. I've this time done my eyebrows with a little dry black mascara (not sure about them) and my lips using a more salmon shade: Pesca Sorbetto by Bottega Verde.

How would you suggest to remain simple but at the same time making a standing out look?

My last nail polish already chipped when bathing today, so I went for a shimmery golden red, which seems to really compliment my nails but I'm not in love with the shade of, as I thought I would.

I NEED A TIP: a make-up look that I could wear by day at home, good for a date, but still my own style (dark smokeys and noticeble warm looks) which compliments my features to the point where the eyes of the beholder don't confuse me with other random girls but that I still look natural, appropriate, real, effortless. Tutorials from YouTube, anyone???

giovedì 24 marzo 2016

Bronzy nails & strobing-ish dewy look - simple & neutral

Hey my lovelies,

what are you up to lately?

I had my refugees class today, my neighbour came catching me and we talked a bit and I didn't do much more interesting things, apart from cooking chinese rice noodles for dinner with chicken, zucchini and tumeric and from really not coping with living at home anymore but not doing anything to solve the situation..
My plan was even to go bare faced, but I eventually couldn't resist and did some quick shimmery bronzed minimal look also using my super shimmery bronzer and attempting to imitate somewhat a strobing thecnique (fail!).

The final result is something I like, especially the dewy face, but that I don't find complimenting and satisfying from an overall point of view. Eyes seem too off and simple and lips too orange. I've used both a golden brown Dolomia bronzer / highlighter and a rosie highlighter stick, plus usual matte contouring, concealing, no base. Just a couple of bronze eyeshadows, meaty color pencil on waterline, mascara. At least I look put together and awake and I like how shimmer lights my face but yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the look.

My nails are super short and cracking again, so I've just gone with a bronzy light brown purpleish lacquer, matching with the make-up, this Juanita nr. 25 from Colombia.

In the nex days I might have some interesting occaisions looks to show you..let's cross fingers!
What's your pick for a second date makeup look?