domenica 30 ottobre 2016


Hello my lovelies,

I'm writing to you from under covers, with an heating pad on my hurting stomach, a kitten by my side, a camomile on my bedside table, a pillow behind my back and a sick frowning face.
I don't have any specific party plans for tomorrow, but I want to feel good enough to at least do my makeup and enjoy a movie or games night in with the family!
So, if I'm feeling well enough, I'll show you the make-up I've picked and want to reproduce for my personal Halloween look. We shall see.

Anyways...did you see my last post? and all of my previous Halloween looks(1, 2, 3, 4)?

I couldn't wait for today's one: Tribal!
This is a very generic, random, creative tribal style inspired look. I've browsed for several pictures of different times and places tribe members on the internet, and put various elements together. I don't want anyone to feel offended by it or to give me the nowadays very popular "cultural appropriation" attack, cause my intentions are far from all that. Also, I don't belive in cultural appropriation as in make-up. I belive getting different styles from other cultures and re-elaborate them into your personal style is enriching and a way to celebrate those cultures and diversity and union. When I was a kid it was considered normal to be in a traditional costume of another culture as a disguise at parties and I can perfectly remember me being a 9 years old italian kid living in Spain and dressing up as a tradional Canary Islands woman for a party in school and nobody adressing me or feeling offended in any way.

This is probably the easiest, most simple, wearable, subtle, less costumy look of all. Here it is!
Even if it's fun playing with colors, I once again suggest that you pick a colors palette when you start any look and stick to it, cause it'll give a more cohesive feel to the whole look, also in this tribal make-up case.

The base is regular. Primer, a bronze shimmery bb cream a couple of shades darker then my fall skin colour. Subtle contouring with a redish bronzer. Concealer as usual. Hilighting of the bridge of my nose. 

A very basic bronzy look on my eyes, but the brick crease transition shade and the brown outer v shade are elongated to my ears. A coppery shade on my lid and a shimmery white on my browbone and tearducts. Same on my lower lashline. No liner, only mascara. 

A silver eyeliner on my waterline and a random redish brown pencil to fill my brows in without darkening them up too much and a colorless brow gel mascara to set them. 

The fun part is that you can be totally messy, creative, random, unprecise and use your fingers to acheive this look. I've traced a dashed line with a white eye pencil all across my forehead, from my hairline to the centre of my brows, where I drew a big circle. above the arch of my brows I've done little white dots with the same pencil and bigger pink ones in between them, using a jumbo lip pencil. More white lines are traced more or less in a mirror position to one another, on my temples and with my fingers I've stamped purple eyeshadow big spots on the two sides. 

On the apples of my cheeks three purple and pink stripes are traced by dipping my fingertips into the eyeshadow pans and slipping my fingers down my face. 

A purple line (you can use an eyeliner, pencil or eyeshadow) goes horizontally all along my face, passing on the lowerline of my eyes and above the bridge of my nose, underlining that outer v eyeshadow. 

An identical one goes vertically from my nose along my cupid bow, my lips and my chin. Down my nose is a white line instead. Two trangles go from the corners of my mouth to my earlobes and down my chin shape. On my lips, a rose-gold simmery bronze lipstick I adore. 

On my cheekbones, close to my ears, two pink stripes traced with my lipstick directly from the tube.


 If you need a guideline or an inspiration, good youtuber Kayleigh Noelle did a very nice similar look for Halloween this year that is worth checking out:

 But I'd say: just go crazy! Be you! Be random! Be creative! Have fun! Once you've learnet a couple of thecniques and tricks, you can freely go from there!

I didn't do any nail look with this, but I think some of Jenny Claire Fox's Easy Nail Arts For Beginners would be perfect.

Ttys, hugs.

WEARABLE HALLOWEEN SERIES: Futuristic (2 lip options + neutral version)

Hey there my lovelies!

So, any exciting plan/costume for Halloween?
I have a look but no fixed plans here.
Today I'm going to show you my third and second to last make-up of my wearable Halloween series with non costumy, generic themed, real life wearable looks.
Sorry for the belated posting, but I had an unexpectedly busy night yesterday. Please expect another, last Halloween post tonight.

This is a very dear theme to me, and a little bit more intricate: Futuristic!

Not alien-ish, not robotic, not movie-like. I've tried to keep it as realistic as possible, and I did that by following and exaggerating some current make-up trends that may be settle in the everyday style of regular people and just evolve in a little more dramatic way. I'll explain them to you step by step.

I have two different lip options for this look, plus a more neutral and wearable overall version.



I don't really like this trend and only did it today. It's basically dramatic highlighting, but it's very popular at the moment and I feel it could go well with a "less human", less natural idea of the futuristic look. I even followed the absurd trick to highlight the bridge and tip of my nose. So here's a little tutorial on it. 


I'm sorry it doesn't really show in these pics, but I can assure you colors were very visible in real life! It was a bit of a mess because I don't own a rainbow highlighter (or even many real or colorful highlighters for that metter), so I had to use shimmery colorful bright eyeshadows (consider it to be a good option for halloween if you, like me, don't want to buy this for only using once and never again in your realistic life). I thought this could become an actual habit when we'll get rid of colors standards, which I think and hope will happen soon, since we are starting to step out of classic shades. To be honest it still looks like an absurd, too out there, colors spot on my face atm. No a fan.


Filled in, bold, colored eyebrows are like the biggest trend right now, and youtubers are starting to play with colors here too, especially if they have to match dyied hair. Ahitrosa does that all the time and nails it. I adore her, she's so creative, fun and different! To me, she litterally looks like she came out of a science fiction movie. I'll talk to you about her in a post someday, but she's been an inspiration for me not only in this part but for the whole look. Please go check her for you own futuristic look ideas. Under the pics you have one of her tutorials on this.
I have to confess that, as you'll see later, I've loved these brows so much more then expected and that they actually have been an epiphany for me to go from someone who hated filled-in eyebrows to someone that loves them!
After layering a sticky base I've filled my brows in with eyeshadows (pink, purple, blue) and to make them look more bushy as fashion seems to love now I've combed them with a dark mascara. I have then exaggerately with a very bright shade contoured them without blending too much so it was visible and ironic.


Ok, so this is totally absurd to me. I explained it to my family as "doing your lips in a reverse way untill they look like you're seriously ill or a corpse". It was harder then prevented and I had bad results, but I tried and did it in a more dramatic way by using dark purple for my centre inner lips area, instead of pink. Despite it balanced the heavy eye look by toning it down, I wasn't really satisfied...


Well this is not really a trend. I've cheated. This is actually inspired by my current science fictional novel, where I've written that the protagonist girl would draw a vertical line across her eyes when getting ready, not explaining if it was a future world trend or if she got it wrong because she didn't know how she was supposed to line her eyes. I like the idea and it goes along with the philosophy of turning things upside down, so I've decided to incorporate it in this look to celebrate my character. 


I've seen this thecnique in a picture on Google and the idea was basically a thick black eyeshadow stripe going from side to side of the eye, starting and really darkening the tearduct area, creating a contouring/shadowing effect as opposed to our usual highlighting in the very inner corner of the eye. I like the worrior feel it gives to the whole look. 


The first time I saw a tutorial on this one, I thought the youtuber had gone nuts. I didn't do it the right way cause I was running late, so it ended up looking like some totally in the norm smudge to me, but I'll link a tutorial on how to properly do it down below.


Again, I've never liked this and would never rock it in real life, but we've seen it a lot online lately and I'm convinced it could be the eyelining of the future!
Here you see it filled in with eyeshadow and you'll find out why later on.


When I saw Ahitsrosa doing this for the first time, I thought it was genious but also super hard. I was wrong on this part. If you, like me, don't wanna buy crazy colors gel liner cause you won't use them, you only need eyeshadows and a eyeliner brush. I've traced my line with a pale pencil first as a guideline. From inner to outer corner: gold, green, blue. 


This look is very clowny and costumy. It even could do with a sexy sci-fi clown girl costume or be adapted to a Harley Quinn kind of idea. 



There's also another avant-garde trend to the lips, which I was eager to try on, and not only it looks better on me, but it matches this make-up perfectly! 
I've actually matched two different trends: the gradient lips and the two colors upper and lower lip. 
Very simply wear a bright shade (baby pink) on the inner part and then a darker shade of the same color (fuchsia/hot pink) on the outer part of your lips, then line them with a darker liner (brown-ish pink), layer a different but matchable color lipstick, lipliner or even eyeshadow (purple) to the corners of your lips and blend it to fade into the rest. 
Repeat on lower lip with a completely different color palette (blue and green).
I love how my lips look this way, very plumped, I wish I could go around this way every day, but got shocked comments from the family and friends...

When some family friends arrived and I was starting to feel the heaviness of the loads of make-up on my face (does it happen to you too?), I've decided to whipe off the eye make-up (and the rainbow highlight) and work with the remainings to do a simple smudged smokey line with a black eyeshadow. And voilà! A super simple and wearable look, perfect for those who don't like to wear a lot of makeup and go clean even on Halloween. 
I loved it and I've seriously considered wearing it (without the lipsticks, so basically the brows) when the girls suggested me a drink out..

but I haven't had the I'll soon show you what I threw on instead..

I've loved the simplicity of the smudged line though, it wasn't enough for me for a night out, but I'll probably turn it into a daytime go-to. I'm trying to go back to simplicity make-up-wise, and I'll soon post about the issue.

I didn't have the time to do a nails look to, and I wanted to keep rocking my last one, but I think that 
simple mani I did for an old post matches well with the theme. What do you think?
When I think of science fiction and nail polish, I always think of The Fifth Element's Zorg secretary, doing her nails with an insta-lacquer wand, which she just has to touch her nails with, to immediately turn them into a new color. So, also because of the gradient lips and eyeliner, a two colors gradient or half cut mani would perfectly do as well here. 

What's the craziest make-up you've worn?
What's your favourite avant-garde weird trend?