mercoledì 6 aprile 2016

WEEK LOOK BOOK - reharsals for a date


So last week begins with the nail lacquer chipping..

and me threwing on a quick v-shaped random sparkly nude look to go out for lunch with the folks at the corean restaurant (palette: Catrice absolute nudes). I wanted to try on the look I had decided to do for my upcoming date, but I didn't have time to follow the tutorial, so I just went with what I remembered from it and the result wasn't bad at all. I fell in love with the darkest brown in the palette, which is somewhat warm and with chocolate undertones. 

and deciding to wear this outfit for the family lunch out

 Then I chat with a friend who lives in another city, trying out outfits I could wear at an upcoming date (details in a soon to come post), to get her advise.
  1. nice shirt but nah

The guy has already seen me in these two (nr. 2 & 3), but it was just to check how I look in the dress type



4. love it, sex bomb, too much for a daytime date at home with a shy guy

5. top favourite, i was even surprised on how good this one makes me look. too elegant cause of the long skirt

 6. nice pick. not so excited about the color and the straight not-v neck

7. (with various tops)

Which outfit you'd vote for????

Then, being back home for the evening and having time, I try the actual eye make-up look out, always using the Catrice palette and following a tutorial I'll reveal in a next post.  I really like it, but I decide it's too subtle

and I'm really pissed off because as usual I don't get to cover my old chicken pox mark on the tip of my nose and my under eye circles 

Also, my foundation, despite being my usual bb cream, cakes horribly on my under eyes

around my nose

and on my cheeks

 I do my nails with this Avon matte effect burgandy color, which is a weird one cause it has some shimmer to it but then it quickly dries into matte, and I honestly think this specific color looks best in its glowy form

 so I decide to go over it with a top coat, also since my last mani chipped so quickly


For my refugees lesson I use a legwarmer as a donut to reach a big side bun as in this tutorial (min. 4:13). I really like the method, it's quick and easy and it really helps people with thin hair like me, but I couldn't help the "secret" to show through

I put on a quick neutral no-makeup makeup, totally randomly but I ended up not disliking it. Crease: Sultry from The Balm Nude Tude and the rest from Catrice Absolute Nudes again.I really liked how my mascara stood out. I've used two different Rimmel mascaras (I'll mention them down below) one over the other on my top lashes and just the remainings of one on my bottom lashes and I felt like they were long and curved and fuller. Only eyelining here, was the shimmery nude one on my waterline. 

I've tried to obtain a glowy face by using a shimmery bronze bronzer by Dolomia over highlighting concealer. Here I'm showing it with pride along with my contouring done with Rimmel bronzer on my cheeks. I've also used a higlighting stick I rarely use cause it makes my dry skin even drier and some shimmery eyeshadow as a face highlighter. 

The result was really glowy, natural and quite cute

As I said and you can see here, I liked how my eyelashes stood out not only thanks to the bright lid but also because of the great chunky Rimmel mascaras combo I've used: Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex and Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves, so I felt like my eye was "dressed up" even without any liner.

Following this tutorial, I try out a hairstyle I'm considering doing for my date on my greasy hair just to try it before I washed and styled my hair, and the result is completely unflattering (of course also due to hair not being clean).

in the process


a few minutes later
(not happy)

Trying on the look again. Since the youtuber wears it without eyeliner but with falsies, and as you know I hate falsies and never even owned or tried them on once, I've wanted to try it out with just mascara on. I've really liked the result ever without eyeliner. It looked so fresh and glowy, neutral but my eyes and face looked highlighted. 

But I was afraid it wouldn't stand out in person on my full face and full figure. I also have decided that I'd better face my date wearing something I'm used to and feel at ease with, so I've tried it with my usual winged liner. First off I just do it on one eye to check the difference. What do you think?

Then I try it on on both eyes and I feel like the look comes to life! I've adored it that much that I felt sorry it only was a try-out at home by myself! I like the fact that it is glam and makes a statement on my face, but also leaves the overall glowy face look quite neutral and not too busy. 

Sad notes are my nail polish chipped off quickly again for no particular reason. I start worrying here. Maybe my nails have some issues and have gone weak all of a sudden just in the wrong moment??!! what if I do my mani for the date and it chips off right before he arrives?


Just a simple red lips and mascara look with bronzer on the lids, with a messy ponytail for my usual tasks out and about and for an all alone and at peace tv evening at home. I like it how just these quick and easy steps make one look put together. 
I apologize for the horrible pics. Lightning was aweful and I couldn't find a right position to take my pics. Hopefully you get the idea anyways. 

No pics for thursday cause I went through my day bare skin. I was super tired, I didn't sleep at home and only had to run to my refugees lesson i the morning near home with no other particular plans for the day. 


Kids workshop time! Of course I wanted a fun and colorful look. I also was invited at some friends for the night and the idea was that their little girl would kidnap me to play. 
I've had so much fun reproducing the look in these pics. Quite easy, not too quick but totally doable and I really enjoyed how it came out on me. 

this is not me!!! this is my reference as I found it on google

Wanna know about my date and the look I've rocked? Stay tuned for next post very soon!!! :)