mercoledì 30 novembre 2016


Well hello hello my lovelies! What's up?
Sorry for not having posted for so long, but I've really been through a lot of stress and anxiety lately, I just didn't feel like blogging. It's been one tough time and I've been considering blogging many times but I just wasn't in the right disposition to do it the right, happy and nice way.
I'm in a moment in my life where I'm basically re-evaluating everything, trying to figure out where I'm at, where I came from and where I wanna be, also why I am where I am ect. Things are going on around me and I feel a little lost and ununderstood, so every little thing causes me a lot of stress.

All this sadly ment that I couldn't even enjoy to the fullest the fact that I had some huge changes in my makeup stash and storage, hauling a lot of cool stuff. I am so excited to post about that soon!

As promised, here are some pics of my and my sister in law Halloween makeup looks. Better late then never, right?!

I took inspiration from this amazing tutorial. Wisely uncommon, easely reproduceable. I really want to do the eyes again in a non costumy everynight look. Stupidly enough I forgot to take the nose contouring up to the forehead, which gives a lot to the whole skull feel to the look, but I've loved how it turned out anyway and didn't want to take it off.

Encouraged by my brother and by my sister in law, I've decided to change the nose into a more realistic shape, that I took from this other stunning, more intricate tutorial, and I have been blown away by the actual effect it did on my face!

While my sister in law let me suggest her a few options (read tutorials) and picked a mix of these two. She's a total beginner in makeup, she never wears it and is trying to bare with me while I share my passion and enthusiasm for it.

And now, on to the pics! ENJOY! 

I was in total awe with this look!!! This also was right before I gained a lot of weight along with a lot of anxiety, so it's weird for me to look at these pics now. Did you spot my nails look in there too?! Just a red with a black crackle on top. 

So, expect a lot of new hauls and stash updates and storage news in the future!!! I'm waiting for some goodies..and there's some exciting surprises on it's way..if you follow me on twitter you probably know what I'm talking about..hehe..Also, I'm planning on some collabs, looks, reviews, comparisons, products stash by type, youtube related posts and much more!!!!...