venerdì 20 gennaio 2017

Daddy's Birthday Makeup + Hair Look - Edgy Daytime Neutral & Space Buns - "Rebellions Are Built On Hope"

Heya girls!

I know, not my usual intro, but I felt like this today, lol. How are you? I'm very sorry for not being able to stay up to date with your blogs lately, belive me it's not on purpose. I will try and find time to comment more, but since I don't seem to have the time to blog as I'd like to, when I find 5 minutes like now, I try and at least give you a post!

So, today was my father's birthday, and as usual the whole family, basically guided by me, makes secret plans for surprising things to do together, presents to give him ect.
This year we had lunch at the local Corean restaurant we love and wanted to show my brother and his gf, headed to an art exhibition later we all were interested in and that was amazing beyond expectations and came back home where an orange cake and tea were waiting for us for a snack with candles and presents, among which was an art exhibitions themed movie we just saw tonight: "The Maiden Heist", with Morgan Freeman, William H. Macy and Christopher Walken.

My hair is greasy but I didn't feel like washing it, so I had previously decided I'd wear an updo and I wanted to look like a fun and girly little daddy's girl..haha! I am in a phase where I want to re-start doing my daily basis makeup maybe my edgy, visible way, but using neutral/natural colors and thecniques. So, after randomly seing a video on YT, I've decied I wanted to look like this: 

So I took inspiration for both makeup and hairstyle and did it my own way. I've used my The Balm Nude Tude palette (one of my all time favourite go-tos) along with my Bottega Verde Trio Intense Shadow Wet & Dry in the shade Natural Nouances, because I wanted the look to be shimmery, to make it more sparkling and fun, my trusty Colourpop lippie stix in Lumière, did a very light an natural base my usual way (tinted moisturizer, cream contour kit + shimmery bronzer & setting powder, which I'm starting to love), used an eyeshadow to highlight my cheekbones ever so slightly, and I ended up looking like so:

Also, this look is dedicated to one of the last and most sad losses of 2016: Carrie Fisher. While Princess Leya will always live in the world of fairytales, my father and I were very shocked that the protagonist of a saga he made me love in the first place (it's thanks to him that I love science fiction) has passed away so soon. 

My father's birthday was also the day the villain of another movie we love: Biff Tannen from Back To The Future part II, the alternative bad present, took place as the President, and it made me so emotional that the paladin of the Rebellion, helped women rise up and stand up for our rights today. 

giovedì 12 gennaio 2017

Ice Queen wintery makeup look

Hey lovelies,

How's the new year treating you so far? any special projects ahead?

I am home now and I still need to adapt and focus on how the new year's gonna be and what I want to do with it, and I also still need to show you a bunch of holidays looks I did while on the mountains.
Today I want to show you an easy but dramatic enough look that I've been wanting to try ever since my nye one.

It basically pairs the blue of Colourpop's eyeshadow in Coconut on the eyelids with the cold grey lips of Lip Couture in Ghoulish.

My problem with this and all matte liquid lipsticks is that it dries too crusty on my lips and it feels very unconfortable and also soon starts kind of peeling off my lips leaving the colour uneven but, if I apply more layers to touch it up, it gets worse to the point were I have horrible clups of product amounts on my lips. In the end I had to layer a random pink/gold lip gloss I had in my purse over it in order for it to feel more confy on my lips, and allthough it looses its matte finish, I need to say it looks pretty good.

On my eyes just a bronzer type of transition shade, Coconut all over my lids, blended in together. Coconut also on my lower lashline and just mascara. It did look like the blue on my lids was loosing it after all the blending, so before I stepped out I just added a random shimmery lighter blue in between as a sort of a sandwich shade and it really helped.

I don't even think I've highlighted, tightlined or anything cause I was rushing out and my base is the usual one (I don't really change it) so, after mascara, I don't really have much left to say (also, I feel uninspired today), but I wanted to show you this combo cause I got excited about it: I think lips and eyes go well together and I finally felt like that Coconut shadow was acually wearable.

Too dramatic? How would you guys use Coconut?

What kind of new year related posts would you like to see?


lunedì 9 gennaio 2017

Sibilings hang out DAY TO NIGHT LOOK

Hey lovelies!

THIS is my last post with my NYE look, if you haven't seen it already :)
When my brother was here in the mountains with us, we spent a lot of time playing a board game I gave him and his gf as a nye gift: Evolution (by North Star Games). As you might know, we are board games geeks and his gf is an animal biologist, so we have all loved this game. It's a card deck based one where you get to build your species and grow them in a battle to feed them.
Since we are movie geeks as well, after a gaming evening, one night I went with him to see Star Wars ROGUE ONE, which I have adored, I just was so excited when exiting the movie theatre! I also have loved going out with him and watch our geeky stuff after a very long time not doing it. It was an amazing brotherly night out!
So, here is the day to night look I rocked that day. The first look was for lunch out and gaming afternoon/evening at home, and the second one for the movie night at the cinema.


Colourpop's Blaze eyeshadow all over my lid and my lower lashline along with just a regular transition shade and Kiko's water eyeshadow in nr. 208 as a tearduct highlight. My regulat thick winged eyeliner, regular brow mascara, lashes mascara and a creamy rosey highlighter stick by Catrice on my waterline. I was turned down by how bright and soft the eyeshadow looked, as opposed to the straight up brown I expected it to be, but the tons of gold in it reflect amazingly in the sun. Nothing on my lips at all because we were going to eat out and my everyday go-to face base routine.

Finally back to the basics. I've really enjoyed seeing my "natural" self again and going back to what I used to do before I'd get into makeup and tutorials, when all was simple and carefree and just me. 

 a bit of "Evolution" gameplay


After a full day wearing the first look, I had to quickly retouch it, cause I only had a few minutes to get ready for the movie night. After touching up concealer, contour and lid eyeshadow, I've thikened my eyeliner and threw some dark purple eyeshadow from my little Yes Love palette to the outer corners of my eyes, working it up on the crease halfway and down my lower lashline a bit. I have then painted my lips with Nyx Transylvania and off I went. 
Some of these pic were taken later at night, when I came back home, so that's why the lipstick may result as a little patchy. 

On an opposite note, I was wowed by how va-va-voom I looked after just some quick touch-ups over my plain day look, and I've really liked how I looked, but I felt all glammed up once again, and that my fresh and simple self wasn't there anymore. Weird feeling. 

Have you seen any of these movies? what did you think? 
What's your favourite board game, if you are into them at all?